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WWE Summer Slam Start Time, Odds, Predictions

Tonight marks one of WWE's biggest annual pay-per-view events of the year and it known as Summer Slam. It is also known as the biggest party of the summer and it takes at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, with a start time of 8:00 PM (Eastern), with the pre-show beginning at 7:00 PM on YouTube. Below I have have previews of each match, including their Odds

United States Championship Match: Dean Ambrose (1/6) vs Rob Van Dam (7/2)

This is the Kickoff Match. Rob Van Dam won the opportunity to face Ambrose, by winning a battle royal last week on Raw. He has been involved in some great matches since his return to WWE, wrestling the likes of Chris Jericho, Randy Orton, Wade Barrett & Fandango and he is just as exciting as ever. Dean Ambrose won the belt at Extreme rules, but has just defended the title twice since winning it. The Matches he's in usually end up with outside interference for his buddies Rollins & Reigns. Will this one end the same way? RVD is riding a wave of momentum right now, but I'm still not sure it will be enough to take the U.S. Title away from Ambrose. Prediction: Dean Ambrose

Cody Rhodes (5/2) vs Damien Sandow (¼)

These two were best of friends and tag team partners, but they were never able to grab tag team gold. Now all that ended last month at Money in The Bank when Cody feels that Damien stabbed him in the back by winning the briefcase. Damien offered to let Cody be the official protector of the case, in which Cody responded by throwing the briefcase into the Gulf of Mexico. Damien now has a new leather briefcase, but this match is not about the case. It's about settling a grudge. I guess it makes sense that these two singles competitors, would decide to amicably go their separate ways to once again pursue individual excellence. Cody has been on a roll of lately and I see it continuing here with a big win over his former bestie. Prediction: Cody Rhodes

Dolph Ziggler & Kaitlyn (1/2) vs Big E Langston & AJ Lee (6/4)

This is a mixed tag match. Dolph, Big E and AJ used to be best of friend and a powerful ruthless trio. That is until Dolph dumped AJ. Now Dolph has been at odds with the other 2. Kaitlyn is a former tag team partner of AJ's and is involved because of her feud with AJ over the woman's title. AJ had herself just earned her first Divas title, defeating her former best friend . Most of the focus was on keeping that belt and she even hatched a scheme to humiliate Kaitlyn by have Big E pretend he was her secret admirer. Now, after weeks of interfering in one another's matches, bickering and flirting, it's time foe these 4 to settle their differences in the ring. I like Ziggler and Kaitly to come out on top in this one. Prediction Dolph Ziggler & Kaitlyn 

Ring Of Fire Match: Kane (7/1) vs Bray Wyatt (1/18)

Bray Wyatt makes his first pay per view appearance. Bray Wyatt is a heavyset psychopath that is accompanied to the ring by atwo massive hillbillies, I once of the colere entrances of all time. One thing funny about is entrance is that he is carrying an LED lantern to the ring and when he gets there he blows it out. LOL. Bray made his debut on July 8th after a bunch of teasing videos that really showed how demented and twisted he and his two cohorts are. Kane is... well Kane and this Ring of Fire match is just made for him, but still I just can't see Bray Wyatt losing in his first ever PPV match. Prediction: Bray Wyatt

World Heavyweight Championship: Christian (9/4) vs Alberto Del Rio (2/7)

One more match. That's just what Christian wanted and that what he got. It has been a little over 2 years since Christian took down Del Rio for his first taste of World Heavyweight gold. A lot has happened since then, including two stints as WHC for each, and two WWE titles for Del Rio. Christian got himself a shot at the title by beating RVD and Orton in a triple threat match. ADR first lost his belt when Ziggler cashed in his Money in The Bank briefcase, but ADR eventually got it back by targeting a wound Ziggler's head back in June. Del Rio has also turned his back on his former friend and ring announcer Ricardo Rodriguez. Will Rodriguez get involved here? Not sure, but either way I feel That ADR just won't lose his belt in this match. Prediction: Alberto Del Rio

CM Punk (9/4) vs Brock Lesner (7/2)

This should be the best match of the night. This match is being touted as “The Best vs The Beast match” and i'm sure it will be a doozy. Paul Heyman turned on Punk at last month's PPV, by shoving him off a ladder during the Money in the Bank ladder match. CM Punk has vowed evenge ever since, but he keeps running into Brock Lesner, who is now being known as Haymen's hired gun. CM Punk held the WWE title for 434 days, with Heyman in his corner for much of the way. Punk has been on the wrong end of the spectrum in many of his dealings with Brock, but make no mistake, this will be a fight which should go back an forth, before CM Punk finally wins it and then turns his attention to his former friend, Paul Haymen. Prediction: CM Punk

WWE Championship: Daniel Bryan (7/2) vs John Cena (9/4)

The Main event of Summer Slam will feature Daniel Bryan and John Cena battling it out for the WWE Title with Triple H presiding over the match as the guest referee. Love him or hate him, John Cena is one of the most successful wrestlers of all-time. Having such a high status in the WWE, Raw GM Brad Maddox allowed Cena to pick his opponent at Summer Slam and he chose Daniel Bryan. Daniel Bryan is the little guy with the crazy beard and goat face, but he is also one of the best wrestlers around and WWE fans are just finding that out. Daniel Bryan is on fire right now and has just been beating everyone he has faced, and has been doing it as one of the biggest fan favorites around. John Cena is facing surgery on his elbow sometime after the match and that would indicate that he won't leave Summer Slam as the Champ, but there are a few scenarios that could happen. Cena could win and Orton comes out and cashes in the briefcase or DB could win and Orton cashes in on him, or DB could win and then lose the Title on raw the next night. The Wildcard in this match is guest referee HHH. Who will he turn on? Will he turn on anyone? The Way I see it he will most likely turn on DB and Cena will retain, but then Orton will come out an cash in, giving him that long awaited heel turn that has been expected for months, while all the while keeping DB as the fan favorite. That's the way I see, but I have been known to be wrong before. Prediction: John Cena 

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