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WWE Night Of Champions Preview, Predictions

Tonight the WWE will present night of Champions, which can be seen on Pay-Per-View and the WWE Network with a start time of 8:00 PM (Eastern). John Cena vs Brock Lesnar headline a PPV where every title in the company is up for grabs. Predictions and odds for each match are listed below. 

Before I get to my writeups of each match there is some news to pass along. Roman Reigns had to undergo and emergency surgery on Friday night, which will keep him out of action for 4-6 weeks. As of this time I found no replacement for him in the match vs Seth Rollins, but there are rumors that Dean Ambrose MAY return and be put in the match. We shall see. Also note that this PPV has a 1 Hour kickoff show, that will feature the return of Chris Jericho and his Peep Show Segment.

Singles Match--- Chris Jericho  (6/1)  vs Randy Orton  (1/16) 

These two have a long history with each other, but it has been made more personal of late when Chris Jericho made some disparaging remarks to the Viper, stating that he has been handed everything to him on a silver platter through out his career. Really though not much else to get excited about this match and it really is an odd matchup considering there wan't a whole lot of build up to it the last 4 weeks. Still Charis may have been put in this match as it's probably time for him to head out soon on the road with Fozzy. I may be wrong, but we shall see. I do like the Viper in this one though as he seems to come through every time his integrity is challenged. PREDICTION: Randy Orton

Singles Match--- Rusev (1/6)  vs  Mark Henry (7/2)

This is another United States vs Russia match and Im not sure how good it will be. Rusev is a beast and has yet to taste defeat by either pinfall or submission. He will be taking on another beast in the Worlds Strongest man, Mark Henry. The lead up to this match has been good and has been wrought by plenty of passion from both wrestlers as they represent their respective countries. Mostly through Raw and Smackdown it has been Rusev getting the upper hand, but Nery has had his moments as well. This is a tough one to call, but I still feel that the WWE is setting up Rusev for something big down the line and a loss to Mark Henry here will not help that cause. PREDICTION: Rusev 

Triple Threat Match For The Diva's Title--- Paige (4/9)  vs  AJ Lee (11/4)  vs  Nikki Bella (9/2)

This one should be fun and also its nice to see the Divas in a triple threat match, which is usually reserved for the men. Paige is the current Divas champion and the one who I feel is the hottest diva of them all. She and AJ lee have had a nice rivalry the last few months and they have had some good matches as well. It was Paige that stopped AJs reign as the Diva's champion right after Wrestlemania. AJ did win it back, but then Paige took it back from her. This would be another solid match between the two, but now we enter a 3rd party in Nikki Bella, who is also in the middle of a feud with her sister Brie. Will Brie get involved in this match and cost sister the Title, which would further fuel their feud? I think that will happen for sure and I also feel that Paige will retain her Diva's Title as well, in what should be a wild Diva's Triple Threat Match.PREDICTION: Paige    

United States Championship Match--- Cesaro (8/15)  vs  Sheamus (11/8) 

This one should be a physical match as these are two of the stronger wrestlers in the WWE. Cesaro has been a fan favorite for a while now, but he has yet to hold a belt of any kind in the WWE. I am glad that he got rid of Haymen as that can only help him in the long run. He is an exciting and powerful superstar and I really feel that the WWE has big plans for him in the future. Sheamus has been the U.S title holder for a while now and is the master of the Brogue Kick, which can be unleashed at anytime. These two superstar are very evenly match and that could make this one of the best matches of the night . In the end I feel it is time for Cesaro to hold some gold for the first time.

Intercontinental Championship Match--- Dolph Ziggler (1/3)  vs  The Miz (2/1)

This has been a fun rivalry to watch develop, especially with the addition of R-Ziggler and MizDow as their supposed stunt doubles. Not only that but the two have had some entertaining matches as well. The Miz came back from Hollywood and took the IC title in a battle royal that saw him lying in wait outside the ring until Ziggler was left standing and then the Miz came in and dumped him over the top rope for the win. Shortly after Dolph Ziggler won that title and has held it ever since. The Miz could have won it a couple of times had he not been all that worried about getting hit in the face, as he calls it his moneymaker. The Miz then enlisted the help of a stunt double (Mizdow) to take the blows for him and he has. To make it even, Dolph has called on R-Ziggler to be his stunt double. Will the stunt doubles get involved in this match at all. I would say yes. I will also say that either by outside interference or a legitimate win, Dolph Ziggler will retain his title. PREDICTION: Dolph Ziggler   

Tag Team Championship Match--- The Usos (7/4)  vs Goldust & Stardust

Goldust and Stardust have been breath of fresh air in the tag team division and they are really an odd duo. They have also been made more interesting now that they have turned heel. They have been much more aggressive and have really taken it to the Usos during Raw and Smackdown. They started off looking for the Key and that Key is the Tag Team Titles. It won't be easy as the Usos come in having held the belts for 200+ days now and have taken on all comers, but the Usos are injured a bit, at least one of them is) and with Goldust and Stardust being on a tear I expect them to finally unseat the Usos as the Tag Team Title holders. PREDICTION: Goldust & Stardust

World Heavyweight Championship Match--- Brock Lesnar (2/7)  vs  John Cena (9/4)

I just hope this is a better match than the one at Summer Slam, in which is was a one-sided fight. Brock Lesnar is the Beast incarnate and just totally dominated John Cena back in August. In that match Lesnar dropped Cena on the back of his head with 16 German Suplex. John has vowed not to let that happen again. He has also stated that he is not out to just win the title, but he also is out to beat Lesnar's ass. Over the last few weeks John has been more intense then ever and has really show the passion that has made him the face of the WWE for a long time now, but will it be enough to beat the Beast? I don't think it will be enough. It's a shame that Lesnar is the champ as we only get to see him in matches during PPVs, but I do have a feeling that they will keep him as the champ all the way to Wrestlemania. I sure hope not, but i do expect him to win this match, which should be far more entertaining than the one at Summer Slam.PREDICTION: Brock Lesnar 


Info gathered from and Cageside Seats, with odds taken from Paddy Power


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