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WWE Money In The Bank Odds, Preview, Predictions

The TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts will be the setting for the WWE's presentation of their Money In The Back Pay-Per-View. The event will take place tonight and has a start time of 8:00 pm (Eastern) and will be televised on PPV and on the WWE Network. Preview, predictions and odds of all matches are below.

Divas Title Match--- Paige (1/7)  vs  Naomi  (7/2)

Paige shocked everyone by taking the Diva's Title a few months ago, from AJ Lee on her first ever appearance on Raw. Since then she has been a fighting champion, taking on anyone that she could, but still she hasn't developed a real rivalry with any of the other Divas. This is the closes she has had and it made it even more personal for Paige as she did lose a non-title match to Naomi a few weeks ago. One wildcard for this match is Cameron, who seems to be having a growing feud with Naomi. Most Diva's matches are usually entertaning and this one should be no different. I do expect Cameron to get involved at some point and cost Naomi the title, which could set up a Naomi vs Cameron match down the road.PREDICTION--- Paige 

Divas Singles Match--- Layla vs Summer Rae (No Odds For This Match Yet)

Summer Rae made her way into the WWE as a dance partner for Fandango, and the two parted ways when Fandago began bringing out Layla to his matches and even on an episode of Raw he kissed her. Summer Rae has been furious ever since and the two have been taking shots at each other outside the ring. This will be an all out catfight that will be made even more interesting by the fact that Fandango will be the quest referee. This match will certainly have some comedy to it but in the end I feel that it will be Summer Rae coming out on top. Still I don't see he back with Fandango though. PREDICTION---  Summer Rae

Tag Match--- Rybaxel  (9/2)  vs  Stardust & Goldust  (1/8)

A few weeks ago Cody Rhodes became tired of all the losing with his tag partner and brother Goldust, so he hand picked a few partners for Goldust to compete with, think that he could do better with them then himself. Goldust continued to lose with his new tag partners, so Cody came up with an idea and suddenly Stardust was born. The two have looked solid since the birth of Stardust and I expect their rise to continue here. Rybaxel is a solid team, but it really doesn't look like the WWE has any big plans for them in the future. This match will benefit the dust brothers a whole lot more and I see them coming out on top here. PREDICTION--- Goldust & Stardust 

Tag Title Match--- The Usos  (9/4)  vs  The Wyatts  (2/7)

The Usos and Wyatts have been going at it for some time now, but in this match it will be so much more important, as the Tag Title will be up for grabs. This really is the USOs' highest profile match in a few and I would have to say that they are facing their most dangerous opponents to date. The Wyatts are really like no other tag team that the WWE has seen in a long time. They are sadistic, even and just plain out there, but they do know how to wrestle and work well as a team, plus they do know how to hurt people. The Usos have been title holders for nearly 4 months and I don't think it will end here. I think the WWE has more to gain by keeping the titles with the Usos and that is the way I will look here, in what should be one of the most exciting tag title matches in a long time. PREDICTION--- The Usos

Singles Match --- Rusev  vs Big E Langston  (No Odds Set For This Match)

This match will be all about power as both Rusev and Big E know nothing else but displaying their power.  These two did meet at the Payback PPV in a match that was won by Rusev in just 4 minutes. This one should be a bit longer.  Big E is a powerhouse in his own right and a former intercontinental champion, so another victory here by Rusev would solidify Rusev as someone to be feared in the WWE. Of course still not sure what is more enjoyable, watching his matches or Lana. Rusev is being brought along just like Ryback was, but I feel the WWE will be a bit more careful with him. I feel they have big plans for Rusev and a loss here would not do those plans any justice. This match will not be a technical match. It will be all about power and that power goes to Rusev and Lana in this one, but the match should be far better than the one at Payback. PREDICTION--- Rusev 

Contract Ladder Match---  Seth Rollins (2/9),  Bad New Barrett (9/2),  Dolph Ziggler (5/1),  Dean Ambrose (13/2), Jack Swagger (13/1),  RVD (16/1)  &  Kofi Kingston (25/1). 

First things first. There may be a change in this one. Bad News Barrett was injured during the last taping of Smackdown and it is unclear as to whether he will be a part of this match. If he is not able to go it is also unclear if another participant would be added. Not having him in there would be a shame, because Wade has been on a roll of late and would just make this match all the more exciting. Still, with high fliers like Kofi Kingston, RVD, Dolph Ziggler, Abrose and Rollins, there is still plenty of action to be had. RVD, Swagger and Kingston should put on a great show, but I just don't see any of them winning this contract. One possibility here is that Ambrose and Rollins get so fixated on each other that Dolph Ziggler just takes the opportunity to grab the Briefcase. We could also see Ambrose win the title and that would be fitting as it was Rollins who went to HHH and said he want Abrose in the match, because that way he can keep an eye on him better. The other possibility is that Rollins just wins it. He is the favorite, but don't count out the other two at all, plus if BNB is able to go I would count him out either. This should be a very exciting match, but in the end I will go with Seth Rollins, but would love to see Ambrose win it.  PREDICTION--- Seth Rollins  

WWE World Heavyweight Title Ladder Match---  John Cena (1/4),  Roman Reigns (5/2),  Bray Wyatt (5/1),  Randy Orton (7/1),  Cesaro (10/1),  Kane (14/1),  Sheamus (22/1)  &  Alberto Del Rio (25/1).

The key to this match may actually take place in the Pre-show, when Daniel Bryan is interviewed. If it looks like he will be ready to go by Summer Slam then the two most likely winners would be Kane or Orton. DB has issues with both, plus Orton never got his re-match for the title he lost. Now if he isn't ready to go then I see them keeping DB on the sidelines until Royal Rumble and then have him win that and be in the title match at wrestlemania. I have wrestled (pun intended) with this match all week and I feel that the latter is what is most likely to happen. First I don't see Sheamus or Del Rio Walking out with the Titles, and I don't think Wyatt will either. Cesaro is an interesting case, because I feel down the road that he and Heyman will eventually split and that will lead to a Cesaro vs Lesner match down the road. Speaking of Lesner, you have to believe that he will be involved in a big way at Summer Slam, so whoever wins the title tonight will obviously face him at that event. I think that takes Orton and Kane out of the picture, which will really Leave it to Cena, Reigns or Cesaro. I would love to see Reigns win it, but I still see a feud between him and Orton, or him and HHH on the horizon, so winning the title here will not do the WWE any good. I also don't see Cesaro winning this one, because a split between him an Heyman must happen before he faces Brock Lesner and if he wins what reason would a split be, whereas if he loses then friction between him and Heyman will start to occur. that leaves Cena and I feel that he will win. It make more sense to have him win it than any of the others, especially if Brock Lesner does get a title shot at Summer Slam. This one should be fun and probably overall be the best match of the night. PREDICTION--- John Cena


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