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WWE Fastlane Preview, Betting Odds, Predictions

Sunday February 22 and the WWE will present Fastlane, which is the last PPV before Wrestlemania. The event will take place at the FedEx Forum and has a start time of 8:00 pm (Eastern). It will be televised live on the WWE Network. Let's preview each match, which will include Odds and Predictions

Before we get to the previews i will also note that the Pre-Show while have the Miz interview Paul Heyman on Miz TV. Also later on the show we will see HHH and Sting have a face off, which probably will set something up for Wrestlemania. 

Singles Match:  Goldust (7/4)  vs  Stardust (5/2)

Brother vs Brother should make this one very interesting and could we also see an appearance from Dusty Rhodes? Ya never know. The Dust brothers started their new tag Team persona a couple of years ago and they parlayed that into a Titles reign at one point. Since then they have slowly been moving apart from each other, especially when Goldust started calling Stardust, Cody. Well Cody doesn't like that and began leaving Stardust during the middle of matches and it's as if the persona of being Stardust has completely taken away the identity of Cody Rhodes. To Stardust, Cody is dead. Now the two have split as a team and will look to settle their differences in the ring. Is this just a sibling squabble or is the split of the two a bit more permanent? Im not sure, but i will call for Stardust to get the win in this one over his older brother.  PREDICTION: Stardust

Tag Title Match:  Usos (4/7)  vs  Tyson Kidd & Cesaro (5/4)

This should be a decent match between the Usos and the up & coming team of Tyson Kidd & Cesaro, who have really formed a nice team together. Recently Cesaro has beaten Jimmy Uso and Tyson beat Jey Uso. It is a classic move by the WWE as they have the non-title holders win pre-PPV matches ad then the title holders retain at the PPV. I have a feeling this will go the same way. The Usos have been a solid tag team and are popular with the fans, but Cesaro and Kidd have been gaining some popularity as well. The feud between the teams hasn't been just in the ring, but outside of it, mainly on the TV Show Total Divas. Will the women from both sides get involved here? Will the team of Tyson and Ceasro be able to take away the tag belts from the champs? I say yes to the first question and no to the 2nd. I feel that the WWE is looking to set up a title match for The Ascension in the near future and that means it makes no sense for Kidd and Cesaro to win the belts now. PREDICTION: The Usos

Six Man Tag Match: Dolph Ziggler, Eric Rowan & Ryback (4/7)  vs  Seth Rollins, Kane & Big Show (5/4)

This should be an explosive match between two teams that hate each other. On one side we have Ziggler, Rowan and Ryback, who all stood up vs the Authority back at Survivor Series and helped John Cena put the Authority out of power for a short time. When the Authority got it's power back and they quickly fired the three men for joining up with Team Cena. John then got them their jobs back a few weeks later by beating Seth Rollins and the six men have been at odds ever since and faced off vs each other with the authority getting the best of it most of the time.  I know this is supposed to be a 3 on 3 match, but you always have to add two more to the Authority side because of J&J Security. Im sure they will play a role here. Now on a side note here has been growing conflict between Kane and the big Show. Is it time for one of them to turn on the Authority?  I don't know if that will happen at Fastlane, but I do look for some sort of inadvertent mishap to take place that will lead to the team of Ryback, Ziggler and Rowan win this one, which will also deepen the conflict between Big Show and Kane. PREDICTION: Ziggler, Ryback & Rowan 

Intercontinental Title Match: Dean Ambrose (2/7)  vs  Bad News Barrett (9/4)

Dean Ambrose won a non-title match back in mid-January to earn the right for a title match, but for most of the last month BNB told Abrose that he wasn't worthy of a title match or to be in the same ring with him. After a couple of weeks of being told no by BNB, the Lunatic Fringe had to resort to extreme measures to get Barrett to sign the contract. That happened last week on Raw when Dean came out and attacked Barrett after a match and handcuffed him to the ring forcing him to sign the Contract. Ambrose is an unpredictable loose cannon that will do anything to get what he wants, but Barrett is no slouch and will have the right plan in place to take the Lunatic Fringe down. I don't feel it is time for Barrett to lose his title just yet. PREDICTION: Bad News Barrett  

United States Title Match: John Cena (7/4)  vs  Rusev  (2/5)

This should be a great match. Rusev has yet to taste defeat by either pinfall or submission in the WWE, but maybe, just maybe he will in this one vs John Cena. Then again maybe not. LOL Rusev is a beast and has run roughshod over the WWE since he joined the main roster, but he will be taking on the 15 time WWE champ John Cena. This feud came about when Rusev interrupted an interview that involved John Cenat at the end of the Royal Rumble. The two have been at odds with each other ever since and while they have yet to face off in a match vs each other, the two have left each other in ruins in non-match altercations. Can John Cena end the streak of Rusev or will the Bulgarian Brute continue to appear invincible? I see this going the way of John Cena, but by disqualification. Fastlane is not a huge PPV and In feel that if Rusev is going finally be beat it will happen at Wrestlemania. Ot makes sense for the WWE to possibly set up a bigger match at Mania involving Rusev and his streak. Would be nice to see him face the Rock in tat one huh? Ya never know. PREDICTION: John Cena By Disqualification.    

Divas Title Match: Paige (21/10)  vs  Nikki Bella (1/3)

Always an exciting match for me when I get to see my favorite goth chick, Paige in the ring. She is not only hot, but also knows how to handle herself in the ring and she will need to vs Nikki Bella, who has been running through the Diva's division since winning the belt back at Survivor Series. Nikki also has had the help of her sistwer brie and you have to wonder when or if she will turn on her sister. I am am some point expecting that to happen. I feel the WWE would have a filed day pitting sister against sister. Well back to this match. Paige and the Bella's have been playing mind games with each other and not just on the ring, but also on the TV show Total Divas. Will Brie get involved here? Probably and it while she may not mean to I feel it will be the reason why Nikki is not te Divas Champ come Monday night on Raw. PREDICTION: Paige 

Singles Match: Daniel Bryan (3/1)  vs  Roman Reigns (1/5)

I am a Daniel Bryan Fan, But I am also a Roman Reigns fan and i have to tell you I feel bad for the guy. He was a fan favorite of many when he came back to the WWE from injury and was cheered all over the place, but when he won the Royal Rumble and Daniel Bryan didn't, the cheers went right to boos. Infact after Daniel was eliminated halfway through the Rumble the fans started booing then. Reigns just can't win, but still the WWE didn't learn it's lesson from last year's Rumble in which Daniel did not win either and he fans booed then as well. The Fans want DB to be the champ again, but my feeling was that it was too soon for him to be champ because the WWE wasn't sure just how long he would last with his surgically repaired neck. Still here he is now in a match to determine who will face Brock Lesner at Wrestlemania for the WWE World Title. It's a shame for Reigns who has emerged as a fan favorite and now they are booing him. Its also a shame that he won the Royal Rumble and must now win another match just to get to Wrestlemania to face Brock. I originally thought the easy decision here was to take Roman, but after thinking about it more im not so sure right now. The WWE had a ton of subscribers cancel the the WWE Network after the Royal Rumble and I feel that was the cause of them making this match. They had to put DB in the mix somehow or they would lose more subscribers. Now this will be a hell of a match and both wrestlers will leave it all out there, but im not so sure there will be a winner. The WWE has two choices here. 1 is have Daniel Bryan win the match or lose more customers. 2 is to have the match somehow end in a draw which will set up a triple threat match at Wrestlemania between Reigns, Daniel and Lesner. I feel that is the way they will go here. They have to somehow keep Daniel in the mix. after all it is what is best for business. PREDICTION: A Draw

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