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WWE Extreme Rules Start Time, Odds

Extreme Rules is the pay-per-view where the rules are overlooked for three hours each year in the WWE. Even Vince McMahon recently tweeted, "Because of the risk of injury, I will be crossing my fingers until Extreme Rules is over on Sunday." Extreme Rules takes place tonight at the Scottrade Center in St. Louis. The main part of Extreme Rules has a start time of 8:00 pm (Eastern).

Let's take a quick look at each match. Odds are courtesy of Paddy Power.

Pre Card Match: The Miz vs Cody Rhodes (No Odds)

For a long time now WWE have been airing matches on Youtube prior to the airing of PPVs. Most of these matches have been of little interest to fans but at least there has been some reasoning behind them. This month WWE has seemingly just thrown together two superstars literally for the sake of it. The Miz hasn’t really been seen on TV too much since he lost his Intercontinental title to Wade Barrett on the Raw after Wrestlemania (one night after winning it), whereas WWE dropped the ball with Cody Rhodes a very long time ago. Still this should be a fun intense Match. Prediction: The Miz 

Tag Team Title Match: Team Hell No (6 to 1) Vs The Shield's Rollins and Reigns (1 to 16)

Team Hell No and The Shield have been at odds for quite some time and have faced each other on several occasions. All of their matches have been fantastic thus far and things should be no different at Extreme Rules. The Shield are undoubtedly the hottest thing in the WWE right now and their push needs to continue. From anger management classes to the "Yes! Yes! Yes! No! No! No!" chants, Daniel Bryan and Kane have had lots of fun over the last year in the WWE. But will all the fun and games will come to an abrupt end at Extreme Rules. The Shield has managed to get the better of Team Hell No many times and there is nothing to suggest that things will change on tonight. PREDICTION: Rollins & Reigns

U.S. Title Match: Kofi Kingston (13 to 2) vs Dean Ambrose (1 to 18)

The announcement of this match Monday night came as a bit of a surprise but not one which many people have been moaning about. The IWC have been waiting for Ambrose to get a chance to shine on his own and Extreme Rules is the perfect opportunity. After bursting onto the scene in the WWE, the Shield's gimmick is starting to get stale. Every week, they come out and interfere in a match and when they do wrestle, they almost always win. Extreme Rules should witness the next step in The Shield's evolution, as i expect all three members of this elite faction to walk away with championship gold tonight. PREDICTION: Dean Ambrose

Extreme Rules Match: Randy Orton (1 to 6) vs The Big Show (7 to 2)

With Ziggler, Swagger and Del Rio dominating the World Heavyweight title scene at the minute these two superstars are stuck in somewhat of a limbo. Their rivalry has sparked very little interest and this match is not exactly one I’m looking forward to. At times, Orton almost appears to be bored during his matches and promos. His Extreme Rules match against Big Show could be the catalyst that Orton needs to return to his 'apex predator' ways in the WWE. Fans have been calling for an Orton heel turn for a long time now and once this feud is over and done with perhaps he can begin pleasing audiences again. I expect Randy Orton to pick up the win here and perhaps being to revitalise his career. PREDICTION: Randy Orton

Regular Singles Match: Chris Jericho (2 to 9) vs Fandango (11 to 4)

Fandango’s sudden rise in popularity the night after Wrestlemania has managed to increase interest in this match despite the pretty poor build up. These two put on a pretty solid match up last time out so they’ve no reason to disappoint this time around. After WWE Raw on April 8, Fandango was on top of the world. He had just upset Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania 29 and the epic Raw crowd had just started a new dance craze 'Fandangoing.' Since then, the WWE creative team has seemingly not known how to push Fandango.I expect them to figure it out in this one as Fandango comes up with a big win. PREDICTION: Fandango

Strap Match: Mark Henry (4 to 1) vs Sheamus (5 to 2)

Similar to Orton and Big Show it feels like the WWE creative team just have no idea what to do with these pair at the minute. The added stipulation of a strap fails to make this match any more interesting. Still, though seeing these two go at it has been an entertaining affair in the past. The WWE has gone to great lengths to push Mark Henry as the favorite of his Extreme Rules match against Sheamus. First, Mark Henry whipped Sheamus' untanned body with a leather strap. Then Henry impressively pulled two large trucks. This is a classic bait and switch I feel as Sheamus pulls the big upset. PREDICTION Sheamus  

I Quit Match: Jack Swagger (7 to 2) vs Alberto Del Rio (1 to 6)

The unfortunate injury to recently crowned World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler means we have been left with this Wrestlemania rematch rather than the originally planned triple threat. Thankfully these two put on a pretty solid match up last month and hopefully they will be able to at the very least replicate that this time around. Since Swagger's kick to Dolph Ziggler's head gave him a concussion and put him out of action for Extreme Rules, it's hard to imagine the WWE rewarding Swagger with a win on Sunday. However, a Swagger win at Extreme Rules would set up a rivalry for Ziggler with the man who injured him. I just don't see that here though. PREDICTION: Alberto Del Rio 

WWE Title - Last Man Standing Match: John Cena (1 to 9) vs Ryback (4 to 1)

Ryback is becoming the new 'Mr. Monday Night' of the WWE. What I mean by this is that he looks like a monster on Raw, but he always loses on pay-per-views. If Ryback is ever going to take the next step up the WWE ladder, he needs a huge win on a Sunday night as well. It may not be the best technical match on the card, but Cena vs. Ryback could very well be the most important one. Ryback’s recent heel turn has certainly managed to divide opinion. Some are in the belief that it is the logical step for his career and that he needed refreshing, whilst others believed he was on the right track as a face and that his heel turn has been nothing but boring so far. Whatever your opinion one thing’s for sure and that’s that Ryback has a terrible record when it comes to PPV’s. Ryback has lost on every single card since his first defeat to CM Punk way back at October’s Hell in a Cell other than the Royal Rumble card where he did not compete in an ordinary match. I expect his PPV record to get even worse after tonight. PREDICTION: John Cena

Steel Cage Match: Brock Lesner (1 to 8) vs Triple H (9 to 2)

After splitting two previous matches at SummerSlam and WrestleMania XXIX, Lesnarand Triple H will look to settle the score once and for all at Extreme Rules. This bout could be especially brutal as it will take place within the confines of a steel cage. Although some fans may not be particularly excited since we have already seen them wrestle twice in less than a year, this match could very well steal the show. not sure what the future holds for Brock Lesnar in the WWE. There are rumors of blockbuster matches for Lesnar at the next SummerSlam and Wrestlemania events. Lesnar and Triple H are among the greatest brawlers of all time, so they certainly know how to make the most of a cage match. It seems somewhat obvious that Lesnar is going to win since he figures to be more of a factor moving forward than The Game, but it is far from a guarantee. Neither man necessarily needs a win as they are both entrenched among the all-time greats, so it will be interesting to see how this one plays out. I feel this will be HHH's swan son g and he will come up with a win in what could very well be his final match. PREDICTION: Triple H

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