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WWE Elimination Chamber Start Time, Odds, Predictions

With the launching of the new WWE Network, the Elimination Chamber will be the last true pay-per-view event and fans will now be able to get every WWE event, including Wrestlemania, for just 9.99 a month. The 2014 Elimination Chamber will take place this Sunday at the Target Center in Minneapolis and has a start time of 8:00 pm for the main card. Odds and writeups for each match are listed below.

Kickoff Show Match--- Goldust & Cody Rhodes vs Ryback and Curtis Axel  (No Odds For This Event) 

The Tag team division has been better than it has been in years and the emergence of these two group have been a part of that. Cody and Goldust were tag team title holders for a while before the New Age Outlaws took the titles from them at the Royal Rumble. Still, neither the Brotherhood or RybAxel seem to be being pushed for the Tag Titles right now so they will have to settle for the Kickoff show match. Ryback and Axel were both clients of Paul Heyman before teaming up as tag partners, but theyn't really done much as a team and were never really accepted by the WWE. Since the addition of the Kick-off show "Faces" have gone 12-8 and I will look to stay with that trend. PREDICTION: The Brotherhood

Darren Young  (11/4)  vs Titus O'Neill  (2/9)

This will be a blood feud as participants had comprised the group call the Prime Time Players for years and these two were the best of friends, before a recent loss enraged Titus and he took his frustrations out on his former friend, which put an end to the partnership. Titus really needed to go his own was as he has a much better chance at becoming a force in the WWE as a singles participant. This should actually be a pretty good mach , but in the end I feel that Titus will win out over Darren, who has made Titus look foolish over the last few weeks. This is just the beginning of this feud. PREDICTION: Titus O'Neill 

Intercontinental Championship---  Big E Langston  (1/5)  vs  Jack Swagger  (3/1)

This match came about when Jack Swagger won a Number 1 Contenders match back on February 14th on Smackdown. Really their is no history between these two guys, but still should be a heck of a match. Big E is a powerhouse and is one of the new bright young stars that has arrived in the WWE. He brings a ton of intensity with him everytime he enters the ring and for me that is very enjoyable to watch. On the other side of teh ring we have Jack Swagger, who is one of the best technical wrestlers in the company and has the strength to go toe to toe with Big E. This will be power vs power in a great match, but in the end I do not see the title changing hands. PREDICTION: Big E

WWE Tag Title Match--- New Age Outlaws  (4/6)  vs   The Usos  (11/10)

This match will be Old School vs New School. The New Age Outlaws returned to the ring just before the Royal Rumble and then in the Rumble they took the Tag Titles away from the Rhodes boys. That now makes the New Age Outlaws five-time tag team title holders. Since winning the titles, the New Age Outlaws have had to answer many questions about being involved with the Authority and how they originally got their title match. They will be taking on the Uso's who are really starting to be used properly by the WWE. The Usos are an amazing talent just like their father Rikishi was. Is it their time to finally shine in the WWE. I think it just may be. PREDICTION: The Usos  

Batista  (1/100)  vs  Alberto Del Rio  (14/1)

This one is being tabbed as the "Twitter War". This is a grudge match that started when Batista announced he was coming back and Alberto Del Rio decided to use Twitter to take jabs at the Animal. Batista took exception to this and now has his chance to get his hands on Del Rio. The Animal has been away from the WWE for a few years, but now is back and will have a title shot at Wrestlmania vs the winner of the Elimination Chamber match. Del Rio is a former champion, but really hasn't done much since and I dont expect him to do much in this one either. I can't see the Animal coming back to lose with a title shot on deck at Wrestlemania.  Del Rio is a capable opponent and it should be a very good match, but still tis one may be the easiest of them all to predict. PREDICTION: Batista

Six Man Tag Match--- The Wyatt Family  (1/10)  vs  The Shield  (5/1)

Other than the Elimination Chamber match itself, this is the one that everyone is looking forward to see.To me its always fun to see two heels face off vs one another, but I have a feeling more cheers will be for the Shield in this one. I do'n go to any of the WWE rumor sites that give away spoilers because I don't want to know whats going to happen. Takes all the fun out of it. The feeling, though is that the the Shield is going to implode at some point. They have been building up to it, so will this be when it happens? I feel to could be and the I also feen that HHH tipped it a bit a few weeks ago on Raw when the Shield first stated they wanted a piece of the Wyatts for their interference that kept them out of the Elimination Chamber. HHH came out and told them to let it go in a way that says if you go threw with this something bad will happen. I feel that will happen here. This is the PPV that they implode and i think that's good for the company, especially getting Reigns out on his own. He would be a great singles competitor and would also be a fan favorite. For the Wyatt's they are just pure evil and demented, but still they will work more as a team here and that will help them win this match, which could just signal the end of the Shield. PREDICTION: Wyatt Family

Elimination Chamber Match--- Randy Orton (1/50)... Daniel Bryan (10/1)... John Cena (23/1)... Cesaro (33/1).. Sheamus (50/1)... Christian (66/1)

The Elimination Chamber match is one of the most brutal matches the WWE has. The chamber stands 16 ft high and is 36 ft in diameter, while weighing over 10 short tons, and it comprises 2 mi and 6 tons of chain. A brutal structure for sure. Al 6 participants start in pods and two are randomly opened to start the match. Those two competitors face off and each five minutes a new pod is opened and this continues till all participants have been let out of their pods, then its a free for all. the only way to eliminate someone is by pinfall or submission and tat continues until there are just one wrestler left standing. In this case that wrestler will be crowned as the WWE World Champion and will next have a date with Batista at Wrestlemania.

Let's look at the participants. First is Christian, who comes in as the longest shot to win the match. Christian's mantra has been that he just wants one more match and one more time in the spotlight I just don't see it happening. Christian had his time, but he is not face f the company material. He will put up a good fight but nothing more.

Next is Sheamus, who is one of my favorites to watch. He loves to fight and the intensity he brings to the ring each night is just amazing. This is the perfect type of match for the fighting Irishman, but I just don't see him taking the title. He has no momentum in the WWE right now, but he will put on a good show for the fans in this one.   

Cesaro is an interesting entrant and just may be worth a look as a dark horse. Cesaro has been building up momentum and some fanfare the last few weeks. Cesar has a win over Orton in the last few weeks and showed that he could stand toe to toe with John Cena, before eventually losing that match. Still, the match with Cena showed that Cesaro has a bright future in this company. Cesaro is the strongest competitor in the Elimination Chamber and with the momentum he I feel he has a good shot at at least being the last 2 in the match. Whether he wins will be another story.

Now to the big 3 with John Cena first. John Cena has been the face of the company for years and while it is Orton that holds the Title, it is still Cena that is the face of the company. That fact alone is why Cesaro's loss to Cena may have done more for him than the win over Orton. No matter what the PPV is, Cena will always be one of the biggest draws and this one will be no different, but im just not sure that is is time for him to be Champion again, but one thing lingers here and that's the fact that the fans love to hate him and I think Batista vs Cena would be a hell of a match at Wrestlemania, more so than Orton or Bryan vs Batista. I will not rule out Cena here.  

Daniel Bryan comes limping into the match with a banged up shoulder, but he will be the biggest fan favorite in this match. Last moth at the Royal Rumble the fans booed when the last contestant came out and it wasn't Daniel Bryan. He has been a fan favorite for over a year now, but that doesn't mean he is a lock to win this. I just don't see a Batista/ DB match at Wrestlemania. Daniel is the most technically sound wrestlers in the WWE and he is also one of the toughest but that won't be enough to win here. With the way the Fans got angry with no DB at the Royal Rumble I feel that maybe the shoulder injury will be an escape clause for the powers that be, because in their eyes it is just not time for DB to become the face of the company. He will have to wait a bit longer.  

That now brings us to Randy Orton, who is the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Orton was put through the gauntlet the last few weeks, having to face each member of the Elimination Chamber match in singles competition. Orton went just 1-4 in those matches with his only win vs Christian. That may not be good news for us Orton haters as the way the WWE works is the ones that have been beaten up in the weekday matches usually do well at the PPV's. I hope that is not the case here, but still Orton is a threat anytime he steps into the ring. Also working in his favor is the fact that he is 0-5 all-time in this match and they have been building that up as well. Orton is the title holder and, while it might not make for a better match, Orton/ Batista would be a solid draw at Wrestlemania, so as much as I hate too I will have to go with Orton in this one, as he hits an RKO on Cesaro to retain his title. PREDICTION: Randy Orton  

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