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WWE 2015 Royal Rumble Start Time, Odds, Predictions

The Road to Wrestlemania begins on Sunday night January 25th at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pa when the WWE presents the 2015 Royal Rumble. The Pre-Show will be begin at 7:00 pm (Est) on the WWE Network, while the main show has a start time of 8:00 pm (Est) and will also be shown on the WWE Network. Predictions and Odds for each match are below. 


2015 Royal Rumble Match--- Roman Reigns (4/9),  Daniel Bryan (13/8),  Dolph Ziggler (14/1),  Rusev (16/1),  Bray Wyatt (16/1),  Dean Ambrose (16/1),  Big Show (22/1), Kane (25/1),  Ryback (35/1), Bad News Barrett (50/1),  The Miz (50/1),  Damien Mizdow (50/1),  Luke Harper (50/1), Stardust (66/1),  Goldust (66/1),  Fandango (66/1),  R-Truth (80/1) and Fernando (80-1).

That is pretty much the list of announced participants in the Rumble. Here a a few other that may be in it but don't hold me to it. LOL--- Randy Orton (12/1),  Big E (50/1),  Sting (50/1),  Cesaro (50/1),  Jack Swagger (66/1),  Titus O'Neil (80/1),  Heath Slater (80/1) and Kofi Kingston (80/1).  

Most Eliminations--- Roman Reigns (11/10), Rusev (7/4),  Daniel Bryan (6/1),  Big Show (10/1), Dean Ambrose (12/1),  Kane (14/1),  Dolph Ziggler (14/1),  Any Other Participant (5/1). Prediction: Rusev

What is the Royal Rumble? . The match starts with two men and then every 5 minutes another is added. The only way to be eliminated is by getting tossed over the top rope and both feet must hit the floor. that is important as we have seen many a superstar get thrown out the ring but land on the steps or the barricade surrounding the ring or even a competitor's shoulders that have been eliminated. I believe we saw that last year. Kofi Kingston is famous for finding creative ways of staying in the match. The winner of the match is the last one standing in the ring. That winner then earns a championship title match at Wrestlemania vs whoever is the Title holder at the time. This is why the Royal Rumble begins the road to Wrestlemania each year.

Now who do I feel will win it? I really feel that the WWE has painted themselves into a bit of a corner after last year's Royal Rumble. The Fans booed the entire company the way it was handled last year, after Daniel Bryan was held out of the Rumble in favor of Batista, who ended up winning it. A loot of fans went home very unhappy that night and i can't see the WWE making the same mistake again. Now that really leaves two main people as the only ones that can win it and that is Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan. They are the favorites in this one and I just can't see anyone else stealing the show. Rusev will be a major factor and so will Ziggler and lookout if Sting is in it, but still i keep coming back to the top two. Now let's start with Daniel Bryan. He is the most popular wrestler out there, but he is coming off off a long lay off and has had just a couple matches to get ready for this one and see how he holds up. So far he has held up but giving him a title shot may be too soon.I can't see them wanting to give him a shot, have him win the Title and then get hurt again. It is not his time to win the belt back right now. The WWE needs to make sure he will hold up. That leaves Roman Reigns who is on fire right now and can rival Daniel Bryan as the most popular superstar right now. The WWE needs him to win this match. It is what's best for business, especially after last year's debacle. I am not saying their s no chance in hell that any other super star can win this, but the chances are not great. Still watch out for Ambrose, Wyatt, Rusev, Big Show and Ryback to all have decent showing, but in the end i do believe it will be Reigns that is standing tall. PREDICTION: Roman Reigns


WWE Title Match: Triple Threat Match--- John Cena (12/5) vs Brock Lesner (4/9)  vs Seth Rollins (11/2)

Many story lines abound with this one and it should make for an exciting triple threat match for the WWE World Heavyweight title. First, who will the fans be rooting for? Brock Lesner has turned the tide a bit of late as the fans have been cheering him heavily. They do hate Rollins and it's a mixed bag with Cens, so I can see more support here for the Lesner. Next we have Seth Rollins who actually has a shot at winning the title in two different ways in this match. First he could pin Lesner or Cena or make them submit or he could cash in his Money In The Bank Contract at the end of the match. Either way his presence in this match makes him very dangerous. His is the self proclaimed futer of the company but is it time for him to win the title? Im not so sure it is. When the authority was given their power back they immediately put Seth in the Title match to make it a triple threat match. Is there something behind it? I feel that the authority is on the verge of turning face and this may be the start of it. ow we come to Cena, who is loved and hated by many fans. He has  had enough run-ins with both Lesner and Rollins that I could write a whole other story about it. I feel that Cena is the Choice here to at least win the match. to keep Lesner as the champ would be crazy as he never wrestles. There have been no title matches in the last 2 PPVs because Lesner won't wrestle. I also can't see Rollins winning the match because he has the MIB Contract and would never be able to cash it in by Wrestlemania, which is the deadline for him to do so. He may or may not do it at the end of the match, but for the match itself he won't win it. PREDICTION--- John Cena     

Tag Match--- New Age Outlaws (5/1)  vs  The Ascension (1/9)

This match came about when The Ascension decided to crash the art of a few old school tag team on Monday Night Raw's reunion night. The Ascension came out and were taken apart right away by the New Age Outlaws and then for good measure JBL (APA) delivered his closeline from hell to one of the Ascension members. The ascension dominated NXT and are the latest call ups to the WWE and I just don't see them losing here. The WWE is looking to build this team up and after taking care of the New Age outlaws here I feel they will have done this job. Both teams are very physical and ruthless and that should make for a very intense matchup. This will be a very good match and in the end I feel the Road Warrior wannabes will have the last laugh here. PREDICTION: The Ascension  

WWE Tag Title Match--- The Usos (1/6)  vs The Miz & Damien Mizdow (7/2)

This one should be interesting. On the final Raw of 2014 the Uso won back their title belts from The Miz and Mizdown and they have not had much luck ever since. In fact that same night they also lost to the Ascension, which was making it's WWE Debut. Making matters worse for the miz and his stunt double is the fact that there seems to some growing friction between the two and it is starting to come out. Damien knows that he is a fan favorite right now and the Miz isn't dealing with that all too good. Could this be the match tat we finally see the two part ways? I have a feeling it will and i also have a feel that their inner turmoil will cost them this match vs an Usos team that is just not ready to give up the belt. I see the Miz and Mizdow splitting up after this match and because of that it would make no sense for them to win the Belts back here. PREDICTION: The Usos  

Divas Tag Match--- The Bella Twins (6/4)  vs Natalya & Paige (1/2)

Finally get to see my girl Paige back in a PPV. In my opinion she is the hottest of the Divas and may be a reason I start watching Total Divas, because she has recently joined the show. Ok enough of that, on to this match. The Bellas have been running roughshod through the Diva ranks of late and this rivalry has recently come about when Paige joined the Total Divas show. She claims she is the star of the show ad it isn't sitting well with many of the other Divas. Natalya has a great wrestling pedigree as she is the daughter of Jim the Anvil Neidhart, has wrestling brothers and is married to a wrestler (Tyson Kid). What makes this one really interesting is that Natalya can't get along with her husband, who may or may not interfere here, and the fact that Paige has been making sexual advances towards Natalya recently. How hot is that? LOL  Will that be the difference here? You have to be a focused team when taking on a dangerous Bella team. Natalya and Paige seem to be working well as a team, but anything can happen in this one. It should be fun (And Hot), andf I feel that the Bellas will still come out on top. PREDICTION: Bella Twins

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