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WWE Survivor Series Odds, Predictions

Survivor Series

Tonight the WWE presents Survivor Series, which is highlighted by Team Cena vs Team Authority, in a match that will change the face of the WWE forever, plus there are also rumors of the possibility of a Sting return during this Pay-per-view. The event has a start time of 8:00 Eastern and will be televised on PPV and the WWE Network.  Odds and Predictions for each scheduled match are below.

Fatal 4 Way Tag Title Match:  The Usos  (3/1)  vs Los Matadores  (12/1)  vs The Miz and Damien Mizdow  (5/4)  vs Goldust & Stardust  (6/4)

This one should be fun and according to the rules of the match the Tag Champs don't even have to be involved in the decision to lose the belts. That means there is a ton of pressure on Gold and Stardust to hold on to the belts. Lets start with Los Matadores as I feel they have the least chance of winning the belts. They did pull a shocker on Smackdown by beating Mizdow and the Miz, but I don't see that carrying over for them here. Speaking of Mizdow and the Miz, I don't see them coming out on top either. Mizdow has become a fan favorite and it has caused friction between the two of late and I feel that will cost them. The Uso are the former champs and I feel they will stay that way in this one, because Gold and Stardust just have it rolling right now and are not ready to lose the belts just yet, even though the odds are stacked against them here. PREDICTION: Goldust & Stardust.

Divas Elimination Tag Match: Natalya, Emma, Alicia Fox and Naomi (11/10) vs Paige, Summer Rae, Layla and Cameron (4/6)

This is the Diva's version of Survivor Series and should be really fun to watch. of course anyone that has been following my Wrestling writeups knows that I have a thing for Paige, so I will be pulling for her team for sure. This is an elimination match, meaning they one team must eliminate all participants from the other team. All the Divas in this match are very talented and athletic, which should provide some exciting moments. There isn't really storyline for this match, but I do feel that it has been made to pretty much give the Divas division a push, as it has really been lacking, with the exception of AJ, Paige and the Bellas. I do believe that the Paige team is more talented here and since Paige only seems to lose to AJ, I will expect her team to take this one, with Paige probably being the last one standing. PREDICTION: Team Paige    

Singles Match: Dean Ambrose  (8/13)  vs  Bray Wyatt  (6/5)

One is the master of head games and one just isn't playing with a full deck. That should really make it interesting here. Hard to mess with a mind that just isn't there. LOL Bray Wyatt started this feud when he cost Dean Ambrose in his match vs Seth Rollins back at Hell in a Cell. Since then the two have had their spats and have tried to play games with the other, but they will final get to settle this in the ring and with with two lunatics in the ring anything can happen. The one thing for sure is that Bray wound be able to play his mind games on Dean, because is just won't affect someone that is gone like him. Dean is a master manipulator himself and will be able to handle anything that Bray throws at him. Also their is a conspicuous absence here and that is that Luke Harper and Eric Rowan are not at Bray's side, meaning he will have to fight Dean on his own. Will Bray be able to get into the mind of the Mindless one? I truly don't think so. I feel it will be a helluva fight though and I also feel that it will be the Lunatic Fringe that will win the battle of Mind games and take out Bray Wyatt in this one. PREDICTION: Dean Ambrose

Divas Championship: AJ Lee  (2/1)  vs  Nikki Bella  (1/3)

This one should be an interesting one, especially sine we may see some outside help from Nikki's sister Brie, but who will Brie really help in this one. Back at Hell in a Cell Nikki beat her sister and the stipulation of that match was that the lose would have to be the other's slave for a month. Since then Brie has been made to do all sorts of tasks from getting drinks for her sister to slapping AJ Lee just out of the blue. AJ is the master of mindgames and last time on Smackdown, she did come out dress as Nikki in a Match vs Brie. A Match that AJ did win and Nikki was not all that happy about that. AJ Has been the most dominant woman's champion in recent history, but maybe it's time for that to end. The WWE seems to like the feud of the Bella twins and with Brie's month of being a slave ending next week then they can start up the feud again with a Bella vs Bella title match. PREDICTION: Nikki Bella 

Survivor Series Match: Team Cena  (3/10)  vs  Team Authority  (11/5)

This may be the most anticipated Survivor Series Match yet as it will change the face of the WWE. Team Cena Consists of Ryback, Dolph Ziggler, Big Show, Eric Rowan and John Cena, while Team Authority is made up of Seth Rollins, Kane, Luke Harper, Rusev, and mark Henry. Both sides have stipulations against them as if Team Cena loses then his 4 teammates will be fired, while in Team Authority loses then they will no long be in power. There is allot at stack in the match and for the longest time it really looked as if Team Authority had the upper hand, but that was until Ryback joined Cena's team. I feel that tipped the scales more  in John's favor, plus the addition of the monster Eric Rowan doesn't hurt either. Still Team Authority doe have Seth Rollins, who is being touted as the new face of the WWE, plus the world's strongest man in Mark Henry and Rusev, who has yet to be pinned or made to submit in the WWE. This is a scary team they have for sure. Now for team Cena could we see a member turn on the team so they don't get fired should they lose. That is the unsettling part for me, because it could happen. I do know that HHH will do anything to keep his power and he showed that on Friday night by totally decimating Team Cena, with the exception of John who was absent. Another unsettling thing here was that Sheamus was to be on the team but lost his belt and is now out for a while, while Dolph Ziggler also lost his belt this past week. Does it mean that Team Cena will lose, cause it's easier to get rid of Wrestlers who don't have belts. I'm not sure, but I do feel that team Cena will come together and rise up to strip the Authority of it's power. They have been in power long enough and I feel that it's time for the WWE to go in a different direction.   PREDICTION: Team Cena 

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