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2014 WWE Summer Slam Start Time, Odds, Predictions

Tonight Live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California the WWE will present their biggest event of the Summer, called Summer Slam. The event has a start time of 8:00 pm and will be televised live on PPV and the WWE Network. Below I have predictions for each match and have their odds as well. 

Kickoff Match--- Rob Van Dam vs Cesaro (No Odds For The Match)

Not a whole lot to go on here as this match was really setup at the last minute and there is no real feud between these two wrestlers. Both wrestlers are high energy wrestlers and should put on a good show to kickoff the biggest show of the summer for the WWE. I still feel that much bigger things are ahead for Cesaro and while he has been losing some lately on Raw and Smackdown I do expect hi to take this one in what should be a very exciting match. PREDICTION: Cesaro

Flag Match--- Jack Swagger (2/5)  vs Rusev (7/4)

This one should be a good match and the winner of the match will have their countries flag hanging above the ring. So far in his career Rusev has taken down everyone, but Jack Swagger has been by far his toughest opponent and given him the most trouble. Rusev has yet to taste defeat by pinfall or submission in the WWE, but he has lost by DQ and that was to Swagger. At Battleround the two put on a solid showing with Rusev coming out on top, but come on folks this is Summer Slam, which is a big American event for the WWE. Do you really think Swagger will lose? PREDICTION: Jack Swagger

Singles Match--- Brie Bell (5/6)  vs  Stephanie McMahon (5/6)

Stephanie is stepping back in the ring for the first time since 2003 and after putting a couple of pedigrees on Brie and her sister on Raw a couple of weeks ago, she really looks ready to go. The Authority has made life tough on Brie, her sister Nikki and Daniel Brian and at Payback Brie Quit and then slapped Stephanie. A few weeks later Brie showed up at a Raw event with a ticket to support her sister and Stephanie came out and got into it with Brie and eventually slapped here. Stephanie was then later arrested for that slap. on the next Raw Stephanie pleaded with Brie to drop the chargers and Brie said she would if she got her job back and got a match vs Stephanie at Summer Slam. Stephanie agreed  A new twist has been added to this storyline with Stephanie having Daniel Bryan's personal trainer coming out and saying that her and Daniel have been having an affair. Brie then came out and slapped the trainer and put the yes lock on Stephanie. Brie was later arrested for the slap. So both women have been arrested over this and both have learned their husband's finishing moves and that should make this a very entertaining match. Brie is wrestling for all the wrestlers that have been screwed over by the Authority, including her husband and Nikki and with that motivation I see her coming out on top.  PREDICTION: Brie Bella (Bryan).

Intercontinental Title Match--- The Miz (3/10)  vs  Dolph Ziggler (11/5)

The Miz won the Intercontinental Title at Battleground in a Battle Royal in which he played possum out side the ring and only came back in when Ziggler thought he had eliminated the last wrestler. The Mizz had just come back to the WWE after a stint in Hollywood as the star of the Marine 4. That inflated his already inflated ego and Ziggler has been looking to wipe that smug smile off the face of the Miz. The face that the Miz has renamed "The Moneymaker". In recent matches he has gone to great lengths to protect The Moneymaker. Will that be just the opening that Ziggler needs to win the title here? Both wrestlers have taken their turns getting the better of the other on the road to Summer Slam and while I would love to see Ziggler win, I feel that the Miz will find a way to retain the title. PREDICTION: The Miz.

Lumberjack Match--- Dean Ambrose (5/6)  vs Seth Rollins (5/6)

FINALLY!!! This one shhould be one of the more exciting matches of the evening, as they two former friend finally hookup. At battleground the two were expected to meet. but a pre-match attack by Ambrose prompted Triple H to have him tossed from the arena and that match never took place, although Ambrose did get in a few more sneak attacks during the PPV. Now there will be no running and no place to hid as the ring will be surrounded by 20 other wrestlers, whose job it is to toss either Ambrose or Rollins  back in the ring should they exit it. Ambrose came up with the Lumberjack stipulation after a pair of beat the clock matches, in which Ambrose won and Rollins was shocked by Heath Slater (Not a Typo... LOL). These two have made plenty of enemies where they were the Shield, which is a reason why Ambrose chose this match. He wants an all out war and the fans of the WWE should be treated to one. Ambrose has been seeking revenge on Rollins since he turned on the Shield to join the Authority and I feel he finally gets his revenge tonight. PREDICTION: Dean Ambrose.

Singles Match--- Chris Jericho (1/10)  vs  Bray Wyatt (4/1)

Chris Jericho came back to the WWE a few months ago and immediately found himself in a war with the patriarch of the Wyatt family, Bray Wyatt. At battleground the two hooked up and Chris Jericho shockingly won. It was thought that maybe the rivalry was going to be over after Battleground, but the Wyatt family laid waste to Chris Jericho the next night on Raw in a locker room. Bray Wyatt then informed the WWE that Jericho was not their savior at an edition of Jericho's "The Highlight Reel". Over the last few weeks Chris has beaten both Harper and Rowan and with those victories the two will not be allowed at ringside for this match. No matter what happens I feel that this will be the last of this rivalry and the two will end it tied at 1 apiece, as I expect Bray Wyatt to win this one. He really needs the victory more. PREDICTION: Bray Wyatt.

Singles Match--- Randy Orton (7/2)  vs  Roman Reigns (1/6)

Roman Reigns has yet to hold a singles belt of any kind but after the push that WWE has given him this summer, you know it's just a matter of time. Other than Daniel Bryan, Roman Reigns is the most popular WWE superstar on the roster. Be brings an intensity that is unmatched by anyone on the roster right now and is very entertaining to watch. This match has probably been in the works for a while, but really came about when HHH was about to announce Orton as the #1 Contender for the WWE Title. Reigns then came out, attacked Orton and the next thing you know it is Brock Lesner that was thrust into the #1 contenders spot. Now Orton wants some revenge as he feels the shot at the belt was stolen from him by Reigns. Recently Orton has reverted back to the Real Viper in an attack on Reigns that left him lying in waste. Will the Viper unleash that same brutallity here or will Reigns continue his climb op the WWE ladder? I really feel this could be the most exciting match of the night and I also feel that it will be Roman Reigns that will com out on top. With the push that the WWE has been giving him, it would make no sense to the WWE or to Reigns to have him lose this match. PREDICTION: Roman Reigns

Divas Championship Match--- AJ Lee (4/9)  vs  Paige (13/8)

I know I say this every time I write about her, but how hot is Paige? LOL I know that AJ Lee is hot, but I really have a thing for Goth chicks. The night after Wrestlemania, Paige came out to congratulate AJ for the winning the night before and then quickly found herself in a Diva's title match, in which she shocked everyone by winning it. Paige held on to the Title for a few months before AJ Lee came back on an episode of Raw and returned the favor, winning the belt back in the same fashion that Paige won it. The two then became "Frienemies" and after one of their matches as tag team partners Paige turned on AJ and the two have been at odds ever since. The two did meet at Battleground in a highly competitive match, in which AJ retained her Title. Paige has disrupted every match that AJ has been in the last few weeks and cost her a few of those matches. Paige is very dangerous right now and just may be ready to take the Divas Title back, and as much as i would love for her to do so, I just don't see it here. The Divas division now finally has a huge rivalry and a win by AJ would allow it to continue a while longer. PREDICTION: AJ Lee   

WWE World Heavyweight Title Match--- John Cena  (5/2)  vs  Brock Lesner (1/4)

This should be a war and those that follow wrestling closely probably have seen this match coming ever since Cena won the belts at Money in The Bank. This was the WWE's dream title match for Summer Slam and they got it. As I stated above in the Reigns vs Orton writeup, HHH came out and was to announce Orton as the #1 Contender for Cena's belt, but an attack on Orton by reigns gave the opportunity for Paul Heyman to come out and promote his Client Brock Lesner for the Title shot. HHH accepted the challenge and here we are. The two have not been in matches for the past few weeks, but have really fought with a war of words. Brock states that he is gonna tear Cena apart, while the ever intense Cena states that Brock will have to take his last breath away before taking the title. These two had a classic match back in 2012 at extreme Rules and this one could be just as good. I really though it might be Brock that takes this one, but I have another theory. This will be a brutal match no matter what and maybe it's time for Seth to cash in his briefcase after this one. Cena will win by either a lucky move or by a Brock DQ, but have nothing left to defend himself vs Rollins. I feel it is time for Rollins to cash in now, because once DB comes back there will be no opportunities for this. Cashing in now will allow him to hold on to the belt for a few months, while DB recovers from his surgery. PREDICTION: Cena Wins but then Rollins cashes in his briefcase and wins the Title.      

Info gathered from and Cageside Seats, with odds taken from Paddy Power


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