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Victor Wembanyama Favored Over the Field to Win NBA Rookie of the Year in 2023-2024

Victor Wembanyama Favored Over the Field to Win NBA Rookie of the Year in 2023-2024

Oddsmakers at FanDuel have opened up a market that gives French sensation Victor Wembanyama a nearly 70% implied chance to win NBA Rookie of the Year awards honors.

NBA Rookie of the Year 23/24 - Wembanyama vs. the Field

Victor Wembanyama -245
The Field +186

The market’s confidence in Wemby’s ROY chances mirrors the near certainty the market has that the Frenchman will be the first player selected in the upcoming 2023 NBA Draft. To win $100 on a bet that Wembayama will be the first name called during the 2023 NBA Draft on June 22, you'd have to risk a staggering $20,000.

The combined odds considering the two markets grant Wembanyama more than a 60% probability of becoming the 24th athlete to both be the first overall selection in the NBA Draft and go on to win the NBA Rookie of the Year award, following in the revered footsteps of NBA legends like Elgin Baylor, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, and LeBron James.

A French Connection: Wembanyama Ready to Follow in the Footsteps of Spurs' Greats Parker and Diaw

"There's a special relationship between France and the Spurs because of Tony [Parker] and also Boris [Diaw]," Wembanyama acknowledged during the NBA Lottery night. "I know half of the country, if not the whole country wanted the Spurs to have the first pick." This sentiment sets the tone for Victor Wembanyama's journey as he gets ready to embark on his NBA career with the San Antonio Spurs. The anticipation for player and nation is heightened by the deep-rooted bond that France shares with the Spurs and that Wembanyama shares with former Spurs’ greats Tony Parker and Boris Diaw.

Having previously played for ASVEL, a club owned by former Spurs icon, Tony Parker, Wembanyama currently excels at Metropolitans 92, which is under the stewardship of Boris Diaw.

Wembanyama's impressive current season is a confluence of growth, opportunity, and audaciousness. He has not only positioned himself as a front-runner for the league's MVP, but his leadership has also propelled his team to second place in the standings as they gear up for the upcoming playoffs. A young talent in European basketball, Wembanyama has defied expectations, seizing opportunities and demonstrating exceptional talent as he continues to refine his skills. His marked improvement as a shooter and his ability to outperform his previous season's per-minute production are noteworthy.

When questioned about his unique playing style, Wembanyama responded confidently, affirming his scoring prowess. Diaw, an NBA veteran and champion, commends Wembanyama's approach, highlighting his vision, coachability, and unique style—a style that doesn't compromise respect or commitment to the team.

Wembanyama draws inspiration from the 2010s' Warriors, admiring their style and joy for the game.

“Taking, like, bad or weird shots, it isn’t new for me,” Wembanyama told Sports Illustrated in February. “You can ask any coaches I’ve played for. They’ve seen me do crazy stuff. Sometimes they thought I was crazy.

Yet, amid these daring antics, Wembanyama's focus on scoring remains resolute, underlining his unyielding dedication and vision. The French sensation is ready to carry these values into his upcoming NBA career in San Antonio.

A Legacy of Big Men Going #1 to San Antonio

The Spurs organization shares this excitement as well. Team owner Peter Holt's reaction to their draft lottery win has since gone viral, underlining the team's eagerness to welcome their newest addition.

Wembanyama is expected to be the third seven-footer the Spurs have selected first overall in franchise history. . Back in 1987, David Robinson, fondly known as "The Admiral," made a strong impact on the Spurs after a delayed entry due to his military service. Tim Duncan, originally an Olympic swimming aspirant, surpassed even Robinson's influence, bringing about a massive turnaround for the Spurs in just one year. After winning the 1997-1998 Rookie of the Year, Duncan, alongside Robinson, won the NBA championship and took home Finals MVP in only his second professional campaign.

Now, Wembanyama brings a unique potential to the Spurs, courtesy of his towering height and skill set. At 7-3 barefoot, he could become one of the tallest centers in NBA history. His playing style, which he models after Kevin Durant, is characterized by a versatile guard-like ball handling. Despite this differentiating him from Robinson and Duncan, it also comes with an inherent risk of injury. Therefore, it's crucial for Wembanyama to maintain his durability, a trait that both Robinson and Duncan were known for throughout their careers.

Fortunately, Wembanyama seems to be in good hands as he embarks on this new journey. According to NBA reporter Marc Stein, the Hall of Fame player Tim Duncan is expected to regularly visit the Spurs' practice facility to work with Wembanyama. Despite his reticence towards full-time coaching, Duncan seems happy to lend a helping hand whenever the team is home.

This support, combined with the anticipation surrounding Wembanyama's debut and the legacy of French players like Parker and Diaw, could create an optimal environment for his growth.

Wembanyama Special Props Offered by

Victor Wembanyama Blocks Per Game Average

Over 2.5 Blocks +110
Under 2.5 Blocks -150

Victor Wembanyama Points Per Game Average

Over 17.5 Points -130
Under 17.5 Points -110

Victor Wembanyama Rebounds Per Game Average

Over 8.5 Rebounds -120
Under 8.5 Rebounds -120

2023-2024 San Antonio Spurs Team Wins

Over 32.5 Wins -120
Under 32.5 Wins -120 is a two-time Inc.5000 company, and is the largest sports betting media company compliant with US Law. is the exclusive odds provider for the Associated Press. RJ Bell of Pregame... Read more

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