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Super Bowl 48 Prop Plays With Analysis

It's Super Bowl Sunday. The Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks will finally get it on. We have all done countless hour of research on this game and it's time to make some money. Even though its just one game, there are countless ways to bet it thanks to PropsSuper Bowl props are a huge part of betting the big game and I have listed below what I feel are some very good props to place some money on. 

Total Rushing Yards By Russell Wilson -- Over 30.5 (-145)

Russell Wilson has the ability to turn a broken play into a big play with his legs and with this being the Super Bowl there is no reason for him to hold back. The Seahawk staff should have some designed runs for him and then of course when a play breaks down he will take off for sure. He has the ability to gain this total on just one play. I see at least 60 yards rushing from him in this game.

1st Pass by Russell Wilson Will Be --- A Completion (-190)

The Super Bowl is a huge stage for anyone, let alone a young QB like Russell Wilson and I expect the Seattle coaching staff to come up with an easy safe pass attempt for his first pass to get him some confidence.  

Will The Broncos Score In All 4 Quarters -- No (-225)

I do expect a ball control game from both and that means limited possessions for both teams. The Seattle defense has allowed just 14.4 ppg on the year and they haven't allowed a first quarter TD in forever. I don't expect the Broncos to move up and down on this team at all, which makes the chances of them not scoring in all 4 quarters very good.  

Will The Seahawks Score A Touchdown In The First Quarter -- No (-165)

I just don't see this happening. The first quarter should be a feeling out process for both teams. Russell Wilson is a young QB on the biggest stage of all and the jitters will be there. I expect a very safe and conservative game plan by the Seattle staff in the first quarter so they can ease Wilson into the game. That should keep them out of the endzone in the first quarter.  

First Reception in the Game Baldwin Vs Welker --  Welker (-185)

As I said Above, I expect a conservative game plan by the Seahwaks to start the game. If a pass play is called early it will be something safe, like to a back out of the backfield. On the other side we have Peyton Manning who should not have the Jitters and i can see a crossing patter for Welker right out the gate. Welker should get the first reception here.

First TD Pass in The Game Wilson vs Manning -- Manning (-215)

This one seems like stealing. Manning had 55 TD Passes on the year while Wilson had 26. The Seahawks will play conservative early and I think the number is the Broncos first score has been a TD in 13 of their games. The percentages of the Broncos getting a TD pass are so much great here and I will run with it.

Longest Rush From Scrimmage For Knowshon Moreno --  Under 15.5 Yards (-140)

This one is rather simple. The Seattle run defense is very tough and I just can't see Moreno going on a long jaunt vs them. Knowshon averaged 4.3 ypc on the year and isn't really known for the big run, while Seattle doesn't give up many big plays on the ground. Look for him to have an 8 or 9 yard run at best in this one.  

Shortest Punt For Britton Colquitt -- Over 33.5 Yards (-115)

Colquitt may be the most rested player in the game after having very few punts in his last 2 games. Colquitt averaged 44.5 yards per punt this year and some may say that is because of punting in Mile High Stadium, but he also averaged 44.1 yards per punt on the road. I don't see him having a bad punt in this one. He is too consistent. 

Total Receiving Yards Demaryius Thomas -- Under 75.5 Yards (-125)

Peyton Manning has too many weapons at his disposal to think that Thomas will have a run away game. Also the Bronco passing game will be going up against the top ranked pass defense in the league. Manning will spread the wealth and Thomas will not get nearly 80 yards receiving.

Total Completions By Peyton Manning --  Under 26.5 (-115)

Yes Peyton will look to throw the ball allot, but this is the top rated pass defense in the league that he will be facing. Peyton did average 28.3 completions per game this year, but Seattle allowed teams to complete just 19.3 passes per game. Denver will also need to run a bit more to loosen up that Seattle pass defense and that will take away some passing attempts by Peyton.

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