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Second Half MLB Season Win Projections

The second half of the MLB season gets underway today and, based upon the latest season win projections coming out of Las Vegas, it will closely resemble the season’s first half. Current leaders, the New York Yankees, Chicago White Sox, and Texas Rangers are all projected to top their respective division standings in the American League while the Washington Nationals and San Francisco Giants, who presently sit atop the NL East and NL West, respectively, are favored to retain their positions. The one change is in the NL Central where the defending champion St. Louis Cardinals are expected to move past the Pittsburgh Pirates and Cincinnati Reds in route to the division crown.

MLB according to Vegas: What to watch for in the second half

1. A second half fade from the Atlanta Braves. Atlanta had a solid first half, posting a 46-39 record after winning its last four games prior to the All-Star break; however, Vegas sees the team slipping in the coming months. The Braves are presently projected to win just 35 games in the second half, leaving them at 81-81 overall and third in the NL East standings.

2. A Royal collapse. Kansas City had a decent first half by its recent standards, but Vegas is not biting. Based upon the latest projections, the Royals are in line for 32 second half wins, making only San Diego a worse second half team.

3. A major move from the Cardinals. Vegas, obviously, views St. Louis as an NLCS contender when healthy and that fact is reflected in a projected 44 second half wins for the Cardinals (second only to the Nationals 45.5 and Rangers 44.5).

4. A Red Sox resurgence. Boston had an inconsistent first half, but it survived a host of problems in order to reach 43 wins at the break. With continued offensive production and improvement from the pitching staff, the Red Sox are expected, by Vegas books anyway, to leap frog the Orioles and Rays in the AL East standings.

Second Half MLB Season Win Projections and Final Division Standings:

AL East
New York Yankees 94-68 (42-35 second half)
Boston Red Sox 86-76 (43-33 second half)
Baltimore Orioles 84-78 (39-38 second half)
Tampa Bay Rays 83.5-78.5 (38.5-37.5 second half)
Toronto Blue Jays 79.5-82.5 (79.5-82.5 second half)

AL Central
Chicago White Sox 88-74 (41-36 second half)
Detroit Tigers 84.5-77.5 (40.5-35.5 second half)
Cleveland Indians 79-83 (35-42 second half)
Minnesota Twins 70.5-91.5 (34.5-42.5 second half)
Kansas City Royals 69-93 (32-46 second half)

AL West
Texas Rangers 96.5-65.5 (44.5-31.5 second half)
Los Angeles Angels 91.5-70.5 (43.5-32.5 second half)
Oakland Athletics 80-82 (37-39 second half)
Seattle Mariners 68-94 (32-43 second half)

NL East
Washington Nationals 94.5-67.5 (45.5-33.5 second half)
New York Mets 83-79 (37-39 second half)
Atlanta Braves 81-81 (35-42 second player)
Philadelphia Phillies 79-83 (42-33 second half)
Miami Marlins 76.5-85.5 (35.5-41.5 second half)

NL Central
St. Louis Cardinals 90-72 (44-32 second half)
Pittsburgh Pirates 87-75 (39-38 second half)
Cincinnati Reds 86.5-75.5 (39.5-37.5 second half)
Milwaukee Brewers 80.5-81.5 (40.5-36.5 second half)
Chicago Cubs 69.5-92.5 (36.5-40.5 second half)
Houston Astros 65.5-96.5 (32.5-43.5 second half)

NL West
San Francisco Giants 89-73 (43-33 second half)
Los Angeles Dodgers 84-78 (37-38 second half)
Arizona Diamondbacks 83-79 (41-36 second half)
Colorado Rockies 67.5-94.5 (34.5-42.5 second half)
San Diego Padres 65-97 (31-44 second half)

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