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Peyton Manning Odds: Who Will Peyton Manning Play For Next Year

So just what team will Peyton Manning play for next year? After 15 seasons Peyton Manning said goodbye to the Indianapolis Colts with a shaky and somewhat sad press conference on Wednesday, just one day before he was due a $28 million roster bonus. Manning, the only 4-time MVP ever in the NFL, is sure to rival Reggie White as the most coveted free agent in the history of the sport. With obvious neck issues and several teams already having quarterbacks that they are dedicated to, the question becomes which team ends up with Manning? Arizona, Miami, Seattle, Tennessee, Washington and the New York Jets all have been rumored as possible destinations for one of the best players to ever suit up on a football field, but which teams have the best odds to obtain him? CEO RJ Bell has compiled the most accurate percentages out there for just what team Manning will end up with. The live odds are courtesy of Cal-Neva in Las Vegas. Below are the teams, their true odds to obtain the quarterback in free agency and just how much each individual bet of $100 would return if Manning were to sign with the given team.

Cardinals: 19% ($100 wins $250)
Dolphins: 16.5%
($100 wins $300)
Redskins: 13% ($100 wins $400)
Jets: 9.5%
($100 wins $600)
Chiefs: 7.5% ($100 wins $800)
Retire: 6% ($100 wins $1,000)
Seahawks: 6% ($100 wins $1,000)
Texans: 4% ($100 wins $1,500)
49ers: 3% ($100 wins $2,000)
Broncos: 3% ($100 wins $2,000)
Titans: 1.5% ($100 wins $4,000)
Other Team: 11% ($100 wins $500)

Changes since opening odds . . .
$100 on retiring started off paying only $250, now paying $1,000.
$100 on Cardinals started off paying $2,500, now pays only $250.
$100 on Chiefs started off paying $5,000, now pays only $800.

Based on the odds above, the Arizona Cardinals and Miami Dolphins are considered by Vegas to be the top two teams to sign Manning. Many consider the Seattle Seahawks to be a pretty decent landing spot for the QB. The Kansas City Chiefs have also been rumored to be a hot spot for Manning. But let's not rule out the possibility of him retiring, which currently has a 6% chance of happening, based on the true odds above. However, most consider this to not be a realistic opportunity for the future Hall of Fame QB as quite a few teams will probably line up for a chance to sign him.

And let's not fool ourselves here, Manning wants to continue playing football, if he's healthy enough to do so. "Nobody loves their job more than I do. Nobody loves playing quarterback more than I do. I still want to play. But there is no other team I wanted to play for," said Manning, who turns 36 this month. "We all know that nothing lasts forever. Times change, circumstances change, and that's the reality of playing in the NFL." So at least he is realistic.  It's not very often that teams get a chance at a QB that's thrown for more than 50,000 yards and nearly 400 touchdowns, been picked for 11 Pro Bowls, and been a Super Bowl MVP. He's also the only 4-time NFL regular season MVP. Add to that equation that receiver Reggie Wayne, who had been with Manning for some time in Indianapolis, would like to come with him to their next team as a packaged deal. Seems like a lot of teams could use both Manning and Wayne on their roster. 

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