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NBA Finals Game 3 Preview Podcast Summary. Free Picks

NBA Finals Game 3 Preview: Celtics vs. Mavericks - An In-Depth Analysis

Date: 6/10/24
Podcast Title: NBA Finals Game 3 Preview on RJ Bell's Dream Preview
Hosts: Munaf Manji, Sleepy J


Timestamp: 0:00 - 0:56

Welcome to the NBA Finals Game 3 preview on RJ Bell's Dream Preview. Hosted by Munaf Manji and Sleepy J, this episode dives into Boston's commanding 2-0 series lead as the Finals shift to Dallas for the next two critical games. Munaf opens the show by highlighting the importance of Game 3 for the Dallas Mavericks, setting the stage for comprehensive analysis, best bets, player prop predictions, and a special promo code for

"We'll recap Game 2, get you ready for Game 3 with our best bets, and of course, our player prop best bet," Munaf promises, emphasizing the value listeners will gain from the episode.

Game 2 Recap

Timestamp: 1:17 - 6:51

Key Points:

Boston Celtics Victory:

  • Final Score: Boston Celtics 105, Dallas Mavericks 98
  • Shooting Performance: Both teams struggled from beyond the arc, with neither shooting better than 27%.

Player Highlights:

  • Luka Doncic: The Mavericks' star notched a triple-double with 32 points, 11 rebounds, and 11 assists. His early dominance set the tone, but he appeared to tire as the game progressed.
  • Jrue Holiday: Holiday played a crucial role for Boston, finishing with 26 points, 11 rebounds, and 3 assists, providing a significant impact on both ends of the floor.

Team Performance:

Munaf and Sleepy J analyze the game's tight moments, noting how Boston's free-throw shooting was a key factor in their victory. "Boston only missed one free throw, going 19 of 20, while Dallas missed eight, shooting 16 of 24," Munaf explains. This disparity in free-throw shooting was a significant contributor to the Celtics' win.

Game 3 Preview

Timestamp: 6:51 - 24:44

Key Points:

Betting Insights:

  • Current Line: Dallas Mavericks favored by 2 points.
  • Total: 213 points.

Sleepy J expresses surprise at the line, considering it an overreaction but acknowledges Dallas's strong home-court advantage. "I don't think the Mavericks will lose a game at home," he asserts, emphasizing the critical need for Dallas to start strong to shift the series momentum.

Strategic Adjustments:

Dallas Mavericks:
  • Focus on Slowing the Pace: Dallas needs to avoid a shootout with Boston and play a more controlled game.
  • Key Players: Luka Doncic must continue his high-level play, but Kyrie Irving also needs to step up, especially in the late third and fourth quarters.
  • Improving Bench Performance: The Mavericks' bench has to contribute more significantly, minimizing turnovers and maximizing scoring opportunities.

Munaf highlights the necessity of supporting Luka, stating, "Kyrie needs to step up, especially in the late third and fourth quarters."

Boston Celtics:
  • Maintain Defensive Intensity: Boston's defensive prowess has been a defining factor in their wins.
  • Role Players: The Celtics' depth has been pivotal, with different players stepping up each game, such as Kristaps Porzingis and Jrue Holiday.

The hosts discuss how Boston's defense, led by players like Jalen Brown and Kristaps Porzingis, has effectively contained Dallas's offensive threats. "Defensively, Boston has done an absolutely fantastic job, making it difficult for Luka to get separation," Munaf notes.

Key Players to Watch

Timestamp: 24:44 - 29:43

Player Performance and MVP Race:

Jason Tatum:

  • Current Form: Tatum has been struggling with his shooting, combining 12 of 38 (31.6%) from the floor and 4 of 14 (28.6%) from three-point range in the first two games.
  • Other Contributions: Despite his shooting woes, Tatum is averaging 10 rebounds and 8.5 assists per game, showcasing his all-around game.

Munaf underscores Tatum's importance, despite his shooting struggles. "Tatum is just 12 of 38 from the floor, but his rebounding and assists are crucial."

Jalen Brown:

  • Consistent Contributions: Brown has been the most consistent offensive player for Boston, scoring 20+ points in each of the first two games.
  • Defensive Impact: Brown's defensive efforts, including multiple steals and blocks, have been crucial for Boston.

Munaf and Sleepy J highlight Brown's rise as a strong MVP candidate. "Brown is doing everything he needs to do to win the MVP, shooting threes, getting to the rack, and playing tough defense," Sleepy J praises.

Best Bets and Predictions

Timestamp: 29:43 - 37:10

Best Bets:

Munaf Manji:

  • Dallas Mavericks First Quarter -1: Munaf believes Dallas will come out strong, driven by desperation and home-court energy. "Dallas needs to come out strong and set the tone early," he advises.

Sleepy J:

  • Under 213 Total Points: Sleepy predicts a slow-paced, defensive battle, aligning with Dallas's strategy to control the game's tempo. "Expect a slow-paced, defensive battle," he predicts.

Player Prop Best Bet:

  • Jalen Brown Over 1.5 Steals: Brown's defensive prowess has been evident, making this a solid bet given Dallas's turnover issues. "Brown's defensive prowess has been evident, and Dallas's turnover issues make this a solid bet," Munaf explains.

Sleepy J adds, "Jalen Brown has become a defensive force, using his strength and positioning to disrupt the Mavericks' offense."

Special Offers and Promotions

Timestamp: 37:10 - 40:47

Promo Code:

  • Code: NBA20
  • Offer: 20% off on for various sports betting packages.

Munaf and Sleepy J encourage listeners to take advantage of the promo, highlighting ongoing NFL win totals, MLB season picks, and special packages for the US Open golf tournament. "It's a great time to get on board with some of the hottest handicappers," Munaf states.


Timestamp: 40:47 - 42:30

Munaf and Sleepy J wrap up by reminding listeners of the upcoming game schedule: Game 3 on Wednesday and Game 4 on Friday. They express excitement for the next games and promise further analysis and insights in the following episodes.

"Follow us on Twitter and subscribe to the podcast feed on RJ Bell's Dream Preview to stay updated with our latest insights and predictions," Munaf concludes.

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