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Drew Bledsoe says Tom Brady was the worst backup QB in NFL history! #tombrady #nflnews #patriots

Drew Bledsoe's Humorous Take on Tom Brady's NFL Start


Drew Bledsoe, a former NFL quarterback, humorously labeled Tom Brady as the "worst backup quarterback in NFL history." This playful remark reflects on their time with the New England Patriots, where Brady started as Bledsoe's backup before achieving legendary status.

Drew Bledsoe's Career

Early Years and Patriots Era

Drew Bledsoe began his NFL career with the New England Patriots, where he established himself as a talented quarterback. Drafted first overall in the 1993 NFL Draft, Bledsoe quickly became a cornerstone of the Patriots' offense. His strong arm and leadership skills were crucial in leading the team to success, including a Super Bowl appearance in 1996.

Transition to Tom Brady

In 2001, Bledsoe's career took an unexpected turn when he suffered a serious injury early in the season. This injury paved the way for his backup, Tom Brady, to step in. Initially, Brady was an unheralded sixth-round draft pick, but he seized the opportunity and led the Patriots to their first Super Bowl victory. Bledsoe's humorous comment about Brady being the "worst backup" underscores the dramatic shift in the team's dynamics during this period.

Tom Brady's Rise to Stardom

Stepping Up as a Backup

Tom Brady's journey from a backup to a starter is one of the most remarkable stories in NFL history. When Bledsoe was injured, Brady stepped in and never looked back. His poise, decision-making, and clutch performances quickly won over the team's coaches and fans. Brady's leadership was instrumental in the Patriots' success, culminating in a Super Bowl win in his first season as a starter.

Legendary Career

Brady's career continued to soar after his initial success. Over the years, he led the Patriots to multiple Super Bowl victories, earning numerous accolades and breaking several records along the way. His work ethic, dedication, and competitive spirit set him apart, making him one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. Bledsoe's light-hearted remark highlights the unexpected nature of Brady's rise and the impact he had on the team and the league.

Humor and Camaraderie

Reflecting on the Past

Bledsoe's comment about Brady being the "worst backup" is delivered with a sense of humor and camaraderie. It reflects the bond and mutual respect between the two quarterbacks, despite the circumstances that led to their career shifts. Bledsoe has often spoken about the respect he has for Brady and how proud he is of his accomplishments.

Impact on the Patriots

The dynamic between Bledsoe and Brady had a significant impact on the Patriots' success. Bledsoe's professionalism in handling the transition and Brady's emergence as a leader helped create a culture of excellence within the team. Their story is a testament to the unpredictability of sports and how perseverance and opportunity can lead to greatness.


Drew Bledsoe's playful remark about Tom Brady being the "worst backup quarterback in NFL history" adds a humorous twist to their shared history. Brady's rise from Bledsoe's backup to an NFL legend is a remarkable journey that highlights the unexpected turns in sports. The bond between the two quarterbacks and their impact on the New England Patriots underscores the significance of their contributions to the team's success.

Key Points

Football Drew Bledsoe's Career: Established quarterback for the New England Patriots.

Joy Humorous Remark: Called Tom Brady the "worst backup QB in NFL history."

Scroll Patriots History: Reflects on their time together on the team.

Star2 Tom Brady's Rise: Brady's journey from backup to NFL legend.

Movie camera Video Context: The comment is made in a light-hearted manner.

Handshake Teammate Bond: Shows camaraderie and history between Bledsoe and Brady.


  1. Bledsoe's Career: Former NFL quarterback with the Patriots.

  2. Tom Brady's Start: Began as Bledsoe's backup before becoming a star.

  3. Humorous Comment: Bledsoe called Brady the "worst backup QB."

  4. Patriots Era: Reflects their time together on the team.

  5. Brady's Rise: From unheralded draft pick to NFL legend.

  6. Camaraderie: Shows the bond and respect between the two players.

  7. Impact on NFL: Brady's unexpected rise changed NFL history.

  8. Professional Success: Brady's numerous accolades and records.

  9. Supportive Teammates: Reflects their mutual respect.

  10. Legacy: Both players left a lasting impact on the Patriots.

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