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Bookie Report: $300 Million TD, Wiseguys & Super Bowl Picks

Touception. Easily my favorite joke from the Monday Night Football debacle. In a play that Stevie Wonder could see was an interception by the Packers (forgetting all about the WWE forearm smash to get open), the replacement refs once again had the striking officials high-fiving. Rumor is the striking refs were all wasted due to a new drinking game they started to do a shot after every bad call. Joking aside, the last second touchdown did more than just give the Packers another loss on the young season, but it turned a badly needed winner for public bettors into a winner for the bookies. That being said, we go right into the Monday Night Football effect, look back to the past weekend, look ahead to upcoming football action and review predictions from the oddsmakers on which teams will close the year playing for the Super Bowl and BCS Championship.

68% of bets last night were on the Packers; only 32% on the Seahawks.
Worldwide, an estimated $150 million MORE was bet on Green Bay than Seattle.
Meaning, due to one call by the replacement refs,
the bettors lost $150 million, and the bookie won $150 million
for a total swing of $300 million on one debatably bad call!
-Las Vegas, Nevada (September 25, 2012) - from RJ Bell of
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