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Bookie Report: $300 Million TD, Wiseguys & Super Bowl Picks

Touception. Easily my favorite joke from the Monday Night Football debacle. In a play that Stevie Wonder could see was an interception by the Packers (forgetting all about the WWE forearm smash to get open), the replacement refs once again had the striking officials high-fiving. Rumor is the striking refs were all wasted due to a new drinking game they started to do a shot after every bad call. Joking aside, the last second touchdown did more than just give the Packers another loss on the young season, but it turned a badly needed winner for public bettors into a winner for the bookies. That being said, we go right into the Monday Night Football effect, look back to the past weekend, look ahead to upcoming football action and review predictions from the oddsmakers on which teams will close the year playing for the Super Bowl and BCS Championship.

68% of bets last night were on the Packers; only 32% on the Seahawks.
Worldwide, an estimated $150 million MORE was bet on Green Bay than Seattle.
Meaning, due to one call by the replacement refs,
the bettors lost $150 million, and the bookie won $150 million
for a total swing of $300 million on one debatably bad call!
-Las Vegas, Nevada (September 25, 2012) - from RJ Bell of
For breaking Vegas stats and news, follow:

Movie Seattle Seahawks Final Play Touchdown vs. Green Bay Packers (Monday Night Football Video)

"Will the NFL use replacement referee's for Super Bowl XLVII? Yes (Replacement Officials) +115 / No (Union Officials) -155"
-Odds posted at Sports Interaction

"More than 70,000 voicemails were left at NFL offices last night."
-NFL Source per Sports Center

"Was a 6 figure swing in our direction ... Although its just plain bad for everyone involved."
-Jeff Sherman (LVH Superbook Assistant Manager)

"The majority of our bettors (77%)  were on the Packers minus the points last night."

-Oddsmakers from BetOnline

How did this past football weekend treat the bookies?

"The best college game for the house Auburn just losing by a couple to LSU. The biggest win for our players was USC’s 16 point victory over Cal. Besides last night’s game, the best game for the house was the Vikings upset over 49ers. The best game for our players was the Dolphins over the Jets which I was a little surprised about."
-Oddsmakers from BetOnline

"Remarkable hold in CFB, LSU not covering was big. One of largest turnovers. That many dogs hitting for our book is an absolute windfall. Seattle and Vikings were huge, Steelers hurt a bit. Record hold so far this season in football; not seen anything like it in my 10 years."
-Senior Trader at Sports Interaction

"Two best games were Oregon St's outright win over UCLA and Notre Dame covering vs Michigan. Worst was Nevada over Hawaii as last game of day leaving anything live going to that favorite. NFL was very strong for the books this week spearheaded by the VIkings outright upset of the 49ers. That was our largest decision of the day and knocked out most money line parlays and teasers as well. Worst game of day was Texans Broncos as public heavily supported Houston."
-Jeff Sherman (LVH Superbook Assistant Manager)

Early action from the "sharps" for this upcoming weekend:

"Texas Tech vs Iowa St, Indiana vs Northwestern, NC State vs Miami-Fl, W Ky vs Ark St. Early sharp NFL action has been Panthers vs Falcons, Chiefs vs Chargers here."
-Jeff Sherman (LVH Superbook Assistant Manager)

"Texas, SMU and Florida State and 49ers."

-Oddsmakers from BetOnline

MLB, winding down any futures you are worried about and any big wins/losses for season wins or season props?

"Were in good shape in baseball, outside of the Brewers and Phillies late push to make the playoffs. Everyone else is solid for the book."
-Jeff Sherman (LVH Superbook Assistant Manager)

"The Orioles would be our biggest loss. We had them maxing out at 160-1 to win the World Series last winter."
-Oddsmakers from BetOnline

Prediction for BCS Title Game:

"Alabama mauls FSU."
-Oddsmakers from BetOnline

"Hard to look past Alabama..."
-Jeff Sherman (LVH Superbook Assistant Manager)

Prediction for Super Bowl:

"Falcons were my semi-sleeper at the start of the season so I’ll stick with them to beat the Texans. Of course so much changes over the NFL season as it’s all about staying healthy and peaking at the end of the season (see Giants last year)."
-Oddsmakers from BetOnline 

-Jeff Sherman (LVH Superbook Assistant Manager)

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Movie Sports Betting - Is It Fixed? Pregame's own Johnny Detroit discusses with Vegas Runner the past situations where sports betting was fixed and also discuss the inevitable question of "Is Sports Betting Fixed?"

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-Oddsmakers from BetOnline: BetOnline operates out of Panama City, Panama, which has been referred to as "the banking capital of Latin America". Panama is a reliable and secure business environment, providing a solid infrastructure, cutting-edge Internet bandwidth and a government that strictly regulates and monitors offshore gaming activity. Follow on Twitter: @DaveMasonBOL

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