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5 Interesting Things To Know About the Super Bowl

5 Interesting Things To Know About the Super Bowl

We can all agree that the Super Bowl should be a national holiday. It’s one of the few days a year when it’s perfectly acceptable to stuff your face, have cocktails, and enjoy a game. But there’s more to learn about the game’s history, and these five interesting things about the Super Bowl will clue you in.


Grab a Plate or Eight

For those who couldn’t care less about the game, a Super Bowl party can still be a good time because of all the food you can consume. The United Food and Commercial Workers Union claims that Super Bowl Sunday is runner-up behind Thanksgiving for food consumption in a day. So, the two most gluttonous days of the year involve football. How fun is that?


Halftime Acts Don’t Get Paid

If you’re not at a party to scarf down food, the odds are you’ll have a slight interest in what goes on during the halftime show. It’s a performance that garners attention from millions that an artist or band would otherwise not receive. Thus, the league doesn’t pay the acts, figuring that the publicity is worth its weight in gold.


Eyes on the Prize

Usually, the Super Bowl is the most-watched event of any calendar year, even if it ends up being a stinker of a game. But when the game is as entertaining as Super Bowl XLIX was between the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots, it will set the record. Nearly 115 million people screamed, “Run the ball!” at their television when Russell Wilson threw an interception on the one-yard line, giving Tom Brady and the Patriots another Super Bowl ring.


Ringless Franchises

Through 56 Super Bowls, you’d figure that most of the league has at least one ring. Yet, nearly 40 percent (12 of 32 teams) have yet to bring a Lombardi Trophy back home. The Buffalo Bills and the Minnesota Vikings lead the Super Bowl losers, dropping four games each, with the Bills doing it in consecutive seasons.


Four franchises haven’t even been to the big game. At least the Jacksonville Jaguars and Houston Texans have an excuse for not going to one, considering they were expansion teams. But the Cleveland Browns and Detroit Lions have been around for decades only to remain in a perpetual state of futility.


Going Back to Cali

Although the California Golden Bears won their last national title nearly 30 years before the first Super Bowl, having one of their quarterbacks is a sign of good things to come. Cal Berkely has had five QBs appear in the Super Bowl, with Jared Goff being the most recent for the Rams in 2019. Aaron Rodgers was the only Cal signal caller to emerge victorious, beating the Steelers 31–25 in Super Bowl XLV.


Hopefully, you learned something new in our five interesting things to know about the Super Bowl. While the game is a few months away, it doesn’t mean you can’t lay down a future from our free betting tips at Pregame. Join our free contests today to prove you can call as our experts can.

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