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5 Fun & Interesting Facts About the NBA You Never Knew

5 Fun & Interesting Facts About the NBA You Never Knew

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Who doesn’t love random facts about the sport they love? While learning this information about NBA players may not increase your betting odds, it will make watching the games even more fun. If you want to increase your chances of success when betting, you’ll need NBA expert picks. Just like every sport, the NBA has plenty of fun and interesting facts that you never knew. Without further ado, let’s dive right in!

1. Kobe Bryant Is Named After a Steakhouse

Kobe Bryant’s parents named him after a Japanese steakhouse that operated in Philadelphia. Bryant’s father, Joe Bryant, revealed this information in a 1998 interview. Kobe is actually a type of Japanese beef that is tender, juicy, and flavorful.

2. Muggsy Bogues Was the Smallest NBA Player

While the majority of NBA players are tall, there is hope for those under six feet tall. Muggsy Bogues was a first-round pick, and he was only 5’3” tall. Today, Bogues inspires those who do not have the advantage of height to follow their dreams despite physical appearances.

3. NBA Banned Michael Jordan’s Red and Black Nike Shoes

In many of his games, Michael Jordan chose to wear red and black Nike Air Jordan shoes. Because the NBA decided that these shoes were against the uniformity of uniform rule, they charged him $5,000 every time he wore them. But the great MJ continued to wear the shoes because Nike paid for the fines.

4. LeBron James Is Ambidextrous

Even though LeBron James shoots with his right hand, he writes with his left. Because he is ambidextrous, he does not have a dominant hand. Usually, he uses his left hand for anything not related to basketball.

5. The Majority of NBA Players End Up Broke

The final interesting fact that you never knew about the NBA is that the majority of pro basketball players end up broke. This is a sad but true fact for many professional sports players of all kinds. Although basketball stars make millions of dollars throughout their careers, 60 percent of them wind up broke just five years after retirement.

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