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WWE Battleground Preview Start Time Odds Predictions

Sunday night July 19th and the WWE will present their next pay-per-view on the schedule, which is called Battleground. The event will take place at the Scottrade Center in St Louis, Missouri and has a start time of 8:00 pm Eastern. Odds, preview and predictions for each match are below. 

A couple of motes before we get to the Matches. There was to be an Intercontinental Triple Threat match between Ryback, The Miz and Big Show, but Ryback has suffered a knee injury so that whole match has been scrapped. The 6 matches below are the only announced matches so far, but don't be surprised to see an impromptu, especially something from the Diva's division. Also there are rumors of the Undertaker being involved at Summerslam (Possibly vs Sting) and there are odds out there as two whether or not he will make an appearance at Battleground. The Yes is 11/10 and the No is 4/6. Okay let's get to the matches.  

Singles Match: King Barrett (4/9)  vs  R-Truth (13/8)

These two began a pretty big rivalry at during the semi-finals of the king of the Ring tournament, in which Bad News Barrett won. Since then R-truth has been coming out in a robe with a scepter and crown and that is something that Barrett does not like as he is the true King of the Ring. Still back at Money in the Bank it was R-Truth that beat Barrett fair and square, which now has R-Truth claiming that he is the real king. R-Truth has also beaten Barrett on editions of Smackdown and raw and also cost him the intercontinental title match in the Elimination chamber. Truth is a true That has fueled Barrett's rage even more and he has been itching for this re-match. R-Truth seems to be a step ahead of Barrett at every turn, but i feel that the rightful King will get his revenge in this one by landing the Royal Bull Hammer to the Jaw of R-Truth. PREDICTION: Bad News Barrett 

Tag Team Title Match: The New Day (5/4)  vs  The Prime Time Players (4/7)

Back at Money In the Bank, The Prime Time Players took the Tag Team Title Belts from the New Day and now they are having their first title defense of the belts. The next night they added Neville to their team and beat all 3 members of the New Day. The Tag Team Division seems to be getting a bit stronger and these two are a big part of it, but the New Day's power of positivity is not winning themselves any fans. They are pretty much hated and come out to the sounds of "New Day Sucks". The Prime Time Players have been around for a while and this is their first taste of Gold and they do not want to give it up that quickly. Even though this is a 2 on 2 match they will be outnumbered as one of the New Day will assuredly be on the outside of the ring, just ready to cause a distraction. Still I feel the the Prime Time Players will be ready for that and they will find a way to keep their belts. It's not time for them to lose them. PREDICTION: The Prime Time Players

Singles Match: Randy Orton (11/10)  vs  Sheamus (4/6)

This seems to be a match that is getting the least bit of attention throughout WWE, but make no mistake It will be a war and I feel it will be a very exciting match. The two started crossing paths back at the Money in the bank ladder match, which Sheamus won and now holds the briefcase, which holds a title match contract. On Raw the next night Randy Orton came out and distracted Sheamus, causing him to lose him match vs Dean Ambrose. Sheamus did get a measure of revenge when he came out and attacked Orton during his match with Kane later that evening. That is probably why their hasn't been as much build up to this match as the attack on Orton put him on the sideline till this past week when Orton came out and hit Sheamus with an RKO. Sheamus has been one of the most intense wrestlers I have ever seen and he loves to fight, which does make him fun to watch. Orton is one of the most dangerous wrestlers around and can hit that RKO from any position and at anytime in the match. Sheamus has the briefcase and Orton wants revenge for being put out for a few weeks. Still I will go with the Celtic Warrior to take this one. Just a hunch here though  PREDICTION: Sheamus  

Singles Match: Roman Reigns (4/6)  vs  Bray Wyatt (11/10)

This one will be an all out brawl between two guys that just don't like each other. The rivalry started back at Money In The Bank when Roman was about to grab the brief case and out of nowhere Bray Wyatt showed up and knocked him off the ladder. Roman was clearly going to win the briefcase, which would have meant that he would most assuredly become WWE Champ at some point in the next year. You can bet roman is pissed about that and making him even more mad is the fact that he has had to deal with Bray's mind games over the last few weeks as well. Bray has not only shown up at the most inopportune times, but he has also made references to Roman's Daughter as well. Roman has fought back some the last week or so and continues to state that Bray is not in his head, but Bray gets in everyone's head. It's really unavoidable. His mind games are legendary in the WWE, but Roman Reigns is very intense and i feel he s very focused. He is fighting not just for himself here, but for his daughter as well and I feel that that will fuel him to victory, in what should be one hell of a match. PREDICTION: Roman Reigns 

US Title Match: Kevin Owens (4/7)  vs  John Cena (5/4)

This is the rubber match between these two as Kevin Owens took the first match back at Elimination Chamber, in what many are considering one of the biggest upsets in WWE history. John Cena then returned the favor back at Money in the Bank. One this I will say is that both of these matches were two of the best Matches of the year and that has me real excited for this third match. I am also a little worried for Cena, as I am a fan. Recently Kevin Owens lost his title belt at NXT and that may just be setting him up to win the US Title in this one. I can't see Cena staying the US Title holder for much longer. Cena is not a "B" list player in the WWE. He should be out there competing for the bigger title. I could be wrong and in fact I hope I'm wrong, but it just seems like it has been set up this way. Owens is a beast and is not really new to the squared circle, as he has been wrestling professionally for over 15 years now. This guy knows how to fight, but he is taking on the best in the business in John Cena, who some how finds away to win these big matches. This match has big fight feel to it and one thing i am sure of is that it will be the best match of the night. These two will put it all on the line for the US Title and as I said above I do expect Owens to walk out with the title. I do hope I'm wrong though.  PREDICTION: Kevin Owens 

WWE World Heavyweight Title Match: Brock Lesner (8/11)  vs  Seth Rollins (Even)

This one should be fun and rather intense. Brock Lesner is back and is gunning for Seth Rollins title and on paper this looks like a complete mismatch, but we know it doesn't always pan out that way.  At Money in the Bank Seth defeated Dean Ambrose to keep his title and he did it by telling the authority that he didn't need them anymore. He wanted to do it on his own and he did. Th next night on Raw Brock Lesner was announced as the next opponent for Seth and Seth was not happy and that also prompted him to try and reconcile with the Authority, knowing that they are his only hope of beating the beast. The following week Seth came out and bought J & J security a new car and gave Kane a vacation. Well that same night the Authority showed they were on the same page when they laid the beatdown on Brock. Since that night Brock has taken out the Car, both of J&J Security and Kane. Now Seth is all alone again, which really tips the scales in the favor of Brock, but usually when that happens to a wrestler we see a result we were not expecting. I just can't see Brock winning back his title just yet. Maybe at Summerslam, but not at Battleground.  He will beat Seth to within an inch of his life, but I do see some interference coming from somewhere, which will DQ Seth but allow him to keep his belt. PREDICTION:  Lesner by DQ, but Seth still keeps the belt.

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