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2014 WWE Battleground Preview, Predictions

The WWE takes its act to Tampa, Florida where it will present the 2014 Battleground pay-per-view event. Battleground will have 4 taitle matches on it, including a Fatal 4-Way for the WWE World Heavyweight Title and a 20-Man Battle Royal for the Inter-continental Title. Battleground has a start time of 8:00 pm (Est) and will be televised on PPV and on the WWE Network. Odds and preview for each match are below.

Before I get to the breakdowns, let me say that the rumors in these writeups are just that... Rumors. I do not in anyway go looking through the spoiler sites that there are out there. I love wrestling and do know that the results are predetermined, but still knowing the outcomes would totally take away the enjoyment of wrestling for me. I do knot know the final outcomes of the matches but still can determine how some will play out. Still the WWE has been throwing curves of late and that is awesome.

Kickoff Match --- Naomi (1/7)  vs  Cameron (4/1)

This match is part of the kickoff show and will feature two girls who used to be known as the Funkadactyls, but recently these two have grown apart and have had some issues with each other, which has led to this match. The split between the two came about mostly because of jealously, as Naomi felt she deserved the Title shot vs Paige at Money In The Bank. Tensions grew even more when Naomi then beat Paige in a non-title match. Naomi would love another shot at the belt and the respect she earned with a win over Paige, plus a win here over Cameron may be enough to put in the title shot spotlight. PREDICTION: Naomi     

Tag Title Match (Best Of 3 Falls) --- The Usos (5/2)  vs  The Wyatts (1/4)

This one should be fun. These 2 tag teams have been beating the hell out of each other the last few months, which included a match at the last PPV, Payback, in which the Usos retained their titles. This one will be a bit tougher as it is a best two out of three falls match. The Uso's have been tag title holders for nearly 6 months now and most of that time has been spent battling the Wyatts, either on their own, or at John Cena's side and now at Chris Jericho's side. Every time the Wyatts have tried to use the numbers game on an opponents, the Usos have stepped in. The Uso did beat the Wyatts in a controversial match on Raw the week following the Payback PPV, but mostly it has been the Wyatts that have had the upper hand when it really doesn't count. Normally that would lead to the thinking that the champs will retain, but I see this one going the other, even though it is hard to see Erick and Luke win gold before Bray does. Still this one will be brutal and fun and should go by the way of the Wyatts.   PREDICTION: The Wyatts

Intercontinental Championship --- 20 Man Battle Royal ---  Cesaro (1/3)  vs  Bo Dallas (7/2)  vs  Sheamus (8/1)  vs  The Miz (12/1)  vs  Dolph Ziggler (16/1)  vs  Ryback (18/1)  vs  Rob Van Damn (20/1)  vs  Kofi Kingston (20/1)  vs  Alberto Del Rio (25/1)  vs  Titus O'Neil (25/1)  vs  Heath Slater (25/1)  vs  Big E (25/1) vs The Great Kahli (33/1)  vs  Zack Ryder (33/1)  vs  Curtis Axel (33/1)  vs  Sin Cara (33/1)  vs  Xavier Woods (33/1)  vs  Fandango (33/1)  vs  Diego (33/1)  vs  R-Truth (33/1).

The match came about when the Intercontinental Title had to be vacated by Bad News Barrett after suffering a shoulder injury, in which will put him on the shelf for a few months. Once a winner is determined in this match, Bad News Barrett said in a recent tweet that he will be on hand to present the new champion with the belt. Obviously this is a tough one to call, but a couple of names do stand out, like Cesaro, Bo Dallas, Big E, Dolph Ziggler, Sheamus and the Miz. They are mostly the favorites I know, but I just don't see any of the others having a chance. Cesaro has been struggling of late but that could set him up for this title. Bo Dallas is becoming a fan favorite and seeing him 2nd on the odds list is a bit surprising. Is someone trying to tell us something? Dolph is always a threat and this was Big E's title before he lost it to Bad New Barrett. There is some talk of the WWE looking to unify the US Title and IC Title, so that makes Sheamus a real player. The Miz is always a player and could have come back from hollywood at just the right time to get his hands on the belt. I still think the WWE is looking for bigger things from Cesaro down the road, but the WWE seems to have locked up their primary Heaveyweight title group through next year's Wrestlemania. The only time i se him possibly being a player in that game is if Brock wins the title then a Brock vs Cesaro match may happen, which is what I think the WWE wants somewhere down the road. Still I have to go with the one who won the Andre The Giant Battle Royal, but do not at all be surprised if it is Bo Dallas or Sheamus. PREDICTION: Cesaro     

Singles Match --- Rusev (1/6)  vs  Jack Swagger (7/2)

This a grudge match with a USA vs Russia flair. The "We The People" movement is led by Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger, who combine to for the Real Americans. This really has been a feud in the making ever since Lana and the Bulgarian brute Rusev started trash talking the United States.  Stuff like that doesn't set real well with Colter and Swagger, who all as american as you can get. The match itself should be a good one. both are sound technical and powerful wrestlers and I see them putting on a much better show than the Big E vs Rusev matches that happened in the last 2 PPVs. Really hard to call this one though. Im not sure if Rusev is ready for a loss and Swagger has been getting the better of him on both Raw and smackdown the last few weeks, but really is the WWE going to make the american lose? I actually feel that this feud will go beyond battleground and that should mean a victory by Rusev here, but it will still be a hell of a match and I would look for Swagger to win at the rematch if it happens at Summer Slam. PREDICTION: Rusev

Singles Match --- Chris Jericho (7/2)  vs  Bray Wyatt (1/6) 

This feud really came out of nowhere, but they had to do something with Bray, now that Cena is the Title holder and and the Fatal 4-Way. The WWE figured that with Chris Jericho making his return that this was a great opportunity for the Bray vs Jericho Feud to unfold. It happened the night when Chris came back to the WWE and the Wyatts just attacked him for no reason. Chris' mantra is Save us and that is a great thing for someone like Bray to attack and he has the last few weeks now. Chris even has a huge shiner under his left eye because of the attacks of bray and his brothers. Now it is time for payback I feel. Chris has been beaten down by the Wyatts but he will rise up and in a hell of a match it should be a code breaker that does the trick on Bray, giving Chris the big victory here, but don't think the feud will end after this PPV as I feel it will carry on for a while longer after. PREDICTION: Chris Jericho  

Diva's Championship ---  AJ Lee (1/5)  vs  Paige (3/1)

I know I have said it before, but how hot is Paige? LOL Actually I feel that AJ can rival here in that department. Both are hot and both should put on a great show here. I feel that this is the Rival that the Diva's Championship has needed and looked for for a long time. Both have taken the belt from the other in impromptu matches on raw, but now both  will see each other coming. AJ Lee is a fan favorite, while paige feels a bit disrespected by the fans, who never though she should have the title. After AJ Lee won it back the two have shown mutual respect to the other and have actually acted like besties of late. I think its more of the old saying for Paige and that is to keep your friend close, but your enemies closer. Im not sure that the WWE is ready to take away the belt from AJ Lee just yet, but this could be a total curveball match. To me it seems to be the toughest to call, so I will go with.... LOL... Sorry I have no clue here, but gun to the head I would take the champ. I feel it will be a hard fought battle that should win Paige some respect points and also it should set up future matches between the two, in which Paige will eventually win the Title back. PREDICTION: AJ Lee

Singles Match ---  Seth Rollins (Even)  vs  Dean Ambrose (8/11)

This is a pure grudge match that will be filled with plenty of hatred, especially from  Dean Ambrose, who has been looking to get his hands on Seth Rollins, after Seth stabbed the Ambrose and Reigns with his defection to the authority. Dean has actually had a hand in Rollins failing to cash in his Money In The Bank contract that he won and he says he will continue to do that every time that Rollins looks to cash it in. Ambrose has dealt Rollins some blows over that last few weeks, but Rollins and the authority have laid him out a few times as well. This will not be a technical match at all, as it will be an all out war. These two guy don't like each other at all and this could end up being the most brutal match of the night. As to who wins? I feel it will be Ambrose. The attacks on him by the authority of late, plus the fact that Rollins has the briefcase kinda tips the scales in the favor of Ambrose. Plus the dude is totally psycho and will do anything to win this match and get some payback. PREDICTION: Dean Ambrose  

WWE World Heavyweight Title ---  Fatal 4-Way --- John Cena (1/9)  vs  Roman Reigns (7/2)  vs  Randy Orton (20/1)  vs  Kane (33/1)

First off let me say, does anyone else see Kane double crossing the authority here? I know I do. Something tells me that Kane will not do what is expected here, which just may lead to him turning face after this one and set up future matches between him and Orton. In this match John Cena does not need to be pinned in order to lose the belts, which makes this match very dangerous for the champ. but I don't think it is time for him to lose the belt just yet. I also don't feel that it is Reigns turn to win it just yet, even though he is probably the biggest fan favorite in the WWE right now, with Daniel Bryan out. I feel that the WWE has other plans for him, like say a possible match vs HHH at Summer Slam. Just a rumor, but it would be cool huh? I don't see Orton taking this  and as I said above I expect friction between him and Kane during the match, which will eventually cost them both the chance at taking the Titles. Other rumors abound that we may have a Brock Lesner sighting and OR a Sting return during this match. Just rumors though. Nothing confirmed and i will not go looking for the answers. I wanna be surprised. Wrestling would be no fun at all if you know the outcome already. Still I have felt since Cena won the titles that the WWE would like to set up a Cena vs Lesner match at Summer Slam and that would really only happen or be relevant if Cena still had the Titles. I feel he will still have the titles by winning this Fatal 4-way, with some possible help from Lesner or even Kane. PREDICTION: John Cena    

Info gathered from and Cageside Seats, with odds taken from Paddy Power


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