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2014 Royal Rumble Start Time, Odds, Picks


Every year the Royal Rumble is starts the WWE on the road to Wrestlemania. The 2014 Royal Rumble takes place on Sunday, January 26th and is expected to one of the most unpredictable pay-per-views, from top to bottom, in recent memory. The start time for the main card is at 8 pm. Matchup writeups and odds can be found below. 

WWE Tag Title Match: Cody Rhodes & Goldust  (9/2)  vs The New Age Outlaws  (1/8)

This match was just recently announced and will be a part of the Royal Rumble preview show, which can be seen on WWE's YouTube Channel at 7:30 pm. The Rhodes brother are actually in the Royal Rumble event, so they may be a bit tired for that one after this matchup vs the New Age Outlaws. Road Dogg and Billy Gunn turned heel in a match vs the Shied with CM Punk as their partner, walking out on him during the match. They then got a non-title match vs the Rhodes boys on smackdown and with a little distraction from Vicky Guerrero, they stole the match to set up this one for the Tag Title. I can't see the New Age Outlaws coming back and winning the title here. The Cody and Goldust may should hold onto the belts in what could be a very exciting matchup. PREDICTION: Cody Rhodes & Goldust    

Singles Match: Daniel Bryan  (2/1)  vs Bray Wyatt  (1/3)

For a few weeks, Daniel Bryan turned his back on the WWE universe, but Bryan got a chance for redemption when he and Bray were put in a cage match vs the Usos. DB and Bray lost the match and then DB snapped on Bray as he had him where he wanted him, locked in a cage. Now both men get a chance to go at each other in what should be a great match. Will the deeply twisted mantra of, Bray Wyatt mastermind a cunningly devised plan to ultimately prevail in retaliation of Bryan's unexpected betrayal? This one is tough to call but I will go with... PREDICTION Bray Wyatt  

Singles Match: The Big Show  (10/1) vs Brock Lesner  (1/50)

This one may just be a waste of time kind of match as it is just big guy vs big guy with no real purpose. The Big show is really not all that big with the WWE universe these days so should Brock beat him its no real accomplishment. There is history here, what with the two having shared a program or two the last time Brock was with WWE back during his initial run from 2002 to 2004. Paul Heyman has also managed both, which does make it a little interesting. Bottom line here is that the Big Show is expendable and a loss by Brock here does the WWE and the "Powers that Be" no good. PREDICTION: Brock Lesner 

WWE World Title Match: John Cena  (7/1) vs Randy Orton  (1/20) 

At TLC, WWE champion Randy Orton defeated World Heavyweight Champion John Cena,  to become the unified titleholder. Stephanie McMahon announced during a Monday Raw telecast, that the rematch between two of the company's biggest stars will serve as the main event of this highly anticipated PPV. Coming into the Rumble, Randy Orton has expressed to Stephanie and HHH that being face of the WWE should mean having all his challengers taken care of for him. John Cena just wants him to grow a pair and stand up like a man and fight for what he feels should be handed to him and that's respect. A win here would give him that respect and I say he gets it. PREDICTION: Randy Orton 

30 Man Royal Rumble Match--- Batista (3/10), CM Punk (8/1), Roman Reigns (16/1), Big E Langston (20/1), Alberto Del Rio (25/1),  Dean Ambrose (25/1), Damien Sandow (33/1), Rey Mysterio (33/1), Luke Harper (33/1), Cody Rhodes (40/1), Fandango (50/1), Eric Rowan (66/1), R Truth (66/1), Goldust (66/1), Kofi Kingston (66/1), Jimmy USO (80/1), Jey USO (80/1), Xavier Woods (100/1), Seth Rollins (100/1), The Miz (100/1)

The 20 listed above are the only ones that are scheduled for the Royal Rumble. That leaves 10 open slots for surprise entries. The Royal Rumble is just like a battle royal, except instead of all members starting in the ring, one starts and then every 90 seconds a new member enters the ring. Getting the distinction of starting number 1 is CM Punk, who was given that slot after a run in with the Director of operations, Kane. The Royal Rumble PPV is known to be a time for heel and face turns and it is because of the Royal Rumble itself, because their are no alliances in this match. It is every man for himself and the winner of the Royal Rumble get's to headline Wrestlemania. It is because of these heel and face turns that I will go with Roman Reigns to win it. I think his time with the Shield is done and the Royal Rumble is a great place for that to happen. PREDICTION: Roman Reigns 


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