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2013 World Series Possible Matchups

The MLB season is nearing the halfway point, prompting the odds makers at to issue a plethora of 2013 World Series possible matchups. The Detroit Tigers and Atlanta Braves, who are listed at +600 and +700 moneyline odds, respectively, to win the Fall Classic, are currently viewed as the two most likely teams to face each other in the World Series. A Tigers/Braves pairing is drawing +1200 odds ($100 wins $1200), but a Tigers/Cardinals World Series matchup is close behind at +1400 odds. Next in line are the Tigers and Reds at +1700 odds and the Tigers and Giants at +2000 odds. Potential Fall Classic meetings between the Braves and Rangers and Braves and Athletics are both drawing +2200 odds.
Other notable matchups at the offshore bookmaker include the Cardinals/Rangers (+2400), Reds/Athletics (+3000), Cardinals/Red Sox (+3000), Cardinals/Yankees (+3000), Giants/Yankees (+4000), and Phillies/Yankees (+18000).
2013 World Series Possible Matchups:
Braves vs Tigers +1200
Cardinals vs Tigers +1400
Reds vs Tigers +1700
Giants vs Tigers +2000
Braves vs Rangers +2200
Braves vs Athletics +2200
Cardinals vs Athletics +2400
Cardinals vs Rangers +2400
Braves vs Red Sox +2500
Braves vs Yankees +2500
Reds vs Athletics +3000
Nationals vs Tigers +3000
Cardinals vs Red Sox +3000
Reds vs Rangers +3000
Cardinals vs Yankees +3000
Reds vs Yankees +3500
Reds vs Red Sox +3500
Braves vs Rays +3500
Giants vs Rangers +3500
Giants vs Athletics +3500
Giants vs Red Sox +4000
Giants vs Yankees +4000
Cardinals vs Rays +4000
Dodgers vs Tigers +4000
Reds vs Rays +5000
Nationals vs Athletics +5000
Nationals vs Rangers +5000
Giants vs Rays +6000
Nationals vs Red Sox +6500
Nationals vs Yankees +6500
Dodgers vs Athletics +7000
Dodgers vs Rangers +7000
Nationals vs Rays +8000
Braves vs Angels +8000
Phillies vs Tigers +8000
Cardinals vs Angels +9000
Dodgers vs Yankees +9000
Dodgers vs Red Sox +9000
Reds vs Angels +11000
Dodgers vs Rays +12000
Giants vs Angels +13000
Phillies vs Athletics +14000
Phillies vs Rangers +14000
Phillies vs Yankees +18000
Phillies vs Red Sox +18000
Nationals vs Angels +19000
Cardinals vs Blue Jays +20000
Brewers vs Tigers +20000
Braves vs Blue Jays +20000
Phillies vs Rays +20000
Dodgers vs Angels +25000
Reds vs Blue Jays +25000
Giants vs Blue Jays +30000
Brewers vs Red Sox +40000
Brewers vs Athletics +40000
Brewers vs Rangers +40000
Brewers vs Yankees +40000
Nationals vs Blue Jays +45000
Phillies vs Blue Jays +50000
Brewers vs Blue Jays +50000
Brewers vs Angels +50000
Phillies vs Angels +50000
Dodgers vs Blue Jays +50000
Brewers vs Rays +50000
Field (Any Other Matchup) +800
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