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2013 Super Bowl Odds Updated Courtesy Of William Hill

We’re past the midway point in the 2012 NFL football season and I would like to take a look at how the 2013 Super Bowl Odds have change since last week, according to William Hill. As we head into the second half of the year we note that the Atlanta Falcons are surprisingly undefeated. The Philadelphia Eagles–a preseason Super Bowl choice of some misguided prognosticators–are falling apart. And the San Francisco 49ers are the current favorites to emerge as 2013 Super Bowl champions. 

Below I have the 2013 Super Bowl Odds as Of 11/6, with last weeks odds in ( ).

San Francisco 49ers     17/5  (7/2)

Atlanta Falcons               5/1  (11/2)

Houston Texans           11/2  (5/1)

New York Giants          11/2  (6/1)

New England Patriots  13/2  (6/1)

Green Bay Packers       7-1  (7/1)

Denver Broncos            8/1  (8/1)

Chicago Bears              8/1  (10/1)

Baltimore Ravens       15/1  (14/1)

Pittsburgh Steelers     15/1  (18/1)

Seattle Seahawks       50/1  (75/1)

Miami Dolphins           65/1  (45/1)

Minnesota Vikings      70/1  (45/1)

Detroit Lions               75/1  (80/1)

San Diego Chargers 100/1  (85/1)

New Orleans Saints  100/1  (100/1)

Indianapolis Colts     100/1  (150/1)

Tampa Bay Bucs      100/1  (200/1)

Dallas Cowboys       125/1  (85/1)

Philadelphia Eagles 150/1  (100/1)

Oakland Raiders      250/1  (125/1)

Arizona Cardinals     300/1  (90/1)

NY Jets                    300/1  (200/1)

Washington Skins    350/1  (150/1)

Cincinnati Bengals   400/1  (200/1)

Buffalo Bills              500/1  (250/1)

St Louis Rams         600/1  (500/1)

Tennessee Titans   750/1  (350/1)

Carolina Panthers 1000/1  (750/1)

Cleveland Browns 1000/1  (800/1)

Kan. City Chiefs    1000/1  (1000/1)

Jacksonville Jags  1000/1  (1000/1)

The favorites to make it to the 2013 Super Bowl are Houston and San Francisco and after the first half of the year I would have to agree. What a hard hitting Super Bowl it would be as these teams have two of the best defenses in the league. Beware though as the Packers, Patriots and Giants are all looming and all have the capabilities of going on a big run and walking away with the Title. I didn't put the Falcons in there cause I expect them to have a sub par 2nd half, starting this week in New Orleans,

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