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2013 Printable NCAA March Madness Basketball Tournament Brackets

Seconds after The Selection Committee completes the placement of the 68-teams vying for the Men's Division I Basketball Championship, people around the country will scour the internet for 2013 Printable NCAA March Madness Basketball Tournament Brackets. The host cities for the "Big Dance" in each round are: First Four in Dayton Arena, Dayton, OH. Second and third rounds are Palace of Auburn Hills, Auburn Hills, MI, Rupp Arena, Lexington, KY, Energy Solutions Arena, Salt Lake City, UT, HP Pavilion, San Jose, CA, Frank Erwin Center, Austin, TX, University of Dayton Arena, Dayton, OH, Sprint Center, Kansas City, MO and Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, PA. Regional rounds are Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA, Verizon Center, Washington, D.C., Cowboys Stadium, Arlington, TX and Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, IN.  The Final Four will be held at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, GA.

NCAA Tournament Bracket - 2013 from ESPN
2013 Printable March Madness Bracket
from Sports Illustrated.
Printable NCAA Bracket 2013 from CBS Sportsline
The 2013 Yahoo! Sports Tourney Pick'em from YAHOO
NCAA March Madness Bracket Challenge from NCAA 
Printable March Madness Bracket from 
March Madness Bracket 2013 (Printable & Blank) from Team Rankings 

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Random March Madness betting tidbits: 24 hours after 2012 tourney ended, Kentucky was 2013 favorite at 6-1 & Baylor was 8-1 (complete list). February 1st Michigan Wolverines were favorites to win the NCAA Championship. Today 8 teams are favored ahead of Michigan. Louisville Cardinals are now favored at 5-1 to win the NCAA Championship. Indiana Hoosiers & Duke Blue Devils both at 6-1.. $100 in July on Miami Hurricanes to win the NCAA Championship would have paid $20,000 at Same bet on March 1st? $800. 
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Perfect Bracket Odds:
There are 9,223,372,036,854,775,808 possible brackets.
That's the number nine follow by eighteen zeros.
That's over 9.2 quintillion.

Stay on top of the latest odds and line moves for March Madness with our real-time odds from Las Vegas and offshore!

Bracket Picking Rules & Tips from Vegas:
(all records since modern era began in 1985 unless noted)

TIP: Pick ZERO #1 or #2 seeds to lose.
#16 seeds are 0 for 112
#15 seeds are 6 for 112

TIP: Pick at least ONE #13 or #14 seed to win.
At least one Top 4 seed has lost in the first round 24 of 28 years
#13 and #14 seeds combined win 18% of first round games

TIP: Don't be shy picking upsets with #12 through #9 seeds.
#12 seeds have won at least one game 22 of 24 years
#9 seeds are 4 wins above .500 vs. #8 seeds

TIP: Advance #1 seeds into the 3rd round unless very good reason not to.
88% of #1 seeds advance to the Sweet 16

TIP: Keep advancing any #12 and #10 seeds you picked to win in Round One.
#10 and #12 seeds combined win about half the time in Round Two
#12 seeds have the same number of Sweet 16 appearances overall than #7 seeds
A double digit seed has made the Sweet Sixteen 26 of 28 years

TIP: Pick at least ONE upset of a #2 or #3 seed.
Only once in 28 years has all the top three seeds (#1, #2, #3) made the Sweet Sixteen

TIP: Do NOT pick any seed worse than #12 to win in the 2nd round.
Only 7 of 448 teams (1.6%) advancing past Round 2 were seeded worse than #12

Sweet 16 round picks:
TIP: Advance exactly three #1 seeds into the Elite 8.
72% of #1 seeds make the Elite 8
(that's a higher percentage than #5 seeds that win a single game!)

TIP: Advance no team worse than a #11 seed into the Elite 8
26 have made it the Sweet 16, but only 1 has ever advanced

Elite 8 round picks:
TIP: Advance exactly ONE or TWO #1 seeds to the Final Four.
The Final Four has included exactly one or two #1 seeds 22 of 28 years

TIP: Advance no team worse than a #8 seed to the Final Four.
Only 3 of 112 Final Four teams have been seeded worse than #8

FINAL FOUR round picks:
TIP: Advance NO team worse than a #6 seed to the Championship game.
Only ONE team worse than #6 has made it in last 27 years

TIP: Do NOT advance TWO #1 seeds to Championship game
Only 6 times since 1979 has two #1 seeds made the finals

TIP: Pick a #4 seed or better to win it all.
For 24 straight years the champion has been a #4 seed or better!
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Movie Reading The March Madness Betting Market: As we head into the month of March, Vegas Runner and RJ Bell will take a look at reading the betting market for this years March Madness.