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2013 MLB Regular Season Prop Bets

With Spring Training winding down and the start of the regular just over a week away, the odds makers at have issued a number of 2013 MLB Regular Season Prop Bets. The offshore book has honed in on several offensive categories, including Home Runs, RBI, Runs, and Hits. For home runs by any player the Over/Under is set at 43.5, the Over/Under on RBI by any player is set at 130.5, the Over/Under on runs by any player is set at 124.5, and the Over/Under on hits by any player is set at 212.5. The Over is favored at -125 odds ($125 wins $100) in the case of home runs and runs while the Under is favored on hits at -125 odds. Both the Over and Under 130.5 RBI are drawing -115 odds.

2013 MLB Regular Season Prop Bets:

Most Regular Season Home Runs by Any Player –

Over 43.5 (-125)
Under 43.5 (-105)

The season average for the last five home run champions: 43.4. Four of the six home runs leaders during that span (Carlos Pena and Mark Teixeira tied in 2009) finished with fewer than 43.5 long balls.

Most Regular Season RBI by Any Player –

Over 130.5 (-115)
Under 130.5 (-115)

The season average for the last five RBI leaders: 127.2. Miguel Cabrera, who drove in 139 runs last season, is the only player to exceed 130.5 RBI over the last five MLB seasons.

Most Regular Season Runs by Any Player –

Over 124.5 (-125)
Under 124.5 (-105)

The season average for the last five Runs leaders: 125.8. Three of the last five runs scored champions topped the listed total of 124.5 runs. The runs scored leader not to crest that number in the last five years was Albert Pujols. Pujols led the league in runs scored in 2009 and 2010, recording 124 and 115 runs, respectively, in those two seasons.

Most Regular Season Hits by Any Player –

Over 212.5. (-105)
Under 212.5 (-125)

The season average for the last five Hits leaders: 216.2. The last five hits champions (Derek Jeter, Adrian Gonzalez, Ichiro Suzuki [2], and Dustin Pedroia) all recorded more than 212.5 hits in their hits leading seasons.

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