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2011 College Football Recruiting Rankings is a saying that "the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer". When looking at the 2011 college football recruiting by team there is not a better statement to summarize where the top players in the nation are deciding to play ball. Before we break down what all the college recruiting experts have to say, let us review how the universal list of top #10 (with Oregon and Ohio State either in or out) did last year based on bowl results to close the season:

Alabama (#1, #2, #1): Destroyed Michigan State in the Capital One Bowl 49-7
Florida State (#2, #1, #2): Downed South Carolina in the Chick-fil-A-Bowl 26-17
Texas (#3, #5, #3): No Bowl Game
USC (#4, #4, #5): No Bowl Game due to sanctions but finished season 8-5
Auburn (#7, #3, #4): BCS National Champion beating Oregon 22-19
Georgia (#5, #6, #7): Lost to UCF 10-6 in Liberty Bowl
LSU (#6, #10, #6): Trashed Texas A&M 41-24 in Cotton Bowl
Clemson (#8, #8, #9): Lost to South Florida 31-26 in Meineke Car Care Bowl
Notre Dame (#10, #9, #8): Trounced Miami (FL) 33-17 in Hyundai Sun Bowl
Oregon (#9): Edged in BCS Title game by Auburn 22-19
Ohio State (#7, #10): Beat Arkansas from the SEC 31-26 in Sugar Bowl

Are you seeing a common theme? The top teams almost across the board are reloading with the highest rated incoming freshman in football. The lone losses came in lesser bowls outside of Oregon dropping a close game to Auburn for the BCS Championship. As usual the SEC is keeping their local stud athletes close to home and packing their rosters full of the top talent in the land. So without any further delay here is who the experts currently rank as the top ten teams for 2011 college football recruiting:

         Rivals                         ESPN           National Football Post     
#1- Alabama                #1-Florida State       #1-Alabama
#2- Florida State          #2- Alabama            #2-Florida State         
#3- Texas                     #3-Auburn                #3-Texas                 
#4- USC                       #4-USC                    #4-Auburn
#5- Georgia                  #5-Texas                  #5-USC
#6- LSU                        #6-Georgia              #6-LSU
#7- Auburn                    #7-Ohio State         #7-Georgia
#8- Clemson                 #8-Clemson            #8-Notre Dame   
#9- Oregon                   #9Notre Dame        #9-Clemson
#10- Notre Dame           #10-LSU                #10-Ohio State

Being a Big 10 fan who saw his conference embarrassed in the marquee bowl games, the upcoming seasons could be a repeat of what we witnessed on New Year's Day. Being a Michigan fan to see Ohio State ranked in the top ten has me dreading the next few years. Even though the Buckeyes are the lone Big 10 team ranked, they filled what they needed and will be returning an amazing team.

In looking over the incoming rosters, SEC fans should be really concerned about Alabama. Besides getting what many deem the top ranked recruiting class in the nation, bookmakers already have them (along with Oklahoma) favored to win the BCS National Championship. How do you make an amazing defense more amazing? Well, you bring in some of the top defensive players not just from the region, but the country. If Saban and the Crimson Tide can make it though the tough SEC schedule, I feel sorry for whoever would have to play them in the title game.

When the dust finally settles "the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer". To look into my crystal ball the one thing I can say is if you are a fan of any conference besides the SEC, you better start praying now to the "football gods" you get paired in a Bowl Game with someone not below the Mason-Dixon Line.

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