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Pregame Blogs

Pregame Blogs

Videos are just the START of the conversation. Each show has a dedicated blog post with show notes, links, and pics. Plus, the host and guests continue the conversation in the comments section!

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Bookies Biggest Exposure for MLB Playoffs & CFB...Plus Wiseguys Biggest Steam !! by VegasRunner Detailed Market Analysis on CFB Betting Board & MLB Playoffs...Includes Prime-Time & Marquee Match-Ups...Plus Wiseguys Biggest Steam Play FREE !!

VEGAS-RUNNER’S “VALUE TOP 10” LIST + MONEY-METER….for MLB, CFB, & NFL !! We’ve seen just how difficult it is to make money when wagering on over-valued teams in MLB especially when those teams have a ton of pressure on them. In fact, most of the books I use as sources claim the last 2 weeks have been extremely profitable even though volume is low. The reason is simple, recreational bettors chase with “must... Read more

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Bookies Biggest Exposure for MLB Tuesday 9-20-11..Plus Wiseguys Biggest Steam Play !! by VegasRunner Includes Detailed Market Analysis on MLB...What Sharps are Steaming...What Public is Betting...Where Books are One-Sided/Balanced...Plus Wiseguys Biggest Steam Play (15-7 L/22) FREE !!

VEGAS RUNNER’S VALUE TOP 10 LIST + MONEY METER…for MLB, CFB, & NFL BETTING MARKETS !! Betting volume continues to increase at the sports books as recreational bettors continue to hold their own against the odds makers in CFB and the NFL. The marquee schools have gotten the money and the prime-time games have gone the public’s way as well. Even with a good mixture of favs and dogs in both CFB and NFL, the most... Read more

Good Morning Ladies & Gentlemen...Yesterday's leans didn't do well but when we stepped up and pulled the trigger, we ended up sweeping the Premium Plays and it appears taking the night off on Tuesday paid dividends...The key is to focus on what's ahead rather than the past so we'll simply look to keep the momentum and work on going into the huge weekend ahead off a couple winning nights...I went ahead and posted an article... Read more

Allright Fellas...a sports writer from FOX reached out for some info on line-moves for Week 2 in NFL and below is the finished article...I'm hoping to be a weekly source, along with a handful of others from here in Vegas...Best of Luck, VR Article Link :

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