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Pregame Blogs

Pregame Blogs

Videos are just the START of the conversation. Each show has a dedicated blog post with show notes, links, and pics. Plus, the host and guests continue the conversation in the comments section!

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    09/07/2011 9:56 PM
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Allright is that time of year when everyone begins turning their attention to the upcoming football season...and that will definately mean a lot more opportunities to really do DAMAGE during the remainder of the MLB Reg Season and even more-so when the Post-Season arrives...So this is definately one of the most exciting times for me as a Pro-Sports Bettor because even though my main priority is making money... Read more

I have so many topics in mind that I am dying to cover here in my Blog which deal with handicapping and professional sports betting...And because I was fortunate to be brought up in this game surrounded by the most successful and sharpest bettors to ever make a wager, I was able to learn first-hand all about handicapping. In fact, those early years had helped lay the foundation for everything that I do now. Although... Read more

I believe that I have corrected the problem on my end and I can get back to Blogging...there is just so much that I want to pass along to you guys that I don't know where to begin. And although I have used my Blog in the past to mostly try and pass along some knowledge and experiences to help you beat this market, today I want to touch on a topic that a book brought to my attention early this morning over the phone.... Read more

We have just reached the half-way point for 2008 and with 6 Month's in the Books...I thought that I would take the time and re-cap our year so far, along with the Balance Update that I had said I would create a Blog for. Before I get to the figures and "Bottom Line", I just want to point out that this has been an incredible experience for me and I would really like to Thank all of my clients, as well as all of the Pregame... Read more

Saturday night, I was faced with that very dilemma, and I believe that all professional sports handicappers who share their work with others have been forced to deal with the very same thing. First let me say that one of the main reasons that I decided Pregame was definately the site that I would take on this venture is the fact that I knew the cappers on here actually do bet their plays and I would go as far as saying... Read more

Well I was really hoping to get more feedback from you guys on my last blog so that I would be able to really zero in on those factors which I believe are holding some really good cappers back from being great cappers...but I understand that summer is upon us and people are doing a lot more outdoor activities, so I will try to go over some of the things that I think are important for all handicappers to consider... ... Read more

With the anticipation of the upcoming football season, I thought that I would create a few blog posts which would help me try and pass along some factors which will make you a much more successful sports bettor. I feel that the best way for me to do that is to first find out what the majority of sports bettors are actually doing. So I want to put together a series of blog posts which pose some questions on handicapping... Read more

We have covered some of the options that are available to sports bettors for MLB...those included "Run-Line" and "5th Inn" wagers. Today, I want to cover a topic that I feel is extremely important, and being conscious of these factors which we will discuss, will definately play a vital role in the overall success when wagering on MLB. I know that when it comes to football, even your most recreational bettors have learned... Read more

I want to take a minute and respond to a question that was asked by one of my clients in my daily forum thread...and after seeing a few more people respond and ask my opinion on the topic, I thought that it was definately worth discussing more thoroughly. The question was : How do I take out Profit and pay myself as a sports bettor ?? Now please keep in mind that we each have different obligations and responsibilities... Read more

After the Celtics took a 1-0 series lead in these NBA Finals, I wrote a Blog about the adjusted series price that the books were offering the Celtics. At the time, you were able to get EVEN money on them and the stats I offered showed us that history supports the Celtics had an 80% chance of winning the Championship at that time...give or take a few % points...well we all know what happened last night, and with that... Read more

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