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Pregame Blogs

Pregame Blogs

Videos are just the START of the conversation. Each show has a dedicated blog post with show notes, links, and pics. Plus, the host and guests continue the conversation in the comments section!

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We have had an incredibly successful season identifying "True Steam" in Both, the NFL & CFB ...But more importantly, we've been able to isolate those handful of positions taken by the Betting Syndicates, that offer the most betting value...And it's really paid off... We went "28-13" ( 68% ATS) for the Entire Season ...and an even better, "23-8" ( 76% ATS) over the L/2 months... Which goes to show that as we strengthen... Read more

Allright gentlemen...Last week was the first week without NCAAFB this season...And although I worked on trying to isolate some "True Steam" in the NFL...the truth was, I wasn't going to force anything just for the sake of selling a pick...And I wasn't going to put out a blog with selections, that weren't backed up by my own Ratings/Numbers...Because it's with those Ratings, that we've been able to produce such profitable... Read more

So far this season, since I began publishing this blog...we've been able to get the "BEST NUMBER" on 30 of the 35 games that had "line moves"...That's a success rate of "86%"...Which means that on almost 9 out of 10 bets made on those match-ups that I tried to predict how the line will simply reading this blog, you would have gotten the best possible line... If you remember back when I decided to take on... Read more

The "TRUE STEAM" just keeps on Winning...and after another "3-1"'s now "18-6" ( 75% ) over the L/5 Weeks...and "23-11" ( 68% ) for the Season... To be perfectly honest, coming into this week's match-ups...I knew that it was going to take a lot of work and information gathering, because we have a limited NCAAFB board...And as I've explained before, there are always going to be fewer "Early Moves" in the NFL... Read more

The "True Steam" just keeps on Winning... We were "3-2" L/Week and cashed our 1st NFL 3* "TRUE STEAM" GOW ... We are now "15-5" the L/4 weeks...And a profitable " 67% ATS" for the Season... As the season winds down, we will see less "early moves" ...and more "late moves" ... The reason for this is because the oddsmakers ratings continue to improve...Which means that more "handicapping" goes into the "steam plays" ..... Read more

Last week we launched my "Line-Predictions" Blog, and were able to accurately predict the move on "13 of the 14" selections...And the only one that didn't move, sat idle... Now don't get me wrong, those results are not what should normally occur...And truth is, my goal is to be able to achieve around "60% Accuracy" on these "Line-Predictions"....Because if I am able to do that, then it means we will be able to get... Read more

The oddsmakers have not been able to stay ahead of the Wiseguys in NCAAFB this season, and the limits imposed on "opening numbers"...and the adjustments that the bookmakers are willing to make to those "opening numbers", totally supports this...And we've been able to take advantage of this, going "8-2 " the L/2 weeks...and "15-7" (68% ATS) Overall , since I began choosing those "early moves"...that my own "ratings/lines... Read more


Betting at the best possible number is KEY to sports betting success. An easy way to get the best number is to have as many outs as possible - five book may have -3, but the sixth may have -2.5 (take a look at for the best deals from trusted sportsbooks). Wiseguys, though, have an added weapon in their arsenal - WHEN they bet. My specialty is reading the sports betting market. I use my contacts... Read more

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After a "4-1" Weekend in NCAAFB & NFL ...the "TRUE STEAM" Blog is now "11-6" (65% ATS) since I began choosing those "Early Moves " that are supported by my own Lines/Ratings, which are also updated & created weekly...I do this for the exact same reason that the Wiseguys do...Because without making my own "price" for each match-up, it would be impossible to compare what the oddsmaker come up with...and the bookmakers... Read more

We had some success last week with the "TRUE STEAM" , going "4-2" Overall ...It was the 1st week that I decided to add my own handicapp to the mix, by choosing those "Early Moves" that the Wiseguys made which offer the biggest edge based on my own "Lines"...And then trying to narrow them down to the 5 that I like the most...I only ask that you keep in mind that I have not had the time to really disect each individual... Read more

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