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    09/07/2011 9:56 PM
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Good afternoon gentlemen...Well as I type this, Indiana has a 10pt lead on my 5* GOY (Penn St)...who is -24., so I'm not in the best of moods because most of you guys know how big I bet and how personal I take it knowing that all my friends here on Pregame and elsewhere bet their money on my pick....

But I did tell you guys in my Daily Message and in the Video Pod-Cast that I do with Marco...that I would pass along BOTH, the Boxing & UFC 105 Selections for FREE...And I'm a man of my word, and won't break it simply because I'm not in a good mood...So here we go...

I broke down the UFC 105 Card earlier in the week, like I began doing with Boxing because I knew when the weekend approaches, all of my focus is on Football..But with that said, I do believe that there is some Value on a few of these match-ups...So what I'm going to do is pass along those picks that I already bet for 1 some opinions on a couple of other match-ups...


UFC 105 1* TOP PLAYS :

1.) ROSS PEARSON +160 over Aaron Riley.....(1*)

2.) DENIS KANG -125 over Michael Bisping.....(1*)

3.) BRANDON VERA +100 over Randy Couture.....(1*)


OPINIONS : I couldn't lay this kind of CHALK on these Fighters, but after capping all the match-ups...I do believe these fighters have a significant edge and should get the Win...




The only way that I can see even touching these is if your book takes MMA Parlays like many of the Off-Shore Books, and even some here do...

Those are the 3 Picks that I did bet for 1 Unit each...and I am about to go ahead and Upgrade the Pacquiao Pick to an Official 1 Unit Bet also...

Please forgive me for not adding any analysis like I usually do for fights...But I'm just really not in the mood right now, so please excuse me...

Thanks again for all your support, and best of luck....Vegas-Runner

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