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Pregame Blogs

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    09/07/2011 9:56 PM
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Allright is that time of year when everyone begins turning their attention to the upcoming football season...and that will definately mean a lot more opportunities to really do DAMAGE during the remainder of the MLB Reg Season and even more-so when the Post-Season arrives...So this is definately one of the most exciting times for me as a Pro-Sports Bettor because even though my main priority is making money in this market, I will be the first to admit that these next 5 months are some of my most enjoyable as well...So let me get right to it and explain what I will be offering for the Upcoming Football Season, and more importantly our Plan of Action...

First off...NCAA & NFL are 2 completely different markets all together...So what I tried to do is offer the most cost efficient way for my guys to be able to get every single bet that I make, and keep their expenses to a minimum at the same time so that even more Profit can be made...Now when September gets here, the Monthly All-Access will be $399 and that is because of the fact I will be covering so many different markets and as soon as the MLB Season ends, the Basketball will be here to take it's place and to be perfectly honest, initially it would have gone to $449, but I really was adament about keeping costs down and even though $15 a day isn't much for Winning Info...I want you guys to know I am fair...So if you were to buy the All-Access Monthly from Sept thru Dec it would cost about $1,600...I decided to offer the NFL & NCAAFB ENTIRE REG SEASON for $599 each...since so many took advantage of the MLB 2nd Half Special and will be getting the MLB anyway and when Basketball gets here we will figure it out as well...Anyway, I then went ahead and Discounted it even further all the way down to Only $499 for each (NFL & NCAAFB) for anyone who is willing to commit to this venture by AUG 15th...and also give the ENTIRE NFL PRE-SEASON for FREE, so if you plan on coming on board, I would definately look to take advantage early, even though on SEPT 1st when they return to $599 each, it really still is a great deal...

So that we don't have to go over this a few times...last year I didn't get a chance to be here for the Entire Football Season, but I was here from OCT to end of DEC and over the course of those 3 Months, we picked up well OVER 200 Units ($20,000 @ $100 per unit) and in October alone we picked up 114 Units ($11,400 @ $100 per unit)...and that is PROFIT with the Vig Included and checking back, we hadn't made any bet bigger than a 3*...What I do want you to understand though is that we were able to do that with a much lower Win% than I am aiming for this year...and the reason for that was sheer Volume...But now that we have tweaked the approach to be more selective and therefore allow anyone willing to invest to have the ability to bet every single bet we make...Because I realized that the majority of bettors just weren't able to keep up with so much Volume, but if you remember back to the NCAABB Season which is when the change was made...our results really improved...So I am really excited about what is ahead and although I don't want everyone coming in thinking we are going to win 300units this year guaranteed, I do want you coming in thinking that if you apply proper money management and are willing to follow along to the letter...there is no reason why you won't be able to turn an excellent profit like my clients already have...

But with that will take a commitment from you because when it comes to football, we are not afraid to Fire away and with so many Marquee TV Games, which have always been our can always expect to be in action. Last year, those of you who followed should remember how well we did with those type of games, Cashing Over 70% on MNF and Cashing the SIDE & TOTAL in 8 of 10 weeks during a stretch...And although what we did in the past don't neccessarily mean we will have success again...I can tell you that it wasn't a shock at all and to be honest, I really thought we could have even done better...The bottom line is that I work hard and I am willing to capp the entire board to find as many games as possible that we have an edge on so be ready to stay busy...

Although I will definately be offering all kind of Daily commiting to an ENTIRE REG SEASON you will save so much money because for example...on a Sat of NCAAFB we will definately be offering 2 Seperate Cards...One for the Day/Afternoon Bets and then one for the Night Bets...and the reason for that is because not only does info continue to come in during the day especially since I have more sources for football than any other sport...but because it's like we spoke about in my thread...having the ability to already have Finals from the same board gives us such an edge on those games being played later on...And in the NFL, I will try to only have one Package for Sunday (Day/Afternoon), sometimes, just like last year I will receive info or see something on the afternoon games and have to then put up another Package...and then we have the Sun Night as you can see...Taking advantage of the SEASON Package will definately have its advantages...

This is going to be our 1st FULL SEASON of Football here at Pregame which is why we are all so excited and eager to make it one of our best ever...and like I said above, when it comes to football...we really go all out and look to use those 4-5 months to make as much Profit and put as much Units to work as we can because we know that for each dollar we put out, we will get it back with a nice return...That is called Positive Expectation Betting and the only way you can call your selections by that name is if you have truely shown a Profit...And so far in 2008 we have been able to do exactly that and when the Year is Over on Dec 31st...I expect us to have had an even better 2008 than we are having...

Finally, the one thing you will always get from me is "accountability"...I will always be there and DISCLOSE everything because I feel that if what you are selling is an Investment...well then you better be able to Prove it and I will always be here to answer any questions you have and I am never hard to find because I have never missed a day in the Forum since I began...That is why I make sure that I don't just let you know about a current good streak that I am having or using words like % and Units...because I am a Professional Sports Bettor who makes his Money Beating this Market...and since it's money that we are doing this for, then obviously you deserve to know how Much MONEY was truely Won/Lost with a cappers selections...I have always been willing to show you all exactly what betting ONLY $100 per unit on ALL of my Bets would have made you and the reason I am proud of that fact is because we have been able to show a very impressive profit when you consider that the majority of my Bets have been only 1 and 2 units each...I mean, it's nice to see a guy up 100units, but if he is giving out 20unit plays, then it really don't say much...

I would like to wish you all the best of luck in the upcoming football season, and please direct any questions, comments, or concerns that you may have and I will try to address them all as best I can...Thanks again for your support and let's have ourselves the best Year of Football ever, Vegas-Runner...

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