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    09/07/2011 9:56 PM
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Vegas-Runner's "6 MONTH's in the BOOKS" for 2008

We have just reached the half-way point for 2008 and with 6 Month's in the Books...I thought that I would take the time and re-cap our year so far, along with the Balance Update that I had said I would create a Blog for. Before I get to the figures and "Bottom Line", I just want to point out that this has been an incredible experience for me and I would really like to Thank all of my clients, as well as all of the Pregame Members who have helped me make this site home. I was very excited to try and bring something new to the table and I was also very intimidated as well. The reasons were that I had made a living in this industry, both from booking and even moreso from betting and was under the impression that it would be very difficult to bring my approach and blue-print for turning a profit to so many bettors who had not spent their lives betting on "steam"....

You see, because I had the opportunity to move "steam" for so many years before I had the confidence to handicapp and wager on my own plays...I was introduced to the way "wiseguys" or "sharps" had beaten the sports market for so long. During that time, I had to endure good and bad runs...and be willing to get down on so many more plays than any average sports bettor could ever imagine. I was shown the way a 55% run over 3 months, can bring in more profit than going 60% in that same span if the amount of wagers were different. I had to quickly learn proper money management because all of a sudden I was privy to the type of information and handicapped selections that I could have only dreamed of prior...which meant that there were so many times that I had to overcome the temptation of "not doing the right thing" over and over again to get the desired results in the end...

But, it became apparent to me, those final 3 months of 2007 that I was so wrong. And that today's sports bettors knew about steam, and understood how the "outfits" have done it for so many years...but they just didn't have access to all that information, or someone to help guide them along the way to use it properly, like I had when I was first introduced. And it was then that I realized that the only thing I needed was time...time to showcase my ability...time to help build bankrolls...time to show we have access to "steam"...time to show exactly how to beat this market...Because I knew that eventually, the Members here were sharp enough to know valuable info and more importantly, Winning info when they see it...

So we got through those first 3 months with me learning from you guys how I can better form my service to be more convenient and we went through the growing pains of "posting times" and "line changes"...and in those 3 months I was also able to show you how we "grind" out a Profit and how I don't need to hit 65%, or even 60% to make a great living wagering on sports. We ended up having a very good few months of Football and also the early stages of NBA and NCAABB...and when the 3 months were up, and 2007 over...we found ourselves up a lot of units and ready for the New Year...

When JAN 1ST got here, I was so anxious to get going because I knew that I was now on the verge of beging an ENTIRE YEAR here at Pregame. And until then, I knew that bettors would be skeptical, some even consider me just lucky, and others convinced I was full of shit and would eventually lose like almost every other "tout"....But there were also a good portion of bettors who decided that for $10 a day, it was at least worth a shot to see what kind of info I was going to pass along...winning or losing ???

We got through that first month with an excellent profit and things couldn't have been better...and then February became challenging...and that may very well be the understatement of the year...because if I am not mistaken, we ended up losing January's Profit's back to the books. Fortunately though, we still had our starting bankrolls for the year and although there were many doubts...I was so pleasantly surprised to see that most of the same guys who lost in Feb, were going to give me another shot in March...

And that is where the DAMAGE really began...we went on a great tear of NCAABB and it continued through April when MLB was here and the NBA in full swing. We went ahead and crushed the books now after 4 months in the bag...we found ourselves Winners in 3 of them and a nice size Profit so far...

Finally, we got through May and had another Winning Month...making it 3 STRAIGHT and 4 of 5 for 2008. Then June got here and it was a tough month. After going back and forth for the first 2 weeks, we spent the next 2 getting right to where we were about to turn a profit...and then had a bad night that set us back again. And we were on our way to ending the Streak at 3...but we fought through it and I will tell you that it may very well be the month that I am most proud of. The reasons for this is because even though we struggled, we managed to stay in control and minimize any damage, while optimizing any profits...and when it was all said and done, we ended up a little above even. Now although it was not a profitable month, it also wasn't a losing month and that is what is most important. The key to this business is the same as any other...minimize expenses and limit liability...and we were able to do both...And because of it, we still find ourselves way ahead for 2008 and ready for the 2nd half of the year when we expect to do even better...

So we have now had "4 STRAIGHT WINNING MONTHS" and "5 of 6" for 2008....and we began 2008 with a BankRoll of $10,000 to work with as an example for my clients to follow along and base their own bankroll to...and we NEVER had our original bankroll at risk because even with the one losing month, we only gave back the month before's profits...And we are now beginning the 2nd half of 2008 and we have made an excellent return on our fact, most company's would consider this kind of return, for a FULL YEAR unheard of...and although this business will humble you quicker than most...I will say that I am proud of the work we have been able to do...The numbers don't lie and and in a market this difficult, i want all my clients to be proud of the fact that they are one of a very few bettors who can actually say they have been able to profit amd beat it....

Below is our Account Balance for June and 2008...I look forward to another fun and profitable 6 months ahead...It is a pleasure to work with you guys...and I especially want to thank Dave 76 for being willing to keep an accurate account of every bet I pass along, so that I can compare it to my own figures and assure you guys that they are as accurate as we can get them...

ALL-ACCESS (JUNE) = +$37....(+.37 Units)

HEAVY HITTERS (JUNE) =  -$1,910....(-19.10 Units)


ENDING BALANCE : JAN 1st 2008 - JUNE 30th 2008 = (BASED on $100 Per Unit)

ALL-ACCESS (2008) = +$8,740 PROFIT....(+87.40 Units)

HEAVY HITTERS (2008) +$10,067 PROFIT....(+100.67 Units)

Once again, I would really like to Thank you all for your support and for allowing me the opportunity to share my work with you. Your confidence in me is overwhelming and I consider it a huge privilage, which is why I will continue to work as hard and harder than I have in the well as continue to aquire as many valuable sources as possible to try and improve our results. We have only 2 months until we are really busy with the football season and I really think that the opportunity to pile up some units and be ready for it is in front of us in the form of MLB, WNBA, ect....When the fall gets here, I will be making a blog post to update my guys on the blue-print and plan of action for the football season because posting and times will obviously differ.

But first, we have some business to take care of, especially right after the All-Star Break when MLB becomes even more profitable than it has been...during that time, we will concentrate on grinding out all the profit we can in MLB...and also make sure we look to things like the WNBA for even more. I look forward to these next 2 months, and then we will prepare for the final run for 2008...and see where we stand when all the dust settles. I truely feel that we are on our way to another very profitable year for betting on sports...Thanks and Best of Luck, Vegas-Runner...


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