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Pregame Blogs

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    09/07/2011 9:56 PM
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    01/17/2019 7:25 AM

The Vegas-Runner Blue-Print at Pregame

Good Evening Gentlemen...I'm sure you can tell by the time that I have chosen to make this post that this is something that has me pretty excited and eager to inform my Clients about...I am never on the site this late but I just couldn't sleep before getting this out there because I am going to wake up in the morning ready to execute...a few minutes ago I made a Blog Post about dealing with a losing streak and how the sharps have been able to do it for so long...and because I consider you guys sharp, I want to make sure that I am able to bring to the table the best plan of action to help you make be totally honest and this may sound crazy, I am glad that I had my bad run now, rather than 6 months from now because it gave me an opportunity to really seek council from the guys I trust and have worked with for so long, as well as a chance to bring my group together and meet with Marco and RJ and put a plan in motion...

I realized during this run that even though the majority of Pregame Members are obviously sharp enough to know that any capper who can tell you 3hrs before a line is going to move and then have it happen over and over is definately not talking shit...and I will be straight with you guys because I really do consider you friends and respect you...and the bottom line is that I didn't get to Pregame by accident and Pregame did not give me an opportunity to share my work with you guys without really doing their homework and investigating Vegas-Runner and finding out that I have been able to use these books as a steady source of income since I stepped foot in Vegas and for the past 7+ years I have made my money from wagering on my own plays as well as incorporating many of the "steam" plays that I have access to....

Now these guys know what I have done in the past and they are well aware of my reputation as a sports bettor and all they wanted to do is bring that here and offer it to the Members of Pregame...and they were very adament about the fact that they did not want me to hold back or its no deal...that meant that I had to be willing and have the ok to actually pass along all of these plays and not hold back on anything that I am doing for myself to turn a profit..and I was cool with it because they were honest...

But guys, I really have to say that I have realized that it is just asking way to much to have your average bettor, no matter how sharp he may be...actually be able to wager each day like the outfits do and be able to endure all that comes with its obvious by how much the sportsbooks respect these plays that in the long run they know we will win...but I have come to realize that the majority of bettors just do not have the type of bankroll to not only handle the volume and swings, but to actually make a big enough profit doing so...because if you are going to wager like a wiseguy, you will need to do it exactly like them...and that means wagering such a small amount of your bank per play that even after a month like February which was wouldn't actually hurt to much...I will tell you the truth, because I do have the bankroll and the investors behind me, I can handle having a month like Feb for 10 straight before having to really worry....because I know that I have bank behind me even if my own gets in trouble...and to be candor, I wagered a little more than I really should have and because of that, rather than losing only 2-3% of my BR like I should have...I ended up losing almost 9%...

But I realized that most of my clients aren't going to lose only 9% on the worst of months..and since that isn't going to be the case...well then I can't with a clear conscious sit here and tell you that no matter what we will come out ahead...because if you can't ride me the whole way, then how can I ever make that I sat down with my people, and we met with RJ and Marco and had a really long meeting and wanted to come up with a plan that would allow us to best tailor our info to the average bettor who wamts the some of the most  sophisticated sports info...I will be honest and tell you that at first my people said "I told you so"...because they were convinced when I decided to do this that there is no way that I can transform the average bettor to take it as seriously as they do and to make them understand what it actually takes to profit in this business...but after they met with RJ and Marco and realized that these guys were actually sincere and the only thing they wanted was to know if we are willing to put together and tailor a program that would allow for a regular bettor to Profit and at the same time, obviously be able to deal with any swings which are inevitable...

To make a long story guys saw how badly I wanted to do this and they know me long enough by now to know that it isn't about the money...instead my goal has always been to make the kind of info that we have accessible to anyone...but like I said, we now also realized that this info isn't going to end up being profitable to the average bettor if they aren't able to use it implementing the wiseguy approach...and I am just not the kind of man who can sit there and lie to myself about something and assume that things are working out as planned if they aren' fact we realized that even the "Smoking Aces Club" is just asking too much from your average sports we had a dilema...

Just keep going forward since its obvious that we will get back on track and get on a run like we always do and act as if everything is fine...or fix it once and for all so that it is something that we set out for it to be...a service that provides "sharp" info to the average bettor, but also allows for them to profit..and if you aren't in action, then how can you possibly take advantage of the times it is winning and ultimately turns a Profit for the season or year...and we chose to fix it..and we put our heads together and everyone got a chance to map out the best possible plan and then we sat there and put the puzzle together in a manner that is the most beneficial to the clients...and created a plan of action that will allow anyone who is interested in wagering on this type of info, but whose bankroll just don't allow for it to be done to such extremes...

So no more "Smoking Aces Club" more "All-Access Club"....I will give the one strongest and biggest bet we make each day as a 3* Best Bet of the Day...and only 1....then I will take the entire card and after I select those wagers that we plan on going heavier on...I will then confirm them one more time so that I cut it down even further which will allow ME and my guys to even bet much more on those few...and what is left will only go to anyone who is actually willing to commit to having the kind of bankroll that it will take to bet all the plays like the wiseguys do...see fellas, I want to help you and not to do anything that may hurt you and if having swings like February are that damaging to you..then I know its just not possible for you to withstand an entire year of wagering like a wiseguy to turn that kind of profit...bedause I will tell you the truth...betting like a wiseguy means that a month like February may not be the worst for 2008...but with that said, I would bet anything that just like they have almost every single year...those plays will make a Profit once again...but what good will it do anyone if you can't get down on them...

Finally, I hope that this don't disappoint those of you who really like a lot of Volume...but in all honesty, I just can't continue to do my job efficiently and correctly knowing that good people are possibly taking a bad loss because of a month like now we will instead be able to keep those swings to a minumum and allow for someone who is willing to try and profit by betting more on less that chance...because like I said, even the Smoking Aces Club obviously had too many games...I will begin this right away and it will actually go into motion tomorrow I am hoping...and for those who are willing and do want to continue betting like a wiseguy and get every single play...we will still offer the remained of the card but only as a long term commitment because that is the only way that I can be assured that I am working with guys who are ready and able to do it each and every day just like I do..and just like I have done all these years and its afforded me a great living....but otherwise, I feel that the Members here will get the most benefit and have the best opportunity to really Profit with this sharp work by wagering only on the few select games per day that we believe will have the highest win %...and if you take a look at the Blog I posted on "losing streaks" you will see that although heavy volume provides the opportunity to do the most damage with the least winning really do need a big bank to make it happen....and the only way I can help you get that bank is by bringing this plan to the table...

Well its now much later than usual for me and I need to get to sleep...have an excellent night and I am really looking forward to this and I am sure that in due time, you will be able to see how this is going to be extremely benficial to Pregame Members....Thanks again and best of luck, VR

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