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Pregame Blogs

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Allright Fellas...Tennessee continued advancing for us and we can now Hedge by Betting the Dog and grabbing the points in this match-up...The truth is, I was actually leaning on TENN...but couldn't get any Confirmation so I decided to Pass on the game for our Daily Grind...

But I don't want to leave all those Units (48) on the we'll go ahead and hedge some more and actually cheer in Tennessee...hoping they can get to the Final 4...

Finally, we also have a Future on DUKE...But the purpose and aim for that one...was to get to the Final 4...And then work on "Earning"...

So regardless what my feelings may be for that Duke game...we won't look to hedge because we have 20 Units alive on a 5Pt Favorite...And the key to that wager was to get to the Final 4...Which means that I won't change the plan simply because the opportunity to hedge is there...

Now you are in control of your own Bankroll...So I suggest you do what's in your best interest for both games...But for myself, I'm going to hedge with MSU...even though I don't like that side...But if I did, I would have probably hedged for more and tried to lock in a profit if MSU won...And let it ride with Duke to see if we can reach the goal of getting to the Final 4...

Remember, your Daily Grind shouldn't play any role in your Future Bets...I will be hoping TENN wins this game...especially by "1" pt...

Best of Luck, Vegas-Runner



1.) MICHIGAN ST +2....(10 UNITS)

This means that if TENN does advance...we still have 38 UNITS alive for the Final 4 and Championship Game...VR

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