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Pregame Blogs

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    09/07/2011 9:56 PM
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So Grateful To Have SHARP Clients/Partners To PROFIT With...

I had planned on taking the time today to write more on the topic that I posted the other day, "Exotic Wagers"...and dig into the "5 INN" bet that has become so popular with recreational bettors. After having our only losing day of the week Sunday, I did a lot of thinking as well as getting a chance to speak with some of the men who I depend on daily, and chose instead to use this opportunity to explain how grateful I am to have so many "sharp" people who have joined me as we attempt to beat the numbers and make a profit investing in this market, as well as a few of my own misconceptions.

I had said countless times that through all my years in this industry, I never seriously considered sharing my work and information with people who I hadn't known. The reasons for that are simple, yet somewhat narrow-minded. Because I first got into this racket on the other side of the counter as a bookmaker, I was under the impression that except for the few "outfits" whose identity I knew, there was really no bettors out there who had the knowledge, discipline, or the ability to beat when I eventually joined those "outfits" and began betting their plays and seeing how they handicapp, wager, and manipulate the market...even though I had all this information that could be used to make an excellent living wagering on sports, I still believed that I couldn't bring it to the mainstream bettors because unfortunately they would not know how to use it. I was under the assumption that 99% of all recreational and even serious bettors just didn't have the proper training or the understanding of how to properly use winning information so sharing it was pointless....and then I met RJ Bell and Pregame.

Even though I was skeptical and all the men who I worked with currently as well as in the past who I seeked advice from, all said that it was not a smart move...after speaking with RJ and seeing what the goals of his site were I decided to give it a go. Instantly I regained so much passion that had been gone for a few years because of the routine, and then as I began speaking with other Pregame members and also some eventual clients, who I prefer to now call partners because I truely feel that we are in this together...I was pleasantly surprised.

It became apparent that these were good people just like myself who only wanted to do well in life as well as with the one thing they loved as much as I did..."Sports Betting". And I also realized that unlike so many of the bettors I had come to know when I was booking long ago, these people were actually really "sharp" and so much more sophisticated as bettors and much more well versed than I could have imagined. In fact, what dawned on me instantly, which I remember telling RJ is that my goal was now going to be to try and pass along those things that I have been taught which have helped me to prosper in this racket and helped me to know what to do so that profiting is much easier than many believe.

And now here I am about 8 months later and already we have formed such a strong group of investors, that together these books don't stand a shot and that brings me to the reason I decided to write this Blog today. Yesterday was a perfect example of just how far we have come and makes me so excited about where we are headed. Let me explain...coming into the NBA Playoffs we had cashed about 70% of our 5* bets and we immediately won 4 straight in the first 2 rounds to take us to 12-4 on our 5*s and 4-0 in the Playoffs. Well, last night I lost my 5* and was really bothered not as much by losing such a powerful "steam play", but more because I knew we had such a great week and its been an excellent month so right away I feared that my clients/partners may have felt a bit too confident and gone off course if only for 1 day...and therefore ended up getting hurt.

I can tell you that for myself, there is no worse feeling because I have taken on this responsibility of showing exactly how we are going to beat this market, and I feel that I am responsible that anyone who joins us in our venture, makes a profit. I know that these are some powerful statements, saying that I do not believe that the numbers the oddsmakers offer are strong enough to take our money, and I am also very aware that this business will humble a man quicker than most, so please do not take those comments as anything other than confidence. The confidence that I am willing to work harder than most, the confidence in my ability to reason and understand pertinant information that helps determine a winner, the confidence that the sources we have aquired are the sharpest, the confidence that my experience will help overcome any adversity we encounter along the way, and finally, the confidence that my knowledge of money management and how to apply it will always give me the best possible chances to continue profiting.

Finally, this morning came and once again I was so pleasantly surprised by my clients and don't worry I am learning to expect it from you all...because not one negative comment was made. There was no sign of amatuer mistakes made which made a loss cost more than it ever should have. Instead I found encouragement and the attitude that is needed to make money in this business. I am so grateful that I now have a group of clients who are as sharp as they come. They continue to soak up information like nothing I have seen and their thirst to become even stronger "sharps" is inmeasurable. I call them "sharps" because to me, that is exactly what they are...they have learned to wager like a sharp, they have learned to lose like a sharp, and therefore will continue to PROFIT like one also. My "sharps" have realized that we have what it takes to win much more than we lose, and that if they use that information correctly as well as apply the proper money managment that I try to employ daily as I determine the unit amounts based on bankroll/profit.

I really was so amazed at how quickly everyone has gotten a thorough understanding of the system we use and how to take that information that we are privilaged to receive, along with all the hard work I put in...and use it as a means to invest, because lets be honest, most sports bettors, no matter how long they have done or will continue to handicapp and bet games will ever really make a fact, sadly we usually see just the opposite occur. That is why I took the time to write this so that I can thank my partners in this venture and to welcome any new people who are now taking this journey with us. Together we are going to do a lot of great things as far as investment returns are concerned and we will have a lot of fun doing it, as well as some tough stretches to deal with along the way. And knowing that I am definately involved with the right kind of investors and that they are capable of dealing with all that comes with making money in this business makes my work so much more enjoyable and easy, because I am able to spend more time working and also can step up and fire at a big play when I have it...without the fear that I may be hurting rather than helping, win or lose...since obviously we will not win them all.

So THANK YOU all so much, and I am so grateful to be working with you...Vegas-Runner

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