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Pregame Blogs

Pregame Blogs

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    09/07/2011 9:56 PM
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    01/17/2019 7:25 AM

PACQUIAO vs COTTO FREE (Official Bet)...from Vegas-Runner !!

Bottom Line, at this price...I can't make this an Official Wager, but you can be sure that VR will have his money on this "Opinion"...

Since I have to be responsible for my clients, I will not ask them to lay the -260 that Bodog is asking...or even worse, the -300 here in Vegas...on my pick to win this fight...MANNY PACQUIAO...

Because my obligation is to find positions with "Value"...And I think that the "value" was there up to a price of -200, maybe even a bit higher...And if it were to drop significantly before the fight takes place, I will come back and make sure to Confirm this and pass it along as a 2* BET for my Subscribers as well...


I believe Pacquiao will get another World Title, this time at 147lb...which will be his "7th" Weight Class...

The reasons are many...and here are just a few...

Manny is just too quick for Cotto...and that speed is what overwhelmed the bigger Ricky Hatton and the bigger Oscar DeLa Hoya...Who were BOTH considered the much "bigger" men, coming into the fight...

Since becoming a 2-handed fighter with the training of Roach, Manny's footwork and angles have made much better boxers (Barrera, Morales, Marquez)...look average, and the scariest part is that now at the age of 30...he has all that experience which allows him to dictate the fight...and really stay out of harms way...

Watching the Clottey fight again last was obvious that Cotto has not overcome that beating he took at the "plastered" hands of Margarito...And I'm not sure if this excellent fighter will ever be the same, especially with another loss on Saturday night...

More importantly, since splitting with his unlce...who had trained him his entire life...Cotto has surrounded himself with "Yes Men"...and a 24yr old trainer, who was an apprentice at best, prior to his promotion in the Cotto camp...And if this fight were to make it into those Championship Rounds, I don't see how Cotto can have any confidence in his corner...or more importantly, receive any "world class" advice or adjustments...

We continue to hear about Manny's distractions away from the ring...But there have not been too many fighters with better conditioning and stamina...Plus having Freddie Roach to help put together a winning game-plan gives Pacquiao a huge edge in this department...We've seen Roach find the weaknesses in opponents, and exploit them quickly...And Pacquiao may do a lot away from the ring, but he does live a "clean" those distractions shouldn't have any bearing on the outcome of this fight...Roach knows how to have his fighter ready, and peaking at the perfect time...

Any way I broke down this fight, brought me to the same conclusion that Manny Pacquiao will win this fight...And to be perfectly honest, I don't even think it will be as difficult of a night as all the so called "boxing experts" are predicting...all based on Cotto's size advantage...

There is a reason that the "challenger" is almost a 3 to 1 Favorite to win this fight...and take home his 7th world title...

And if Manny didn't have enough edges, they are even fighting at the catch weight of 145 lb...Cotto hasn't fought at that low of a weight in a very long time, which may not be a huge factor, but it is another factor none the less...

So there you have "Prediction/Opinion" on Saturday Night's Championship Fight...MANNY PACQUIAO

I hope this line drops, so I can make it "Official", because I won't be surprised if my guy Knocks Cotto Out !! But for now, I'll just pass it along as a FREE PICK...Best of Luck, Vegas-Runner...



1.) MANNY PACQUIAO -260 (or better) over Miguel Cotto.....(1*)

The books are reporting plenty of Cotto money after the great promoting that HBO's 24/7 did for this fight...So I recomend waiting, just like we are going to do...until as close to "Fight Time" as possible, to get the best number...After doing a little more work and confirming some UFC 105 Official Bets...I decided that we would go ahead and make the Boxing a 1 Unit bet also...Thanks again and best of luck...VR


*** I will be completing my work on UFC 105..And even if I don't take any "Official Positions"...I will go ahead and pass along my "Opinions" like I did for the last one...which went "5-1" I believe, on My Pros Page as a Blog/Forum Post..VR ***


***  "One & Only" NCAAFB 5* GAME OF THE YEAR...Goes Saturday...PERFECT "7-0" SWEEP L/SAT  ***


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