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Pregame Blogs

Pregame Blogs

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    09/07/2011 9:56 PM
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    01/17/2019 7:25 AM


Allright Fellas...after so many e-mails and calls were made, asking about my NHL Package...I sat down with Pregame and decided that we would go ahead and offer a SEASON SUBSCRIPTION...It has become obvious to me over this past year, that the majority of my Clients are in this to make money and not neccessarily for entertainment...although making money has sure been fun...Therefore, I felt it was my obligation to go ahead and help them as much as possible with the overhead for their Business/ offering a Season Package to minimize costs...

Fortunately through the past year, I have had the opportunity to stress to my guys...just how important diversifying in this market actually is...Because just like any other market which people use as an investment tool, there will be sectors/sports that are not as Profitable as others on any given year...And the best way to ensure you are allowing yourself the chance to profit on those sports/sectors that are kicking ass, is to make sure you are getting down...

Whether you set a portion of your bankroll to the side, for doing such things as "Middling/Scalping"...or for "Parlays/Teasers"...the Bottom Line is that by are actually relieving so much of the pressure that comes when a particular sport is giving you trouble...

So we decided that we would go ahead and offer the NHL SEASON PACKAGE...for the 1st HALF, which will be all the way to the All-Star Game which I believe is always in February...

The thing that I want my NHL Clients to understand is that we use the exact same principles to pick our NHL Bets, as we did with MLB...Because it's a "Money-Line" sport, the key to long term success, and overall Profit comes from having the ability to know when the probabilities of TEAM A winning SU offers Value, compared to the Price on that Team...More importantly, by being able to get your money in on situations where you are getting the best of it...because Probability shows a "POSITIVE EXPECTATION" over time...offers us a huge "Edge" over the books...over a length of time...


In MLB, we were able to make OVER "80" UNITS of PROFIT...and my Dime Bettors made Over $80,000 in those few months that we really got working on MLB...And we will use many of the same reasoning and factors to determine NHL I really feel that adding the NHL "Full-Time" this Year, will definately Add to our Bottom Line...or Account Balance...


We go into this Week, "12-2" (86%) on NHL HEAVY HITTERS...and we will remain selective because even though we can lower our needed Winning % to turn a Profit by wagering on Dogs along the way...The overall blue-print for the NHL is to work on having a higher Win%, and use that as our edge to Profit, rather than Volume...which is how we beat the "Point-Spread" sports...

Last Week, I was "5th" in the Country in the NHL...according to the SPORTS MONITOR...and after another Incredible Week (5-1)...I should have improved a couple of more spots...

Those who are interested in JOINING us for the "1st HALF" of the NHL SEASON can simply go to my PRO-BETTOR's Page...and I have been Informed that Pregame has it UP & AVAILABLE...

I want to Welcome those who will be following along with us on the Pucks this Season...and would like to wish you all the Best of Luck...Thanks again, Vegas-Runner...

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