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Pregame Blogs

Pregame Blogs

Videos are just the START of the conversation. Each show has a dedicated blog post with show notes, links, and pics. Plus, the host and guests continue the conversation in the comments section!

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    09/07/2011 9:56 PM
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Morning Moves Newsletter..Boxing Premium Play (30-13 in 2011) !!

Good Morning Ladies & Gentlemen...Since I use the Saturday Newsletter to pass along any early CFB Premium Plays, I wanted to make sure I get the Boxing bet to you and make it official...Subscribers have seen my Boxing opinions go perfect over the last few weeks, but I was unable to confirm a Premium Play (30-13 on Boxing/MMA Premium Plays)...That changes this weekend and you should already know what my pick is because I've passed along my analysis earlier in the week and also did a video w/ Dustin at ...

Bottom Line...most agree that at the MGM Grand the line on Mayweather will continue to drop as bettors make their way into the book before going to watch the fight...Like usual, that money will get wagered on the Dog and the book will adjust regardless of what other shops are doing...Currently, the sharper outs like The Greek have Mayweather as high as -900 but the more "public" outs like Bodog already have him as low as -600...Personally, my "True Line" suggest Floyd's win probability is much closer to -1000 so even at this chalky's offering a ton of value...

Unlike a 3 hr game, I expect a ROI in less than 60 min as Mayweather handles this kid with ease...As far as styles go, Ortiz is custom made for a fighter like Floyd to pick apart...I almost stepped up to wager on the KO because I can easily see Mayweather dropping Ortiz as he comes in wide open since he don't work behind a jab...Being a southpaw will leave Ortiz open to Floyd's strength, the lead and counter RIGHT HAND...And though I may toss a little something on the KO as an exotic, my main wager and Premium Play sized bet will be on MAYWEATHER to WIN...

HBO has done a great job of promoting the fight and making it look a lot more competative that it will ultimately why even worry about HOW Mayweather gets it done, when the end result will be that he does...

So with that, I am going to make it official by making FLOYD MAYWEATHER to WIN a 2* PREMIUM PLAY...that may actually get Upgraded to a BOMB if I'm able to gather even more support when I get to the MGM on Saturday and have the opportunity to talk to so many more sources with my "Media Credentials"...

Finally, I will be uploading Pics and Tweeting LIVE from the MGM Grand and Ringside throughout the night/fight on Saturday...You can follow me on for that insight...

I will leave the price "blank" because this line is going to do a lot of moving by the time the fight goes off...My advice is to simply shop the wager at the squarest outs you have and wait as close to fight time as possible...Regardless, I'm definitely betting at least a 2* on Mayweather !! Best of Luck, VR

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