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Pregame Blogs

Pregame Blogs

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    09/07/2011 9:56 PM
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Get Vegas-Runner on TWITTER...FREE Plays, Info, & More !!

Allright Fellas, we finally have a way to stay in touch at all hours of the day...including well after we've wrapped it up here at Pregame, and it's by using this incredible new tool...named Twitter...

Let me start by telling you that RJ called me up with so much excitement, and here is how it went down...

Sometime last year I was sitting at the Mandalay Bay Sports Book and had just placed a couple of pretty big wagers and was speaking with a teller when a lady came up behind me and asked if I was finished because she needed to make a bet...Well this was at around 9pm and they only had 1 window open...So I say no problem and move a bit so she can give her bet to the ticket writter...

So here I am thinking that she's going to put a $10 future bet on something like the Chicago Cubs...when all of a sudden, this broad opens up here huge purse and takes out "11" $10k bricks...asking if she can lay the points with TENN-MARTIN, to win $100k...The ticket writter calls for a supervisor to get authorization and they were all in shock...To make a long story short, they only takea Dime from this woman and immediately got on the phone to see if there was any "Steam" behind this wager...

Well, as she walks away pissed off I decided to approach her and explain to her that she can get much more down on the game...although her approach is not the way to get that done...Anyway, I try to fish some info out of her because this broad looked nervous and I knew something wasn't right...I looked up at the number which I believe was -2.5 and if my memory serves me correct, they were playing Samford at home...and I waited to see an adjustment, thinking now that maybe she's just a new beard for one of the Outfits...

Eventually, I am sure she isn't working for, or with anyone...and I tell her that there are ways to get much more money down, and that I would help her do it but she would have to let me know why she's taking such a huge Position on a team like Tenn-Martin, coming all the way from Arkansas to do it...

Well, I'm not going to write the entire explaination...but the Bottom Line was, she had a very close relative who was in a position to inform her that they would be bringing their "A Game"...and that there was no way they weren't going to cover...And the details convinced me that this broad was serious, and we had as close to a "Lock" as ever...

Finally, the end of the story is that the next day...Tenn-Martin went on to win and cover pretty easily...

So I obviously pass that on to RJ and we were talking and saying how great it would be if there was a way to pass that along to all of my friends instantly because although that kind of strong info may be rare...Living here in Vegas and being in the Sportsbooks as much as I am...believe me, you really do see and hear a lot of things...And we spoke about how then I would be able to let my friends know if I saw a Half-Time opportunity and things like that because sometimes...there just isn't enough time to let everyone in on it that I want to...

Well, RJ calls me over the weekend and says...Remember Tenn-Martin, Problem Solved !!


And that was my introduction to Twitter and I can really see how this is going to be a huge benefit for us...

First, I want you all to know that YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A VR CLIENT to have access to whatever I pass along through Twitter...

The only thing you need to do, is head over to and sign up to receive VegasRunner (1 Word) updates...That's It !!

Then, no matter where or long as I have my phone with me, I can access Twitter and send out whatever info I choose...And I plan on using this tool so that I am able to pass along anything which I feel may be of value...or even entertaining, to anyone who wants it...

Just imagine the opportunities this offers...Now when at a UFC Fight or Boxing Match, I can give you an update if I see something which we can capitalize on...And if some of the Outfits make moves well after we've wrapped it up for the day...I can still pass them along to you all...And if a "Half-Time" opportunity arises, either on a game we have (for possible middle) or another match-up altogether...I can now let everyone know, if I am making a Wager...Because in all honesty, many times it's just impossible to get you that info unless I try to do it through the which case we both have to be on computers and this makes it almost impossible...

And like I said, we can use it for many other things as well....and I urge you all to make sure you head over to the Twitter site and sign on to receive these updates...And along with Vegas-Runner, you can also receive Marco, RJ, and I'm sure a handful of other Cappers and Members who have also activated accounts...

Sorry to make this lengthy, but you can feel my excitment for this tool...And just yesterday, I was able to pass along the fact that a couple of Outfit Runners were at the book, and getting ready to place a wager on Tenn-Martin, of all teams lol...

And with March Madness pretty much here...I think it's going to be a great tool...Thanks again and Best of Luck, Vegas-Runner...

Follow me at . . . it's free and easy.

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