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Pregame Blogs

Pregame Blogs

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    09/07/2011 9:56 PM
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CBB "TRUE STEAM" for Mon 12-21-09..."24-8" RUN !!

The "TRUE STEAM" did some damage over the SWEEPING (3-0) in the NFL...

And easily Cashing the 3* GOW with OVER 37 CLE/KC...Which got the money by "Half-Time"...


I also launched the 1st NBA/CBB "TRUE STEAM" Blog...And we got another Winner, making it a PERFECT "4-0" since Friday...

I plan on continuing to pass along some Basketball "TRUE STEAM" Bets...each morning, from Mon-Fri...

To go along with our Weekly NFL/NCAAFB "TRUE STEAM" Blog...

And on those weekdays that my Ratings/Numbers do not support what the Outfits are doing...I will go ahead and let you know instead, any of the "line moves" that aren't "Wiseguy" related...


Today, we'll kick off the new week with our 1st CBB "TRUE STEAM" Bet of the Season...

So let's get to work...and see if we can make it "5" Straight Winners...VR



CBB "TRUE STEAM" for Mon 12-21-09 :

1.) OVER TULANE/ULL....Opened 130....Now 134.5

These are the kind of "True Steam" bets that I really love to isolate and take a position on...Because not only can we be certain of the Wiseguys "True" Position...but many times, due to the bet being placed on a match-up that will receive very little volume from recreational bettors...the sportsbooks hands are tied...And what I mean by this is that although they would love to adjust the line a lot, many times they are unable to, because that would only open up a profitable "middle" opportunity...So rather than adjusting the line to where they would like, they instead are forced to take a position and book the wagers at a less adjusted number...While other times, they realize the oddsmakers were so off...that they are put in a position where the Wiseguys are totally in the drivers seat...And that's the case for today's wager...Because when CRIS opened this Total at 130, in a matter of "4 MINUTES"...they had moved the line 3.5 pts....And when the rest of the off-shore books thought it was safe to open their total for this game...the Wiseguys let them know that it still wasn't where it should be...And they stepped up and bet the OVER once again...This forced the total to move another point, to 134.5...And that is where we are seeing it now...VR

LINE PREDICTION : There is nothing that makes me more confident in identifying "True Steam", than when the moves is due to one of the Outfits that we have very good access to...And that is the case with this bet because the gentleman who confirmed that his Outfit "steamed" this Over...has also told me that they still feel the number is too LOW...And that I shouldn't be at all surprised to see this line get to 135 or even 136...Because he's convinced that he will be issued yet another "Buy Order" sometime this afternoon...And through the years, he's proven to have a good feel for what they are going to be doing throughout the day...So what does this mean...It means that we will probably see this line get to at least 135.5 sometime today...And if/when that happens, I would then expect to see the Outfits come back later...and try to work a "middle" for at least some of their position...Because let's not forget, many of these guys will end up having at least a 5-6 Pt "middle"...Which we've already seen in this CBB season to date...can be huge...And when they attempt that "middle", the sportsbooks will once again go ahead and adjust this line...Only this time, by lowering it...So don't be surprised if you see it come back down...VR

Bottom Line...these are the kind of "steam" bets that most people either miss completely...or worse, end up on the opposite side from what the Outfits are on...Because what bettors will see is a line that comes down from 136 to maybe 133...And bettors will immediately assume that the Wiseguys are on the Under...When nothing could be further from the truth...

This is why I believe that it's not only important for sports bettors to monitor "line moves"...but it's also important to try and piece together the entire story...without bias...And to make sure that your "line move" time-line goes from "opening number to closing number"...

And if you aren't completely's better to simply pass, than to try and guess where the Wiseguys "True Position" is...

I want to Thank You all for your continued success...and wish you all the Best of Luck, Vegas-Runner.

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