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Pregame Blogs

Pregame Blogs

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    09/07/2011 9:56 PM
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5 Are In the Books...7 More to Go !!

Good afternoon guys...well I had said during the final month of May that as soon as it comes to an end, I would post a blog which would contain our results not only for the month, but more importantly for the entire year so far. I want to also explain some of the things we have been able to do to have success, and also go over the many things that we will encounter ahead, because I truely do wish that all of my guys are able to get as much out of our information as they possibly can...

If you remember when I first came to Pregame about 8 months ago, I stated that I did not simply want to be a paid capper who tells you who to take and thats it...I decided to attempt this venture because I really felt that as a service provider, I could do so much more. I felt that today's bettors are so much more sophisticated than when I began and because of that, I knew that they were also sharp enough to recognize winning information. I also wanted to try and pass along many of the experiences I had which made me a much better sports bettor, and many of the things I had been taught which also showed me how to wager correctly, because from my years of bookmaking I pretty much knew what not to do...but I still had to be taught, exactly what to do...

I was showed how you don't need to hit 70% to make a great living...and I was also taught that sports betting is just like any other business and if you are not able to treat it as such...then there is absolutely no way to have success long term. I wanted to take this opportunity to show so many good people who loved wagering on sports that if they are willing to seek the right information, and then are willing to do the correct things with it...this is a market that they can really exploit. But again, it takes a lot of work, a lot of patience, and most of all experience.

My goal was to pass along the exact same wagers that I made each night and to also take full responsibility for managing bankrolls. In short, I was hoping to provide the same thing that the sharps I worked with provided for me early on in my education in beating this market. So in the end, my objective was to try and become one of the main sources of info for a lot of sports bettors who are also handicappers themselves...while at the same time, offering an opportunity for an investment for those who have no desire to capp games...

And here we are 8 months later and I want to thank so many of you who have helped me form this guys have helped show me what I can do to help you get the most out of it. I remember I was so excited about helping you guys build your banks that I tried to get as many plays out as possible like the "wiseguys" do to make a profit, but then learned that I couldn't expect my guys to be able to survive the swings that come with wagering in that manner. Since then, we have really come a long way, and to think that this journey has just started and that this is the very beginning...

You have all helped me become an even more productive capper and bettor...I have since learned to be even more selective and have really tightened up the parameters for making a bet, and with that, have definately improved my winning %....these past 5 months have been a very good learning experience for us all...we have learned that we can overcome adversity, we can get back loses and build a profit without having to chase or increase our fact, I believe that we are executing an excellent game-plan and I want my guys to know that every single day, when I am confirming and finalizing the card for the day, I am extremely conscious of our current bankroll position...meaning that I have taken the profit/loss into account....this is so important because what I am trying to show by doing this is that you can really apply the exact blue-print that I am and do very well for yourself with very little stress...that is why I have not increased our wager amount even though we have built our bankroll up like we have...because there is no reason to do so.....

So I would really like to thank you all for joining me in this venture and I am really looking forward to the next 7 months ahead...with football coming, we will use these next 3 months to pile up all the units that we can and be in a position to really do some serious damage in the fall, as the MLB Playoffs are in full swing, football is upon us, and we are awaiting a new NBA, NCAABB, & NHL season....I am going to continue staying consistant with our wagers and I am also going to make sure that we do put our profit to work for us, but once again....our main goal needs to be...that we get so far ahead, it really does become almost impossible for the books to get their money back as long as we don't help them...I made that statement in Bold because that is the exact statement, the man who I always refer to as my mentor, actually told me, over 10yrs ago...and now here I am all those years later and what he said proved to be true, because I have continued treating this like a business for all those years, doing the right things...that I really don't think I can ever lose it back to the books...because unless I begin wagering 50x's what I am now...there isn't a losing streak long enough that will put any stress on my business...and that is where I want all my guys to be after enough time passes...I want them to be able to wager with me each and every night without having the stress of needing to win, or worrying about whats ahead...because you will know your bankroll can handle it and as long as you continue doing right, eventually we will turn a thanks again and best of luck...and I look forward to making the next 7 months even better and reaching our goal of making 2008 a very profitable year, VR...

We have WON 4 of the 5 MONTHS in 2008 so far...(7 of 8 since coming to Pregame)

HEAVY HITTERS (MAY) = +$6,443 Profit @ $100 Per Unit

ALL-ACCESS (MAY) = +$4,986 Profit @ $100 Per Unit

ALL-ACCESS (2008) = +$9,300 Profit @ $100 Per Unit (Balance Ending 5-31-08)

HEAVY HITTERS (2008) = +$13,073 Profit @ $100 Per Unit (Balance Ending 5-31-08)

Now many of you have been with me from the start, and you have been able to see just how much work it truely does take to beat this market and how difficult it actually is. We had a great January, but then had to endure a very difficult Feb, and unfortunately many were then unable to take advantage of March because they had lost confidence in our approach. I just want to add, and I am not afraid to say it even though I am sure its not good for sales...but we will not always win...nobody will...but because I know that through the years, I have been able to produce a profit and that my experience and the sources I have will allow me to win much more games than I lose, the only one who can stop me from eventually beating the market is myself...either because of bad money management, or lack of winning information...and fortunately, those are the 2 things that I always try to stay on top of for us all...

So we are now into June, which will mark the 1/2 way point for 2008 and I am really looking forward to continuing to build our bankrolls and making this a great year for of course, especially with MLB, many of us will not have the exact balance as the one above, and as I had said from the will differ some...but in the end, the Bottom Line is the same...we have been able to beat this market and use it as a means to invest and show an excellent long as we continue to do the right thing with our money management, and I continue to put in the work that it appears that we are definately on our way to doing what we set out to on JAN 1st 2008...and that was to wager only $100 Per Unit, based on a starting BR of $10k, while never needing to increase or decrease that amount...and when DEC 31st 2008 rolls have made a very respectable profit....5 Down and 7 To Go...Thanks, and Best of Luck, Vegas-Runner...

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