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Pregame Blogs

Pregame Blogs

Videos are just the START of the conversation. Each show has a dedicated blog post with show notes, links, and pics. Plus, the host and guests continue the conversation in the comments section!

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By Tony George I was aksed numerous times last year and many times this year about how my prowess on Monday Night Football, which is well documneted, is at such a high win rate. I am not bragging on this, just simply stating a fact. I am 5-0 this season, went 11-5 last season and my winning percentage dating back 5 years is 63% ATS or better in EACH of the past 5 NFL Seasons on MNF. Many think it is one of the hardest... Read more

Is Kansas City for Real? By Tony George As a hometown boy, I have followed the Chiefs all year both as a fan and a professional handicapper. After last year’s assistant coach acquisitions, I thought they could break the 6 win barrier based on schedule alone, but a 10-6 record and a division title shocked me, although the Chargers at season’s end destroyed Kansas City, without their starting QB. Then the final debacle... Read more

By Tony George Week one of the NFL regular season is upon us and I have some stats and numbers to consider this week. REMEMBER Week 1 is sometimes not what it seems on paper, and there is MUCH PARITY in the NFL. The starters have not played basically in 2 weeks in anything meaningful, and there is always some rust that needs knocked off and there will be crucial penalties that affect point spread covers. I have 19 years... Read more

By Tony George Interdivisional contests offer great value to professional handicappers for a number of reasons. The most obvious being the fact that the handicapper can analyze the first meeting for insights into potential personnel mismatches on the field the second time around. However, after you consider all of the ?on field? issues (match-ups, injuries, emotional motivation, etc?) there remains some rock solid... Read more

By Tony George As football approaches next week in full swing, I am getting emails from past clients of my own service asking me about certian handicappers, what level of club they should join at Score to compliment my subscription, and all kinds of crazy notions of parley odds they want and ect. After 17 years of handicapping in a very public manner, I get more and more of these every year. It is never too late to... Read more

AP By Tony George The AFC West is clearly dominated by 1 team this year, the San Deigo Chargers are a clear cut favorite to win the division. Last year this division winner only had to play .500 ball, 8-8 to reach the playoffs, and there is no doubt that Oakland, Denver or Kansas City will provide little resistance in terms of challenging 8 wins to match last years Chargers title, or the division title against... Read more

By Tony George As football season fast approaches, I have made it my mission this to repeat my 2003 season prowess where I won the Ultimate Handicapping Challenge with a 69% ATS NFL record, and finished the College season at 68% ATS... I finished 1st and 2nd respectfully in those 2 sports. While those are lofty numbers, I accept that challenge personally this year and look forward to large profits, as 17 years of... Read more

By Tony George The NFL continues to show its 2 emotions, greed and more greed once again. While the NFL frowns upon any point spread or gambling related activities, they once again show their hunger for dollars by being total hypocrites. It has long been stated by myself that that sports gambling is the 5000 pound elephant invited to the annual NFL Christmas party every year, but no one talks to him or buys him... Read more

By Tony George Every now and then I notice things that just make me is a qu ote from Fox today "A source told to expect the NFL to consider playing Super Bowl LI (51) in London. Super Bowls XLIV through XLVII are already committed state-side and there's no way the league would play a landmark game like Super Bowl L anywhere else but the U.S. Though the league has denied any... Read more

The way he should be remembered, as a Packer! By Tony George News today out of New York Jets camp is that Brett Favre has officially retired. As a huge Brett Favre fan over the years, not necessarily a Packers fan, the last 5 or 6 games of last season was painful to watch. Brett painted himself into a corner last year after the whole debacle of returning to Packer camp late, and then a media frenzy ensued, and low and... Read more

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