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Pregame Blogs

Pregame Blogs

Videos are just the START of the conversation. Each show has a dedicated blog post with show notes, links, and pics. Plus, the host and guests continue the conversation in the comments section!

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By Tony George I was aksed numerous times last year and many times this year about how my prowess on Monday Night Football, which is well documneted, is at such a high win rate. I am not bragging on this, just simply stating a fact. I am 5-0 this season, went 11-5 last season and my winning percentage dating back 5 years is 63% ATS or better in EACH of the past 5 NFL Seasons on MNF. Many think it is one of the hardest... Read more

By Tony George Here we go gents. After all the heart attacks, cussing in public bars, and violent tossing of remote controls, and throwing up of excess beer and chicken wings after Thursday through Sunday games in March Madness, it boils down to the Sweet 16. Yes, many improbable results and teams like VCU, Marquette, Richmond and Arizona take their place alongside the most storied basketball programs in sports like... Read more

Is Kansas City for Real? By Tony George As a hometown boy, I have followed the Chiefs all year both as a fan and a professional handicapper. After last year’s assistant coach acquisitions, I thought they could break the 6 win barrier based on schedule alone, but a 10-6 record and a division title shocked me, although the Chargers at season’s end destroyed Kansas City, without their starting QB. Then the final debacle... Read more

Do you buy Hype or Winners?

11/19/2010 10:54 AM ·

By Tony George Recently I read some forums posts around the internet that had me doing some self examination. I have thought about it more than once over a 19 year span of being a Professional Capper, or a full time sports handicapper, term it as you must. Do I sell hype, or do I sell sports picks? I am confident that I sell the latter of the two. I though I would share some thoughts. Now no one is ever going to... Read more

Kansas State..REALLY? By Tony George What a week in the Big 12 last week as numerous giants fell, and so did my bankroll because of it. College football this year is more of a flip flop from week to week than I have seen in quite some time, not just the Big 12 but in general. Look like a rock star one week, and act like you never picked up a guitar the next week. Vegas books have to be loving NCAA bettors right... Read more

By Tony George The Big 12 now has 5 ranked teams in the Top 25, and the Nebraska Cornhuskers crawled back into the driver’s seat last week with a beat down of the Mizzou Tigers in Lincoln, where Roy Hulu Jr. ran wild and set a single game rushing records for the Huskers, and that is saying something considering the past running backs at Nebraska. As Nebraska punches their exit ticket for the Big 10 next year, they... Read more

By Tony George A KEY week in the Big 12 in terms of setting the stage for a season ending showdown, the last of it's kind for the Nebraska Cornhuskers as they move to the Big 10 next year. I honestly feel if NU can get over on Texas in Lincoln, they will end up seeing Oklahoma in the Big 12 Championship. The old rivalry renewed with OU and NU both in the Top 10 and vieing for a national title. It very well could happen... Read more

By Tony George The Big 12 Powers struggled last week, specifically Nebraska who scraped by at home against South Dakota State, Oklahoma getting all they wanted from a tough Cincy team on the road, and Texas was beaten badly in all aspects of the game by UCLA, who really is not all that good. Chalk it up to looking ahead for Texas and OU who square off in the Red River War this week at the state fair in Dallas in... Read more

By Tony George Week one of the NFL regular season is upon us and I have some stats and numbers to consider this week. REMEMBER Week 1 is sometimes not what it seems on paper, and there is MUCH PARITY in the NFL. The starters have not played basically in 2 weeks in anything meaningful, and there is always some rust that needs knocked off and there will be crucial penalties that affect point spread covers. I have 19 years... Read more

By Tony George Well it has been a hell of an off season for the Big 12, soon to be the Big 12 minus 2. Rumors and speculation surrounded the Big 12 early in the Spring and came to a head with Colorado leaving for the PAC 10 and Nebraska bolting to the Big 10, to give them 12 teams and a conference championship game in 2012. While it is known throughout the USA that I am a Nebraska Alum and very close to the program... Read more

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