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Once again the NFL Brass at the height of Hipocrisy with Gambling

 Close-up of the Hand of an American Football Player Holding a Football Photographic Print

By Tony George



The NFL continues to show its 2 emotions, greed and more greed once again.  While the NFL frowns upon any point spread or gambling related activities, they once again show their hunger for dollars by being total hypocrites.  It has long been stated by myself that that sports gambling is the 5000 pound elephant invited to the annual NFL Christmas party every year, but no one talks to him or buys him a cocktail.  Sports gamblers have driven TV ratings and Direct TV sales since day one, and the NFL knows it and rakes in the cash while turning a cold shoulder to the hint of gambling on sports. 



As stated by past commissioners as well as the present one, it is the �Integrity� of the game that is at stake.  REALLY?  You mean like Mike Vick on the cusp of being re-instated in the NFL within the next 12 months after serving time in a federal prison for torturing animals and BETTING on them in a dog fight, and then killing them in an inhumane way after the fact?  Yeah, that brings some creditability back to the sport.  How about Pac Man Jones from the Cowboys addicted to guns and strippers, Plaxico Burress shooting off a gun in a nightclub, the list could go on forever.  What role models for our children.  The Bengals alone over the past 3 years police blotter looks like a bunch of gang bangers in South Central LA.



Now comes word the NFL, in all its infinite wisdom, has allowed state lotteries to place NFL logos on state lottery tickets.  The NFL board has approved for state lotteries to use the NFL logo and team mascots on state lottery tickets, as long as they get a slice of ticket sales.  SAY WHAT?  Is not that a form of revenue derived from gambling?  Is that not what Internet gambling is, that has been banned by the Feds since 2006?  Just another example of gambling driving this sport and filling up the coffers only to get slammed in the dirt every time it is brought up.  Just for the record, State lotteries and the Powerball drawings are the biggest sucker bet and money maker in ANY gambling related field for the house.  If only Vegas was allowed to sell Powerball tickets and no one else, there would be free shrimp cocktails and drinks 24 hours a day on Fremont street again!  



Have no illusions folks, gambling drives the NFL�s popularity, Monday Night Football rankings on TV every year, and massive Direct TV package sales.  Soon after the NFL was established as a popular sport back in the late 50�s, they started releasing an injury report before the games so oddsmakers and sports bettors could get an accurate line. Do you not think for a minute that Thursday Night NCAA Football on ESPN with Memphis playing UAB laying 14, pulling in a 6 or 7 share in ratings on cable is driven 90% by gamblers?  Pull your head out folks, it is unhealthy to walk around with it that far up your rear end.!  The only people who do not bet the Super Bowl and or March Madness are in the cemetery!  



The NFL recently filed a lawsuit against the state of Delaware for trying to legalize sports betting in that state, because the integrity of the game would be compromised.  Integrity and character would demand that the NFL take care of retired players and their medical benefits and pensions, the guys who built the game back in the day with sweat and blood.  They refuse to do so, all the while attempting to generate revenue from lottery tickets to line the pockets of the NFL�s bank account.  Once again the NFL has shown their cards, it is all about money and what best suits them at the moment.   The height of hypocrisy is alive and well in the NFL.  Do yourself a favor, go buy one of my selections tonight on-line versus a state lottery ticket, your chances of winning are increased by about 500,000%.  In all honesty, I could use the money more than the NFL and you give yourself a better than 50% of winning!  


Tony George is a professional Handicapper and well respected Brand Name nationally and amongst his peers, and a radio personality nationwide as well. In business since 1992, Winner of over 51 Top 10 national... Read more

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