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Football Wagering 101- What to Avoid

By Tony George

As football approaches next week in full swing, I am getting emails from past clients of my own service asking me about certian handicappers, what level of club they should join at Score to compliment my subscription, and all kinds of crazy notions of parley odds they want and ect.  After 17 years of handicapping in a very public manner, I get more and more of these every year.  It is never too late to educate yourself again or for the first time.  This is a serious business for me and it should be for you. the sports bettor.

Really betting games is simple if you use your head, use disipline and money management. I know that is boring but it is simply the truth.

I wish I knew a better way to tell you all that, and make me sound like a guy who is as slick as some guy on Jim Fiests TV show, I just do not have it in me. I am not a Brandon Lang or Jim Fiest clone, or some loud mouthed silver tounged devil out to rip off unsuspecting and or gullable clients who will buy into a bunch of hype from some boiler room phone operator working for a scamdicapper who rapes them of their hard earned money, thus making the rest of us legit guys guilty by association.  I have to be honest, I am just not good enough to pull it off. 

Here is what to Avoid in short form: (Mainly for Novice Sports Bettors)

  • Different levels of Clubs - NEVER- This is a bait and switch scam
  • Promises that exceed 70% overall winners for a season in any sport - No such thing
  • A Handicapper who has a game of the year every week
  • Playing more than 3 or 4 Games a day in football or any sport - Some guys do- I do not- Less is More in my Book
  • Never chase losses on Sunday Night or Monday Night NFL games - EVER
  • 10,000 Dimers - Lock of the Century - 50,000 Dimers  (you know who I am talkin about and many like him)
  • Never wager more than 15% to 20% of your bankroll on any 1 game- EVER!
  • Calling 800#'s scorephones - They are Long Distance caller ID scams - Someone will be callin you with a huge "Special Information Play" within 24 hours
  • Never call 900#'s - same deal - ID scams to get your phone number so some ripoff guy can call you.
  • Never give a guy who calls you a Credit Card number
  • Never give any one person over $50 for a single play card on any given day, especially over the phone
  • Playing high dollar 3 team or more Parley cards in the NFL or College
  • Avoid exotic wagers

These are just a few of the pitfalls you need to avid when getting set up and star wagering games this season.  I will not go into detail as they should be self explanitory.  If they are not self explanitory, find a different vice.

As far as phone salesmen calling you, I will tell you a true insider story:

Let me tell you about these phone guys and save you a ton of wasted dollars, who are still in business, whom now are few and far between anymore.  I was approached by a well known Late Phone Operator in  2004.  This is right before the fall of most of them.  This guy had a National Radio Show, some TV syndication, the whole 9 yards, million dollar operation.  He also was the one of the lowest common denominators of human filth in my book.  Bear in mind this was a no brainer $150,000 deal for me for 1 football season, perhaps more.  

This was close to an exact quote - "Tony you give us 2 plays, 1 for Saturday and 1 for Sunday, your legit Best Bets.  We will sell them in a Millionare type Package Deal for like $250 or more, depending on how good the sales rep is.  Other than that, we use your brand name to sell players on a game, half gets one side, the other half get the other side.  We call the next day and upsell the palyers that won, and then call the ones that lost and give them your best bet of the following day for free as so they have a high probility of a win on that one with your best bet, and then we can hammer them on Monday Night for more money. Your cut is 25% overall, all you do is let us use your name and give us 3 plays a week including Monday Night, we need them by Thursday morning".   

I TOLD HIM TO SCREW OFF.  I have to look at myself in the mirror everyday, while the money was awesome, it surely was not my business model or something I could live with.  Now for the sake of conversation I am not saying that 100% of guys that use Late Phones Services are scammers, just about 95% of them.   Buyer Beware.

You see from a very personal perspective, the sites I appear on, and the fellow handicappers I associate myself around with on combination sites, or my own, are legit, hard working professionals who live and die with every play they put out, just like you.  Thats where I make my bones, celebrate wins, and suffer losses.  Win lose or draw, I know I gave it my best effort.  Thats the type of guy you want in your corner to help you make better decisions. 

The best advice is BORING:  Manage your expectations around 60% ATS overall, Say 67% or better on Top Plays, use money management, pick and choose your professional handicappers wisely, and never buy into hype.  Handicapping and Gambling is not an exact science, there are tons of variables to deal with that affect your wins and losses, as well as the score of the games. That is why it is called gambling, and although good pro cappers help increase the odds of winning in your favor, none of us are fullproof and win 100% of the time.  Playing it close to the vest and using your head and using disipline is the KEY! 

Tony George is a professional Handicapper and well respected Brand Name nationally and amongst his peers, and a radio personality nationwide as well. In business since 1992, Winner of over 51 Top 10 national... Read more

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