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Arturo Gatti - Boxing Warrior found Dead at 37

As a HUGE Boxing fan, and big fan of Gatti, I was shocked to learn of his death, in a hotel room in Brazil late Saturday.  Police say we has with his wife, whom he was having some trouble with according to a friend, along with his 1 year old son, at a seaside resort.  There was blood on the floor and issues surrounding the whole deal is cloudy, but there were no stab or gunshot wounds.  He was 37 years old and last fought in 2007. 

Local police have detained his 23 year old wife.  Police say he was strangled with the strap of a purse. Ironic that a 23 year old woman (obvisouly insane) could bring him down.

Gatti was a prizefighter, more than a boxer, if you get my drift.  We had a huge following of passionate fans, and he never backed down from anyone.  His 3 fights with Mickey Ward are legendary.  ESPN Classic will have a tribute on Sunday night to him, I suggest all who love boxing and seeing a win at all costs fighter, tune in

He beat Mickey Ward 2 out of 3 tinmes, and in both those wins he has he beat him in a brutal 12 round fight with a broken right hand.  Just an unreal testament to his resolve and ability to ignore pain, wow the crowd, and win a fight. 

His career ended with losses to De La Hoya and Mayweather, but none the less, took them on knowing he may be outmatched, but then again he was a prizefighter.  I was fortunate to see him in 2001 in Atlantic City.  Ity was truely one of the thrills of my life. 

Boxing will take some time to find a prizwefighter like Artuo Gatti.  He truely is a dying breed of old school guys who take the beat down and stay till they no longer can stand.  He will always be one of my favorite fighters, and taken too soon from us all.

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