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MLB First Half Stats to Consider BY Tony George The first half of bases is in the books as the All Star Game in my hometown is underway. More than a few surprises in the first half as always, and some heated races innumerous divisions should provide plenty of fireworks in the second half of the season. I will make this blog short and sweet and lay out some teams here who you need to keep an eye on for moneyline... Read more

Topics: Handicapping MLB

By Tony George I was aksed numerous times last year and many times this year about how my prowess on Monday Night Football, which is well documneted, is at such a high win rate. I am not bragging on this, just simply stating a fact. I am 5-0 this season, went 11-5 last season and my winning percentage dating back 5 years is 63% ATS or better in EACH of the past 5 NFL Seasons on MNF. Many think it is one of the hardest... Read more

The Big 12 Season Preview

08/15/2011 12:10 PM ·

By Tony George A new horizon for the Big 12 Conference in the 2011 season, as the mighty Huskers have ventured north into the Big 10 conference taking out a major force to be recokned with in this conference and removing a huge obstacle for many teams from the south, as well as nemisis Missouri breathing easier, and the Colorado Buffs limped into the new Pac 12 conference taking away a guaranteed win for many teams... Read more

By Tony George This is my opinion, not representation of the site it appears on. If the recent seizure of 3 of the biggest online poker sites was not enough to set you back in your seat and take notice, the US Feds have seized more domain names in the online poker and sportsbook world this week, and I see no end in sight. Gambling online, as you know it, is now a thing of the past in its present form. Like booze prohibition... Read more

By Tony George Here we go gents. After all the heart attacks, cussing in public bars, and violent tossing of remote controls, and throwing up of excess beer and chicken wings after Thursday through Sunday games in March Madness, it boils down to the Sweet 16. Yes, many improbable results and teams like VCU, Marquette, Richmond and Arizona take their place alongside the most storied basketball programs in sports like... Read more

By Tony George Kansas and Texas both lost week but remain at the top, and Texas AM and Nebraska are very dangerous right now, especially at home. Texas and KU BOTH looking to get back on track this week. Kansas on Big Monday on ESPN just destroyed Okie State, who as stated in the past is not the same team away from Stillwater, and Texas looks to dismantle Iowa State who is very short handed on Tuesday. The... Read more

Back in the saddle again after a 5 day break from all capping, BUT plenty of time to catch all Big 12 games of interest and make some small adjustments to my ratings of 2 weeks ago. Texas and Kansas continue to seperate themselves from the rest of the pack and Texas simply put is on a roll, and the best ATS cover team in the Conference at 15-5 ATS overall, and they are 10-0 SU in conference action. While the Longhorns... Read more

By Tony George Every year after the Super Bowl I get angry. I am not referring to the fact that football is over, but that does not help my demeanor either. The opening first two months of the first quarter of the new year always brings bad news from the economic front in politics. Watch the news every night if you need to be reminded of this fact. I am going to make some assumptions in this blog about tax revenues.... Read more

By Tony George I am off the races again in Big 12 Hoops action, and also the Mo Valley as my two specialty conferences, but I am finding huge success cherry picking the Books in the Big 12. Some teams are overrated and some teams underrated and we are getting close to mid season conference scenario. I am finding great value with oddsmakers lines right now, and it should be noted that road games in the Big 12... Read more

Is Kansas City for Real? By Tony George As a hometown boy, I have followed the Chiefs all year both as a fan and a professional handicapper. After last year’s assistant coach acquisitions, I thought they could break the 6 win barrier based on schedule alone, but a 10-6 record and a division title shocked me, although the Chargers at season’s end destroyed Kansas City, without their starting QB. Then the final debacle... Read more

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