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WEDNESDAY'S BLASTED CAP: Oakland, The Wind, and the Leftists!


Today I learned that the right and left poles at McAfee Coliseum are only 330, and that a wind blowing out to RIGHT, at anything above 19 MPH, will carry ANY hard-hit, fly ball, WAAAY out and over anything right of Center.

So much for the pitcher's park, eh?

For me, the small section just to the left of the right-field foul pole was clearly a home-run zone for ANY lefty, but to see one of those sky-rockets fly up, as the center fielder set up to make the catch, then suddenly give up and helplessly watch the draft carry the ball farther, was something that we needed to make a record of.

Even Hannahan got a home run today, and that Lefty is a "replacement level" player in my book!

Know this: Wind blowing to right, exceeding 19 MPH, with any team with more than 4 Southpaw batters, is definitely worth a shot at a TEAM TOTAL OVER In Oakland.

Play on Jack Cust: He has 7 out of his 9 Home Runs at HOME!


The King Maker "Optimal Screen" proving ground:

I will be researching EXTREME FLY BALL PITCHERS, facing southpaw dominant batting orders, on windy days at McAfee. I prefer line-ups that are filled with "Mid-to-High zone batters" (Not like Cincy who has a bunch of High Zone Dummies that turn a FB pitcher into a line-drive ACE in a hurry).

I digress:

We learned today that you better take advantage of Left-Handed batting orders, in McAfee, when the wind is blowing to Right with a FB pitcher!

Put it in your back pocket!



Avoid all Right handed batting orders in this situation, they will get pummelled into an under by a ground baller.


Hope it helps!



Also note: Oakland will field as many as 5 southpaws on a windy day (at home), no matter who's pitching. They know the Coliseum too well, and they exposed it today by throwing out southpaws on a pitcher that has a good handle on Lefties and a weakness for the right handers.

We now understand the inside scouting report of a 20 MPH wind out to right!!!!!!!!!


Call me crazy or put this in a file!




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