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The King Maker: Vulnerable Teams for Monday

Vulnerable Teams for Monday



Tallet imploded against KC in his last outing, and the key here is that he has not gotten past the 6th inning against anyone this year. Word on the street is that teams are dialing in on him, and that doesn't bode well for a guy that tends to exhaust 93 pitches by the 5th. Fourteen of 26 Royal batters reached base, THAT'S A SIGN THAT YOU MUST NOT TAKE THE JAYS.

But we can look at the Bullpen: We need to have Downs on our list, but he's thrown for three consecutive days, so don't expect to see him tossing tonight. He owns the Indians, and he's useless to us tonight. The rest of the available pen for the Jays is NOT strong against the Tribe (2 of them are young kids and the rest of them hover around a .300 Batting Average VS Cleveland).



Kansas City:

I don't think I would fade Grienke at this stage of the game. His numbers don't deserve any harsh words. But Chicago sat a few guys last night, and most of that batting order has ripped Zack during his tenure in the league.

Here's a few Sox batters VS Zack:

Dye (Hand): .389 BA

Podsednik: .450 BA

Pierzynski: .357 BA

Thome: .970 OPS

Quientin: .300 BA/1.400 OPS

Betimit: .500 (tiny sample)

Wise: 1.000 OPS (small sample)

The "sight lines" must be good...the scouting reports must be VERY good. Just be careful..........


I'll try to find more as the day passes........I'll wait on lineups at 6 PM before I wager any money.



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