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GEORGIA TECH at MIAMI: Miami Answers ALL questions.

Can Miami Actually Stop The Tech Offense?

The new defensive coordinator for Miami was part of a team that shut down Tech last year (28-7 UNC Win). Unfortunately, he won't be suiting up against the Tech offense.

The important thing to note is that Vaughn Telemaque (rFR) and "Ray Ray" Armstrong (true-FR) will be playing a ton of snaps at the safety position on Thursday. I want to show you what happens to a safety that doesn't understand the "keys" to lining up against a Veer/Flex offense.

The Safety has IMPORTANT "contain" duties on the edge, and if he cheats to the line (as most youngsters will do if they need an advantage against the run), then he's going to get popped by a blocker that's trained to nail him in space.

Watch as this Miami safety gets cleared out. He's the second closest guy at the bottom of the screen: Also take note of the OLB that MUST account for the QB. And notice that the Corner has to follow the WR out of the play.....This is man vs. man! Pay attention to the DE that has to read the DIVE and takes himself out of the play. But look at the Safety, ok! 


Miami Secondary Issues:

*"Jo Jo" Nicholas (Jr) has the Flu, so they lose one experienced Safety tomorrow.

*Miami's Junior CB, DeMarcus Van Dyke, is OUT with a concussion.

*There's a 3rd Redshirt Freshman in the 3 deep at Safety as well.


Can you tell me if Miami has the tools to READ this offense from Atlanta?

Remember: it's about SMARTS and EXPERIENCE, not athletic ability.

Guys: This is a critical position to maintain against any sort of VEER or FLEX or LOAD.....

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